March in Paris, pt. 1

Rue des Sèvres

Avocado Vinaigrette, La Terrasse

Tuilps, Rue Cler

Rue Cler


Rue Edmond Valentin

Blue Door, Avenue Bosquet

Oh, this city. Every time I come I find new things to fall in love with, new angles to photograph, new perspectives and changes in light that thrill my heart to no end. There is something calming about returning, almost as if everything up to the moment just before the wheels of the plane touch down on French soil had been a little off balance, and with each trip back my equilibrium is restored. Walking the streets, getting acquainted with our new neighborhood (even as jetlagged as we were the first day) I felt a warming comfort, a homecoming as visceral as ever. The nervous, fluttering excitement that precedes a trip had been replaced long, long ago with a sense of rightness, of feeling whole again. My French came back to me fluidly, like riding a bike.

What else? I took significantly fewer photos this trip than I have previously, in an effort to be more present and soak it all in out from behind my viewfinder. I still took hundreds of photos, though, but this time I didn’t worry about making sure I got every single shot. I took a lot more photos of people, too! More to share this week.

I missed you guys! Tell me, what’s been going on?

4 thoughts on “March in Paris, pt. 1

  1. BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER! Do you have a Yelp listing? No? Well, you should!
    Paris is the city that has called me back for 16 years. Thanks to you, I answered the call. Let’s face it, no birthday will come close to this one….unless, of course, I finally get my horse. Just sayin’….

  2. It’s like they say, quality over quantity, right? ;) I miss Paris already when I see your beautiful pictures. Please give us more!

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