Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! In the interest of full disclosure, and at the risk of painting myself as an even bigger nerd than you no doubt pegged me for, I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 last night (er, this morning?), at midnight. No, I did not dress up, and yes, I did cry, but please still be my friend. It was really, really incredible (even though I totally thought it needed more Gary Oldman), but needless to say I am really, really tired. While I’m understandably sad about the series being over, it was a great way to kick off a 3 day weekend (what? you think I got home at 3am and then went to work 4 hours later? are you kidding? I am not fit to be released into public with under 8 hours of sleep, fyi).

Anyway, the weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend, so maybe it’s high time for me to get to work on painting/staining (?!) that little side table. Though only 3 of you voted, the “paint” people have the majority. I already have a few different ideas in mind!

Until I return with a completed project, let’s take a peek at some things that tickled my fancy this week, shall we?


Bath bins, from Target

I bought these on Monday (and they STILL HAVE NOT SHIPPED, COME ON) and am totally smitten with them. I plan on putting them in my bathroom and putting extra hand-towels and small toiletries I’ve stolen from various hotels in them. Maybe some eau de toilette, if I’m feeling bold. And, as we’ve already established, if it has French on it, I will buy it. Especially if it’s under $10. These were a total steal!

Anchor tote, from B&N

Yes, you read that correctly. This adorable little tote bag is from Barnes & Noble. There’s an anchor on one side and a teeny sail boat on the other. Can you just imagine carrying this around on the beach? Well, not me. I am morbidly opposed to sand (yes, sand). So it’s more like I can imagine carrying this around the city in the 105 degree hot streak we had this week. B&N is running a promotion currently where if you buy any two books/items, you can buy the tote for only $13. That’s a pretty sweet deal for such a perfect summer bag. The upside is, you can use it to carry your new books!


Lambskin pouch, from Rennes

I can’t justify buying yet another pouch or wallet of some kind, but the leather on this little guy looks so supple I can’t help but love it. I don’t even know what I would put in it, but I’m really digging the masculine appeal. And the color is so unassuming, and still so buttery and perfect. Check out that liner fabric! If it came with a wrist strap, I would consider buying it to use to carry my blackberry, ID, some cash, and a chapstick out to a casual dinner. Probably for the best that it doesn’t, though.



Industrial Side Table, from Home Decorators

This table looks oddly similar to this one from Urban Outfitters, doesn’t it? In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re the same table. Only, I have a $10 off coupon from Home Decorators I received in the mail, and shipping is free, whereas buying it from Urban Outfitters would cost me an extra $10 on shipping (that $10 matters to me, obviously). All money aside, this table is gorgeous, and fits perfectly in with my new obsession with Industrial Chic. It would make a good bar cart, or an entryway table, or even a great night table. I love the steel legs and those distressed wooden beams. Swoon!


The new season of HGTV Design Star

The new season of Design Star started on Monday night, and I’m hooked! I watched the very first season and then must have been in a coma for the ones after it (wow, there have been 5?!), but managed to catch the commercials for this season during one of the many House Hunters International marathons I watch. And man, the competition is fierce! Sure, I fancy myself a decorator and can paint a wall like the best of them, but as far as my actual Interior Design skills go? Ya’ll, you do not want me wielding a power tool or building custom frame headboards. Although, one aspiring designer on Monday’s episode threw a blanket over a piece of plywood (literally!) and called it a headboard, so maybe I have a shot after all! My pick for the season is Kyle. I think that’s his name.


Got any hot plans (pun intended if you live on the sweltering east coast!) this weekend?Have you checked out Design Star? Who is your favorite designer so far? Enjoy your weekends, kiddos!

Moodboard – Entryway

I long for the day when I have a home big enough to warrant having a proper entryway, if only so I have more square footage to decorate, let’s be honest. Though I’ll never, ever call the foyer/entryway a “landing strip” (that is really one of the most heinous terms I’ve ever come across and I don’t know how it has become so pervasive in design-speak), I spend lots of time thinking how I’ll style it, what sort of elements it should have, and what I want it to look like.

I know Juno said, “It started with a chair,” but for me, it started with a sideboard. I haven’t been able to shake my affinity for this IKEA piece for a while, even though it is imposing and I’d have to have a really big house to be able to fit this casually in the space next to the front door (a girl can dream!). It’s all white and lacquer-y and perfect. I’m thinking you could put blankets, umbrellas, scarves and mittens inside of it and still have room for other, miscellaneous storage.  Behold, a moodboard for my future entryway*:

1. Bertoia Barstool, DWR – Ignoring the fact this $1K barstool will serves as a glorified coat rag and place to rest my bag, I can’t imagine anything better than walking in the door after a long day and seeing something that beautiful immediately. It’d be like having waiting, I don’t know, Javier Bardem** waiting for you shirtless and cooking dinner.

2. Task Lamp, West Elm – I know I’ve beaten this task lamp thing to death, but this one doesn’t count because it’s not yellow! It is, however, a nice shiny black, which will compliment the shiny sideboard nicely whilst (whilst!) providing a little extra light in the room.

3. Torsby Sideboard, IKEA – Really, what is there left to be said that I haven’t already said? It’s beautiful. Like most IKEA products, it’s reasonably priced. And, like most IKEA products, it may or may not fall apart within 6 months with the slightest encouragement***. I want this bad boy in my house stat. I literally do not have a need for it, but I’m getting 10 kinds of itchy over making sure I get my paws on it lest they discontinue it, as IKEA is wont to do.

4. Mangowood Bowl, CB2 – I don’t know about you, but I always need a place to toss my keys and mail when I come in the door, and this bowl fits that purpose (and the overall aesthetic!) pretty darn nicely. Of course, it would be better if Mangowood actually smelled like mango, am I right?

5. Stendig Calendar – This is cheating, because I already own one of these, but I love it so much I had to include it, finally for it’s utility and not just because it’s black and white. And if you, like me, spend the first 3 hours of your morning confused as to what day it is, this will come in very handy as you make your way into the world. The world will often quiz you as to what day it is. It’s tricky like that. Better to be prepared in advance!

Got an entryway of your own you want to show off? Think the term “landing strip” is totally acceptable? I’d love to hear! (Even though you’re clearly crazy.)

*maybe, until I change my entire aesthetic again.
**he isn’t a particular crush of mine, but he was the first name that popped into my head. I would’ve gone with someone along the lines of, say, Gary Oldman (swoon!), but Javier Bardem seemed more universally regarded as “dreamy”
***breathing on it, duh


Things have been a bit slow around here, I know, and to my dear readership of 6, I apologize profusely. I worked 22 hours in two days last week, which I realize doesn’t sound all that impressive or worthy of breaking out your tiniest violins, but it’s not like I’m a doctor or something; I didn’t spend those hours saving lives, I spent them working in PowerPoint, and if you can think of a more terrifically awful way to spend half of your day, I’d like to hear it.

As I’ve long since held, the best remedy to recharge the pile of mush my brain had turned into is obviously to redirect my drool to fabulous decorated interiors. However, according to one delightful spam comment I received over the weekend, it seems like my readership could do with a little bit of a change of topic around here:

“This is really cool information about John Wayne it is very interesting about his life!”


To be fair, this comment was left on my very first post, so it’s possible that the spam-bots hadn’t had a chance to really glean what this blog was about. Also, and this is probably going to alienate the very large demographic of my audience that are only here looking for John Wayne related content, I can’t even hear his name without immediately thinking of this. (“Actually, it’s perfect. I  just never realized John Wayne walked like that.”)

Anyway, let’s look at some glorious home design, shall we?

via RUM Magazine

You had me at the Eames rocker. That sleek black task lamp above the bed is incredible against all that white. Can someone source me that gray blanket, too, please?

photographer Lois Lemaire for Skona Hem

photographer Lois Lemaire for Skona Hem

I am crazy in love with that fruit crate used as a bedside table, that poured-concrete kitchen counter, and oh my god those open shelves with the recessed lighting underneath. They remind me of these IKEA shelves, one of which just came crashing down off my wall the other day.

photographer Ditte Isager

Alexander Wang’s studio, photographed by Ditte Isager

Ditte’s work is just so far past brilliant it deserves its own category. I’m all about painted white brick and giant, giant windows. Where do I even find windows like that? In the meantime, excuse me while I obsess over painted black floors.

from Living Etc, via here

Like in this office. Do you see that peach rotary phone on the desk or the black industrial filing drawers in the corner? Do you know how badly I am swooning for both?

photographer Anne Naumann

Forget about solving the budget crisis and throwing around boring terms like “debt ceiling.” Our government needs to start focusing their efforts on important pursuits, like teleportation, so that I can beam myself into this room and live there for the rest of my life. I’d never need to see the inside of another room again, ever.

source unknown

Except maybe this dining room. In my fantasies, which are vast and all include some sort of painted white brick and unnecessarily large gilded mirrors, this dining room is just down the hall from the bedroom above. That chandelier! I can’t even.


I’m back to posting more regularly, I pinky promise. There are lots of exciting things coming up around LWN, and I hope there are still some of you left to read about them!

Craigslist Scores

In an effort to maximize employee productivity, my company’s IT department/The Man have deemed certain websites inappropriate for viewing on the company network. There are certain sites that are understandably inaccessible (facebook), ones that are inexplicable inaccessible (Victoria’s Secret, for example, is blocked for being categorized as “lingerie”), sites that are inexplicably accessible (twitter, youtube), and sites that are sometimes accessible and sometimes aren’t, depending on the day (craigslist).

Don’t ask me who came up with the site-blocking determinations, because a) I guarantee I can waste as much time on youtube as on facebook, and b) I’d really like to be able to look at bathing suits without the IT administrator thinking I’m trying to access porn, but I really wish they’d make up their minds about Craigslist. It’s like a 3-act Shakespearean drama. Act I: There is a ton of cheap furniture out there just begging to come home with me, and I can’t browse any of it. Act II: Or wait! It’s not blocked anymore! Joyous hours of internet-thrifting are mine! Act III: The Man hath blocked my access once again. I am driven mad by my desire to purchase gently used housewares and as the curtain falls, you see me throw myself upon my computer, weeping.

Unsurprisingly, my work computer has developed a very confusing relationship with Craigslist. It never knows if it is going to be able to get to the site or not, and thus spends hours at night writing bad poetry all titled “Why Won’t Craigslist Love Me?” to work out its feelings of rejection and inadequacy. On the occasions that it was able to access the site, I’ve come away with some nifty purchases (STOP SPENDING MONEY, DUDE). Observe:

Pay no attention to the leaning awkwardness of it. Eventually it will be mounted level against the wall, and that bottom bar will lean against the bottom of the wall. I first saw this table in a house tour over on Apartment Therapy, during the annual Small Cool contest (which no, I did not enter, and yes, I wish I had, but it would have required me to put away the piles of clothing from my sofa and dust under my bed, and my apartment and I have an agreement that those things only happen on the rarest of occasions). I immediately fell in love with it for its clean lines and simple, white design, and felt all proud of myself for being able to identify it as an IKEA piece. Go, Erin! You have officially amassed enough information about IKEA products to have a mental rolodex of products you didn’t even know they had! (and this was before the owner of the apartment told someone in the comments where to find it, fyi).

Anyway, a quick browse of IKEA’s website informed me that while it might have been one of their items, they certainly didn’t sell it anymore. Thinking I was wrong about the source, I checked CB2. Nothing. West Elm, nothing. Crate and Barrel, Overstock, nothing. Still convinced it was IKEA, I googled every conceivable combination of “IKEA white small leaning desk” until a name popped up. It was indeed IKEA (a million points to me!). It’s called Ludvig, as in Beethoven, if he had been born in Sweden. Further research (thank god Google isn’t blocked at work) indicated that the Ludvig desk had been redesigned last year (it’s now selling as this iteration, which hello, is SO NOT THE SAME). I found one of the older versions on ebay, but with shipping it would have cost way more than the desk had originally sold for. True, it was unavailable, and I had already decided that I had to have it, (and we all know what happens once I get in that mindset), but I just wasn’t into spending more than was necessary.

Off to Craigslist I clicked, my fingers crossed so tight I couldn’t feel them, and lo and behold! The site wasn’t blocked. And ever better! I searched “IKEA Ludvig” and not one, but TWO postings came up for the version of the desk I wanted. Out of the two, one responded to my email, and she lived two blocks away from my mom (hi mom!). And she was selling it for $20! Fully assembled! I know I’m overdoing it with the exclamation points, but seriously, you guys: if you’ve ever assembled IKEA furniture, you understand solely from the string of expletives that came out of your mouth that having something come fully assembled is like a blessing from the gods, on earth as it is in heaven (excerpt from the IKEA bible, verse 2).

This beaut came home with me, obviously, and I didn’t even have to buy her a drink first. Now the fun part of “how do I mount this to the wall without fully disassembling it” begins. My goal for this is to use it as a vanity or potential laptop desk (as it was intended by the gods of IKEA) for my new baby.

And then there’s this:

This score was slightly less dramatic. I’d been looking to buy a simple, small wooden side table that would serve as a blank canvas for me to refinish. This desk was an absolute steal at $10. And since the seller lived 20 minutes away and just happened to be driving into the city, she even offered to deliver it to me. Don’t worry, I didn’t give the lady my full address, only the cross streets, so she can’t come and murder me in my sleep. Stranger Danger!

Anyway, the pictures in the original Craigslist post didn’t fully detail how much work this baby needs, starting with a good cleaning. There are scratches, carvings, and stains of indiscriminate nature all over this guy:

It was originally intended as a child’s desk, and even has that cute little rail in the back for pencils or slap-bracelets, or whatever kids bring to school these days (chewing tobacco? homemade shivs?). Luckily, it’s solid wood that is still sturdy and sound. I have big plans for it, which will all be detailed in their own post once I rally enough motivation to sand and stain/paint it.

Which leads us to another poll:

[polldaddy poll=5166921]

I am going to blame my recent laziness on the weather the past few weekends. I’d ideally like to sand this thing outside, but with weekends full of rain, bad weather, and full-day hangovers from dancing til 2am, it hasn’t been possible yet (c’est la vie). Maybe this weekend? I’ll let you know.

Have you guys ever used Craiglist? Any goodies you want to show off?

Friday Five

It’s officially summer this week, but all that really means for me is that now I get to exist in a state of perma-uncomfortableness. My apartment, with its window air conditioner, isn’t nearly cool enough in the mornings for me to blow-dry my hair without having to wipe sweat off my face afterwards, but my office takes the warmer weather a sign that it should be even colder inside, so I have to bring sweaters to avoid freezing to my desk chair. Seriously, the thermostat now reads “ice cave” at work, and “sweat lodge” in my apartment.

The bipolar climates I have to endure have made me that much more resilient in my search for things that make me happy, or, at least, make me temporarily forget why I’m shaking in my cardigan when it’s 95 degrees outside. Behold, the first Friday Five of summer:


essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri & Fiesta

I love these shades of pink and peach. A lot of people have been leaning towards paler, more neutral colors for the summer, but I think fun, fiery colors are the way to go. Bonus points that each of these shades would match a dress I just bought for an upcoming wedding. Also, they kind of go along perfectly with the color scheme on this here ole blog. I didn’t really know I liked pink so much.


photograph by Shini Park, via Park & Cube

And speaking of summer, doesn’t this photo send chills down your body? I want to jump in a pool so badly after looking at this (and maybe paint my nails a delicious plum color). This picture was taken at a lakeside resort in Austria during a fashion week event (seriously, that sentence got better and better by the word). Shini is a fashion blogger living in London (swoon) who takes the most incredible photographs (though she has credited post-production in Photoshop to being 40% of her photography). I kind of want to buy a print of this and hang it in my house. It makes me feel cool and relaxed just looking at it. Here’s hoping I make it to a pool sometime this summer!


Gray stripe bed sheets, from West Elm

If it were at all possible, I would spend every minute of the day in bed. I love sleeping, napping, and drooling on pillows, so naturally I’m really into designing the perfect bed. These sheets caught my eye a while ago, and I’m falling more and more in love with them (plus! they’re on sale!). Not only do they encompass three of my favorite things (gray, white, and stripes), they also happen to be about 1/4th of the price of these sheets from Dwell Studio, and they look virtually indistinguishable. If anything, I like the West Elm sheets more, for that seersucker puckering it looks like the strips have going on.

Macbook, from Apple

I have been a Mac girl for as long as I can remember. In the summers when I was little, my mom would bring home her Apple 2 from her classroom and I would spend hours playing games on it. When I was in high school, she brought home her iMac G3 (the blue one), and I spent my summer shooting and editing artsy-fartsy videos in iMovie. Then, in my sophomore year, I got my first iBook. That thing was a champ, and I ended up passing it along to my dad when I upgraded to a iBook G4 in 2005, and it served him well for just surfing the internet and listening to music. My little iBook G4 got me halfway through college, and then it was time to upgrade again, because the thing just couldn’t handle running Photoshop or InDesign, which were both crucial to being a Photojournalism major. I bought a snazzy iMac in 2008, and to this day it is one of the fastest and most impressive machines I’ve ever worked on. That is where I do all of my blogging, photo-related work, and day-to-day internet surfing. I haven’t had a single problem with in in 3 years, and there was no need to add another Apple computer to my life. Right? Seriously, PAY ATTENTION, this is me we’re talking about here. I know I didn’t need a new Macbook, I wanted a new Macbook to replace my iBook, because sometimes you are just too lazy to get off of the sofa and there is blogging to be done (this is an entirely First World Problem). I hemmed and hawed over this purchase, and what finally swayed me was how cheap it was on Amazon (about $60 off), with no tax (a savings of another $80) and free shipping. It arrived yesterday, and someone is going to have to literally pry it from my clutches to get anything else accomplished. It also happens to look incredibly sexy sitting on my white lacquer desk.


Gray wool and leather Macbook holder, from Rib and Hull

And of course, now that I have a new Macbook, I want a cute case for it. The thing gets scratched if you look at it wrong, little feather scratches along the outside clear shell. These cases from Warsaw-based design store Rib & Hull are sourced from organic materials from Sweden (win!) and are extremely handsome and timeless. I love the dark gray felt wool and the very masculine vibe of this thing. I want to pair it with oxfords and maybe a straw hat. Of course, the Macbook pro is just a wee bit thinner than the Macbook, and I don’t know if it will even fit in here, so that might be a deterrent to actually buying it. A first!

Have a relaxing and sweat-free weekend, kiddos!


I don’t think I’ve adequately expressed my love for Sweden before now. To this point, my love of all things French has been obvious, but if we’re talking about inspiring home design, there is one country that really makes me tingly, and that’s Sweden. There are books upon books profiling delicious Scandinavian interiors (this one in particular is currently on my wishlist), and if I told you the amount of hours I spent looking at Swedish real estate for sale simply to check out the inside of the homes, you’d think I was crazy. One of my favorite blogs is Chez Larsson, the home design and organizing blog written by a beautiful, blond Swedish woman with impeccable taste. Needless to say it is SUPER UNFAIR that Swedes have all the luck (and, apparently, all of the sunlight in the world: the sun doesn’t even set during the month of June!).

And now I can add Emma’s Designblogg to my list of daily reads, because HOLY COW, there are 6 years worth of archives of incredible Scandinavian interiors. I’ve visited her blog a few times in the past, and saved a ton of images to the ever-expanding inspiration folder I have on my desktop, but somehow I never realized exactly how large a treasure-trove she has. You can safely assume I’ll now spend the next week looking back at every single post she’s ever had and drooling profusely. Horray!

Here are some random goodies that are currently making me itch to redecorate. And paint my floor white:

amazing ladder, Bertoia diamond chair in the background

painted white brick!!

oh my god those bar stools.

I want to take a nap here.

And here.


And here. Check out that sexy painted floor.

This office is so, so perfect. And not just because of that Eames chair. Or the Chanel bag hanging on the back of the door.

Unff, that floooorr.


If I had chevron floors or windows that large I’d never want for anything ever again. Maybe.

I could go on, but at this point I need a life preserver to keep myself from drowning in the pool of my own drool. I just can’t even. These rooms are so perfect, and the best part is there are about 2 million more just like it on Emma’s blog (with 2 g’s, I’m assuming to pay homage to Swedish drink Gløgg?)

If I move to Sweden, do you think someone would pay me to like, squeal over their furniture? This is a legitimate question.

Questionable Design

With the amount of time I spend browsing the internet for home decorating inspiration, it seems only natural that I’d run into some choices that clash so wildly with my own aesthetic (and, perhaps, the aesthetic of ANYONE WITH EYEBALLS) that I am left staring wide-eyed at my computer screen, mouth agape, wondering what is happening. You know, the same reaction produced whenever Lady Gaga is doing anything besides GOING AWAY. Far be it from me to be super-snarky about other people’s home design choices, when my apartment looks like an IKEA catalog threw up all over it, but — well, actually, no. That’s exactly what is happening here. I’m going to be super judgmental because it is my god-given right as a 20-something female equipped with a blog and severe case of holier-than-thou (and no, I’m not currently seeking treatment).

So. File this under: Things I Don’t Want In My House; subcategory: Were You On Drugs When You Chose That?; sub-subcategory: Just Because You Paid A Lot For It, Doesn’t Make It Art.

Exhibit A:

from here

As if the small, bizarre teeth on that creepy, smiling dude didn’t freak you out enough, it is hanging above the bed in this French apartment (come on, France! you can do better than this!). Imagine waking up from a delicious dream involving Gaspard Ulliel (the French at least got him right), stretching languidly, trying to savor the best bits, and then making eye contact with THAT. I feel like that painting might as well come with moving eyeballs and a spooky laugh-track that goes off when you least expect it, quietly, so as to make you believe it’s alive. Because it might be! MAKE HIM STOP LOOKING AT ME.

Exhibit B:

also from here

This is from the same apartment, because you know, apparently one super creeptastic painting wasn’t enough. The designers on this one really wanted to drive home their point of view, which if I’ve interpreted correctly, allowing for the nuances of the French language, translates into, “You should fill your house with art that literally burns holes in your eyelids.” I know the French tend to be more avant garde with their style and designs than we lowly Americans, but ya’ll, seriously? We’re meant to believe the woman in the painting had time to put on a ruffled collar but no bra? That was so last year.

Exhibit C:

from here

BAH, giant children heads. While certainly cuter than the first picture, those kid’s eyes are too big and saucer-like for my taste. Look, we get it, kids are cute. Sometimes so cute that you want to make 2’x3′ paintings of their heads. The rest of us are content to pinch a few cheeks, but hey, to each their own. Also, the decision to hang this mere feet from the foot of the bed?What was that all about? Is it so while the parents are getting jiggy with it, they have a reminder of what happened the last time? I GET IT. It’s visual birth control, right?

Exhibit D:

from here

You guys, don’t move. The robot from Metropolis has set up command central in the living room and is now acting as an overlord to those yellow Eames chairs. Oh, wait. Whew, it’s just a shapeless stone mannequin. That makes more sense! How silly of me.

Exhibit E:

from here

Believe it or not, this is a kitchen, not a den of iniquity, from the very appropriately titled post over at Desire to Inspire, “How much is too much?” Let me answer that question by saying that ONE Playboy picture decoupaged on the walls of a kitchen is too much; hundreds make you downright disturbed. And in case the floor-to-ceiling images of women too classy for clothing wasn’t distracting enough, check out the carousel horse on top of the water heater (? storage unit for dead bodies?). That thing has officially galloped out of the picture and INTO MY NIGHTMARES.

What’s the worst design choice/trend you’ve seen recently? Bonus points for creepiness.