Paris Shopping List

Paris Shopping List

Mariage Frères Tea / Maille Mustard / Ladurée Candle / Butter / Vichy Eye Makeup Remover / Louis Vuitton Wallet

I’m leaving for my 9th trip to Paris in under two weeks, and if there’s something I’ve mastered after this many séjours, it’s shopping and stocking up on my favorites (it certainly isn’t the ability to not collapse into tears at the first sight of the Eiffel Tower). I’ve had plenty of opportunities over the years to settle on my favorite French finds, and my trips back involve returning to the same stores (Mariage Frères, Maille, Ladurée, City Pharma…) to restock my depleted supply of tea/mustard/candles. Both Mariage Frères and Maille will refill your empty pots if you bring them back, for less, obviously, than the cost of buying a new one (well, not including the flight). Everything is better in Paris, even (especially!) the butter: thick, full-fat cream with large flakes of salt sprinkled throughout. I buy it at Monoprix, it’s never more than a few euros, and it lasts for a few months at home if I portion it correctly. In terms of indulgences, it’s less expensive than, say, my newfound love of luxury handbags.

11 days!

10 thoughts on “Paris Shopping List

  1. I can’t believe we are SO close to shopping in Paris. I vaguely remember shopping for Vichy eye makeup remover as we had just landed, consumed tons of pink sugar in and on a brioche, and ended up in St Germain. It’s a blur.
    I’m packing all of my empty tins and my mustard jars as we speak! I’ll need another soapcase!

  2. You know what? We spent two weeks on the Noirmoutier-island on the west coast 20 years ago :) As lovely as the butter! Have a fantastic trip to Paris! We´ll go there in July (and, when visiting Monoprix I always buy some really cheap (in many ways…) shoppingbags – 1 euro – They make me happy when back home again.

    1. The Monoprix shopping bags are my favorite cheap & easy souvenir, but they are so hit or miss for me! The one I had shredded and fell apart, but one I bought my friend Audrey is still hanging in! I guess I’ll just have to buy more :) Enjoy your trip this summer! xo

  3. Some things to add to my shopping list when I go later this year! I wish we were going at the same time! Oh well, I’m happy to go during a less-touristy time of year ;)

    1. I will be there the last week of September through the first week of October, we may overlap after all?? xo

  4. Bonjour, Erin!

    I just returned from Paris last week and bought some of the same things including a Diptyque candle and tea. I also indulged in the same butter on my baguette almost everyday (love the little crunch of the salt crystals). It nearly killed me to throw the rest away when I left — never considered smuggling it back. Perhaps la prochaine fois…

    Bon voyage!

    1. Bonjour, Melinda! Once I realized I could sneak butter home, my world has entirely changed. I usually stash it in the freezer the night before I leave, but I didn’t this time (just the fridge) and it held up fine on the entire flight home without getting melty and soft. It makes breakfasts chez moi sooo much better! :) xoxo

  5. Ok, so we should really be friends – both Francophiles and Philadelphians. I discovered you after sourcing for my other venture @thefrancophiles – and it seems we both live in Philly? Would love to connect. Just followed you on IG. ;)

    1. Okay, so this sat in my moderated comments for a month, sorry!! Obviously we are now connected on Instagram, and I would love it if we met up! Two francophiles taking on the city, watch out world :) xoxo

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