Two of A Kind

Today’s Two of A Kind (let’s not talk about the fact that the last one I posted in this series was July 2013…and the one before that was January 2013, what a slacker!) was borne out of the notion that life imitates art. Who wouldn’t want to imitate Severin Roesen and Mark Rothko?


1. Clutch / 2. Roesen Painting / 3. Rothko Painting / 4. Vase

In the past this series has featured things that are vaguely representative of each other (sometimes more than others), but this round-up is just too eerie. If that clutch isn’t the spitting image of Roesen’s “Victorian Bouquet,” I don’t know what is.

Two of a Kind

It has been entirely too long since I did one of these (6 months, in fact. yikes!) and my friend Aisling asked specifically, so I couldn’t very well let her down.


1. Rug / 2. Mug / 3. Skirt / 4. Umbrella

Have you guys heard of Kate Spade’s new brand Saturday? That’s where both the mug and skirt came from for this set. They have some of the cutest, funkiest stuff over there. Scarves, notebooks, customizable weekend bags. Patterns galore, which aren’t necessarily my cup of tea (or multi-colored striped mug, in this case), but still totally works for the purposes of this Two of a Kind. See more here.

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Two Of A Kind

Remember all of my amazing plans from yesterday? Never get too cocky about how awesome your day is going to be; the day turned into the ultimate comedy of errors. First, our French teacher was 45 minutes late for our class because she forgot we moved it up 9 hours (totally legit), but she’s promised to add on the missing hour to our next two classes in half-hour chunks. Then, I got a text from Herbie at around 12:30, saying he was outside the pho restaurant, which was confusing because he was 45 minutes early. Only I went back through our texts and realized I had our lunch time wrong by an hour (we had agreed to meet at 12:15 but somehow my brain registered 1:15. How this made sense with the movie at 1:50, I don’t know). Herbie ate lunch alone (I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER) and Boyfriend and I took a cab to the theater, thinking we would save seats and hang out. Only the movie started at 1:15, not 1:50, so we ended up missing the first 10 minutes. It was insane. Herbie ran in right after we did, after I called him frantically. Oy.

“Lincoln” was great, though. It was well acted and Daniel Day Lewis deserves every award he’s won and will win for that role. Unless you’re a total history-nerd, the two and half hour running time will feel like a really long time. Your butt might even fall asleep. And you might or might not expect Daniel Day Lewis to burst out an, “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE” on more than one occasion.

Oh well. The best laid plans, right? The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging on the sofa watching Inauguration coverage and compiling today’s Two of a Kind post. CB2 has an impressive (and easily match-able) rug collection.


1. Rug / 2. Blouse / 3. Clutch / 4. Rug

I am in love with that blouse from H&M. While the rugs really aren’t my style (color! patterns! bah!) they do work fabulously for the purposes of this post, no? I  better calm down, don’t want to get too confident lest the Blog Gods decide to put me back in my place. Have you ever had a day like yesterday? Commiserate with me, tell me your biggest cluster-eff days.

Two of a Kind

I totally had a Godfather moment with this post: “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!” The “they” in this case is of course Two of a Kind and seriously, whenever I think that I’ve reached my limit and there are no more random pairings out there to be found, some magic blogging power prevails and voila! I’m back in.

1. Clutch / 2. Pillow / 3. Tote / 4. Pillow

Surprising absolutely no one, I apparently have an affinity for pillows and purses. Have I ever explained how this process works for me, gathering these pairs? I start with 15 open browser windows, pointed to sites where I’m familiar with the inventory (Net a Porter, Zara, Zara Home, Kate Spade, H&M, CB2, etc etc) and then I just…look. Look and look and look and compare everything against the extensive and unfortunate mental rolodex I’ve amassed. “Oh, that pillow looks like a Kate Spade tote” and “Didn’t Jonathan Adler have a whole line of pillows with punctuation on them?” You know, super worthwhile uses of my time. The upside is that this one came so easily I was able to cross another word-count milestone last night: 13,023.

Two of a Kind

I’m sorry, it’s been how long since I last did one of these Two of a Kind posts? Over two months? Oh, for shame! I’m so embarrassed.  Getting back on the bike so to speak was more challenging than I remembered. But the fun kind of challenging, not like watching the Presidential Debate last night and trying to keep my expletive count to a minimum. Now THAT was difficult, and needless to say I failed.

Anyway, here’s a very colorful and busy Two of a Kind:

1. Sweater / 2. Pillow / 3. Painting / 4. Dress

This is more color than I’ve ever been comfortable with. If we desaturated everything I’d be better off, but I have to admit that each piece individually is pretty charming. Maybe it’s just everything together that makes it so overwhelming? I am absolutely in love with the artwork from Julia at Ebi Emporium. All her paintings are so vibrant and beautiful, and the strokes on the piece above match that shift dress perfectly. The pillow and shirt remind me of television static. I mean that in a good way.

Everyone send good vibes to Boyfriend, who is home sick with a fever and small bug today. Poor dude. But at least Fitz is keeping him company!

Two of a Kind (+1)

Today’s Two of a Kind is an interactive one. When I started looking for things for it, I got stuck choosing between just two for one of the pairs I usually include. You can see why below. It’s rare that two random and unrelated things from the depths of the internet should match each other, so when I found a third I was overcome with indecision fatigue. That’s why this post has a +1. Not just because this is some super exclusive blog party with a guest-list (though sometimes I like to pretend). It’s because when the Internet Shopping Gods hand you three things that might as well be triplets, you don’t try to cull them down to twins.

1. Tee / 2. Makeup bag / 3. Sweater

So what do you think? Which top do you think is a better match to that adorable makeup bag? I know the gray sweater is dead on, but it seemed like too close a match for me (oh god, now I’m being picky?), which is why I included my original selection of that Sonia Rykiel tee. It matches without being an exact replica. I can’t pick! This is clearly a crisis which begs your input. If you could only pick one, which would it be?

Two of a Kind

The only upside to being stuck at home all day yesterday (aside from the 24-hour-pajama-party and watching Midnight in Paris) was that I got a head-start on scouring the internet for today’s Two of a Kind post. I think I’ve missed a few weeks of these, sorry about that. I mean, I’m not really, you’ll survive, but it feels good to be back in the saddle so to speak. It also feels good to be back at work today. There is only so much moping around, pallid with nausea that even I am capable of. In case you’re curious though, Fitz is an excellent nurse-slash-blanket. He literally laid on top of me the entire day and snoozed away.

I’ve tried to expand my search for Two of a Kind’s to more than just comparisons between clothing and accessories, because I’m noticing there are a lot of similarities between home decor items and fashion, too.

1. Dress / 2. Duvet Set / 3. Scarf / 4. Rug

If I never saw another Herve Leger bandage dress again it would be too soon, but the moment I saw this tonal blue one I knew I’d seen something similar with that Urban Outfitters duvet set. I really like the graduated ombre stripes of both, though you could never get away with wearing it in the same room as the other. And it goes without saying that I am head over heels in love with both that Kate Spade scarf and that wild, bright rug from CB2. The latter isn’t really my style (ie: it’s not stark white) but is the spitting image of the color and details of that scarf. It was a completely happy accident that I stumbled on it, but now I can’t stop staring.

Two of a Kind

I’m having one of those funky, not-myself days today. I lost my iPod sometime after work on Friday but didn’t realize it until yesterday on my walk to the subway, our internet is out at home and I’m pretty sure the crazy neighbors across the hall who fight about their pet rabbit at 3am and who conned Boyfriend into giving them our wireless password have something to do with it, and our upstairs neighbors’ washing machine is leaking into our water heater closet again.  Not even a little retail therapy yesterday could lift my mood. I just want to crawl back into bed and mope around.

But I won’t, since I’m an adult. Kind of. I still sleep with a nightlight sometimes.

1. Pillow / 2. Skirt / 3. Shoes / 4. Mug

This week’s Two of a Kind was the easiest one I’ve ever done. Everything came so quickly and so effortlessly, it makes me think I spend too much time on the internet (I do). I have this giant rolodex of objects in my head from scouring sites all day, so when that pixelated mug popped up I knew instantly I’d seen the same pattern on a pair of flats before. In compiling yesterday’s Black & White post, I found the pillow and skirt separately, but within minutes of each other. It’s as if the Blog Gods are smiling down upon me.

Two of a Kind

I took last week off from compiling a Two of A Kind post only to regroup and get re-inspired. This series is one the most nebulous and time-consuming for me, but I’m not complaining. I’m the only weirdo forcing myself to do this, but it’s like getting an assignment in college from that one hippie Philosophy professor where the requirements are so vague and you don’t even understand the question let alone how to begin answering it. A better analogy for those like me who crumble at tip calculation: it’s like getting any math question, ever. But you know, way more fun.

So yes, this week I feel good about my comparisons and excited to track some more down for next week. But, one post at a time.

1. Heels / 2. Clutch / 3. Tote / 4. Shorts

Before you say anything, yes I know those shorts are hideous and look as if you waded crotch-deep in some overflowing sceptic tank in your grandmother’s lace curtains. Not a pretty mental image, now is it? But apparently dip-dye is back in, as is evidenced by that Zara tote bag. It’s like ombre, only sad. But I can totally get behind those gold-toe heels, even if I couldn’t ever put them on my feet. They’re kind of sexy, aren’t they? The clutch could be better quality leather (or leather at all, for that matter) but it matches the shoe nicely, even still.

Two of a Kind

You might have noticed that things look a little different around these parts. Surprise, I redesigned my blog! I don’t have any other answer other than that I was bored and thought this one looked cool, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed over the past year+ that I’ve been doing this, but I can’t seem to stick to a single design for more than 3 minutes. So, fair warning, the old layout might be making a comeback. Especially considering the understandably lukewarm reaction a bunch of you had when this layout appeared. Don’t worry, I’m sort of lukewarm to it, too. UGH, what is wrong with me?

It feels good to get back into the swing of things after taking almost a 3 week break from doing my routine posts, and I had a lot more fun hunting down today’s two of a kinds. I actually felt a little rusty, sort of like whatever part of my brain is responsible for these comparisons hadn’t had a workout in a while. Now that I’ve sufficiently built this up…

1. Dress / 2. Wallet / 3. Shorts / 4. Shoes

First of all, I know that dress looks like something Malibu Barbie would have worn in the 80s, but with all the time I’ve spent on Net a Porter, the vivid colorblocking was seared into my brain for good. So when I stumbled upon that Rebecca Minkoff wallet earlier this week, I knew it was a match made in weird, blog-post heaven. Or something. And I know the scalloped J. Crew shorts are a bit overdone by this point, but I still love them and think they’d be super flattering on my stems. I love that scallop details are popping up all over everything now. I’m curious though, do you think nude shoes give the impression of longer legs even if they are ballet flats? Not that I’ll be spending $450 to find out.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first baseball game of the season (I’m really slacking) with several girlfriends from work as part of a “thank you” from our company management for being hardworking members of the Philanthropy Committee. We sat in the first row of the 3rd baseline, right next to the Ball Girl, from whom I even got a signed card to give to Boyfriend (oddly, he was not enthused). There’s really no point to this little story other than that I just wanted to say I had a really good time and that I feel really lucky. Just a mushy bit of gratitude to start your Wednesday morning.

What’s something you’re grateful for?