An Historic Apartment in Paris









I love classically Parisian apartments –replete with herringbone flooring and giant windows and ornate crown moldings– as much as anyone (maybe more, if we’re being honest) but there is something to be said for the tinier, more charming and…old apartment, like this one. Sure, it’s in a double-eaved attic with no real living space and carries a price tag of over half a million dollars, but is anyone else imagining all the stories this place has seen over the years? Located along the Place des Vosges, this little nook could be something out of a Victor Hugo novel (minus, of course, the iMac and, like, indoor plumbing). Those beams! There must be hundreds of years of secrets and lives and outbreaks of cholera trapped inside those walls. I’m not even being facetious. But then, you guys knew that.

Countdown update: 41 days!

8 thoughts on “An Historic Apartment in Paris

  1. I LOVE Place des Vosges! At first I thought the apartment didn’t have a kitchen, but now that I see that it does, I’m totally sold… ?

    1. Ha, I didn’t share the kitchen because it was fug, and also because kitchens are so low on my list of priorities when it comes to apartment hunting. ;) Give me a baguette and some salty butter and I’m all set! xo

  2. Now that’s a proper hidey hole. I wouldn’t be able to leave the mattress lying on the ground like that – maybe a little too starving artist for me

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