Happy Birthday, Fitzy!


Happy National Dog Day, Fitz!


Somebody had a birthday yesterday! Fitz, you wonderfully weird little ball of love, you turned five yesterday! FIVE! …Um, possibly. His birthday could also be the 9th, according to his adoption paperwork. There are three entries with his birthday, and two of them say 1/6/11, and the other says 1/9/11. Transposition error? We’ll never know. Like a stolen masterpiece, Fitz’s provenance is a mystery to us. Where did he come from? (Outer space.) Are there more like him? Who had him before us? We adopted him at eight months old, and he’d already been adopted from the shelter once and then returned. I’d love to meet the heartless monster who did that to my sweet boy, but it’s probably better that we never, ever cross paths. And besides, Fitz belonged with us all along. Whatever trauma and separation anxiety he internalized from spending the first six months of his life bouncing around shelters comes with the territory of adopting a dog, and I’ve never regretted it.

It’s been such a rewarding four and a half years being this little guy’s personal assistant (let’s be real) and Official Cuddle Provider. This last year was a big one for him: we stopped crating him during the day, giving him unfettered, unattended access to the entire house. Risky, given his track record (ahem), but he has more than lived up to the trust we placed in him when we disassembled his crate, and he now spends most of his day snoozing on the sofa, not shredding a single area rug, box of tissues, or the recycling. He’s matured so much in the last year, and while I did just catch him drinking from the filthy water in the christmas tree stand, he’s developed into a mellow old soul at this age. That doesn’t mean he won’t turn into a Mexican jumping bean when someone new walks in the door, and he still screams his head off at the slightest jingle of a dog’s leash somewhere in a three block radius on walks, but we’ll take any sort of progress we can get.

This was also the year we stopped giving him Prozac. You might recall that our vet prescribed it for him almost immediately upon adoption, and we diligently gave it to him every morning in a scoop of peanut butter in the hopes that it would help with his many (many) anxieties, but at his annual check-up in October the vet opted not to refill Fitz’s prescription. It wasn’t worth the side effects, and honestly, I don’t know if this is good or bad, we haven’t noticed a difference yet. Prozac Pup no more!

Fitz, I love you so much. Happy birthday!

And now, some throwback photos of my favorite boy, from 2011 to 2013! (When he was still technically “a puppy” and approximately 12lbs lighter)

fitz snow



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  1. So he was a returned dog? Happened to a shelter dog I know too. She was adopted, came back for a visit and about a year later I saw her in the shelter again. Later learnt that she somehow ended up outside after adoption and the shelter took her back. Because animals selected for adoption in Singapore won’t be put down (unless they fall incurably sick), she’s still at the shelter being doted upon by staff and volunteers.

    1. He was, unfortunately. We got him at 8 months old and he had already been adopted and returned (and our vet suspects it happened more than once, which breaks my heart even further). I LOVE Singapore’s shelter laws, thank you for informing me of them. I wish we could adopt that sort of thing here. Thankfully the shelter we adopted Fitz from was a no-kill shelter, which made me feel better (and I always donate to them around the holidays). xo

      1. Some animals are still put down at the selection stage (e.g. the terminally ill) at the shelter I volunteer at. Two others I follow are no-kill.

        By the way, the dog I mentioned the last time was adopted (hopefully for good!) about a fortnight ago.

  2. Aw how sweet! I get your posts in my email box so that I can always read, even if I never comment anymore. <3 But I had to make sure to say Happy Birthday to Fitz today and share in your love for him. I have such a soft spot for adopted (and previously unwanted :[) dogs. Like Fitz, Mort seemed to be unwanted. He was at the adoption kennel for 9 months before we met him and fell in love. Other greyhounds would be there maybe for a month before being adopted. The other long-term pups that weren't adopted had serious health issues like seizures, poor things. I think about all the people that met Mort and that decided to go with another dog, and good for them! That means Mort came to us, and his goofy-self is perfect for our goofy household.

    1. Aw, thanks Yelle! Fitz had a spoiled birthday indeed. It makes me so sad to think about all the pups in shelters who don’t find loving, goofy homes like ours eventually, because there are so many good little happy tails out there that need loving homes! I like to think Fitz was meant to be with us, just like Mort was meant to be with you guys. The problem, of course, is that once you adopt one, the urge to adopt ALL THE PUPPIES never goes away! xoxo

  3. You may not want to meet any of his precious owners as our vet thinks he was returned….”several times”. You and Jamal have hearts of gold and the stick-to-it-iveness that allowed this silly boy to final find his furever home. His love wrapped it fur and he likes to sprinkle a little of it every where he goes. I just love when he realizes I’m outside and starts his hunting dog screaming!

    1. He totally DOES sprinkle a little love wherever he goes!…in his own, high-pitched, hyperactive way. He’s my darling boy and I don’t think I’ll ever have another dog as rewarding. xo

  4. Awww, happy birthday pup! He’s looking more and more handsome as he ages :) I’m glad he’s not eating rugs anymore. His palate must be more refined now (that’s what it is)

    1. Hahah, now that he’s a ripe 35 in dog years, he has moved on to the finer things in life…like leaves and snow and dust bunnies. ;) xoxo

  5. Happy birthday, Fitz! While all of your photos of Fitz are delightful, the censored one made me giggle way too much.

    1. Belated merci, Samantha!! Imagine waking up to that sight! And that is why we do not let Fitz sleep in bed with us anymore. xo

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