My Inner French Girl

My Inner French Girl

1. Dress / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Backpack / 4. Camera / 5. Bathing Suit / 6. Salt Spray /
7. Post-Sun Body Wash / 8. Sandals / 9. Beach Towel / 10. Book

Years ago, I did one of these posts for a summer vacation in La Ciotat that takes place early on in my book. My inner French girl takes the train from Gare de Lyon to Marseille, spending the three hour train ride reading. Well, how’s this for life imitating art: I’ll be making the same trip in real life in just a few months. I booked my train tickets (€44 round trip!) and hotel, and am already mentally packing my suitcase. Doubtful I’ll look this chic, but a girl can dream. I’m already excited about the uninterrupted reading time.

Loving Lately, vol. 9

Loving Lately vol. 9

Hi! I’m alive! I’m so sorry. I never intended to be gone from here for over a month, but there was always something else that felt more pressing in the rare times I found to sit at my desk–writing, chief among them. I’ve missed you! Tell me, what’s been going on? Besides work, the things that are occupying my time are mostly listed above. Oh, and writing. So, so much writing.