French Country Calling

I’ve always considered myself a city mouse. A born and raised city girl, I tend to fall to pieces (or just plain fall) when in nature. I need the constant buzz of traffic, buses, police sirens, pedestrian chatter, and concrete. A familiar place where I know that if I’m murdered, someone nearer than five miles away will hear me scream. It’s the little things, you know?

But then, a friend on Instagram tagged one of her friends in a post, I clicked through out of curiosity, only to discover the most wonderful account I think I’ve ever come across: Cat in France, an American expat living in Normandy in an old chateau with a farm. On the surface, nothing about that lifestyle except “France” should have been attractive to me. But within a few photos, I was seriously considering packing it all up and moving to the French countryside. I mean, look:

french country

If you can look at her photos and not feel the same urge, more power to you. I’ll be over here crying into my lone Le Creuset and hanging dried lavender all over the house. Her feed delivers daily doses of chickens, goats, beautiful produce, and a kitchen that would make even me (a reluctant cook to say the least) want to become the next Julia Child.

In the meantime, here are a few things I can buy to bring a little French country to my own kitchen. Which isn’t in Normandy, and isn’t in a château. Oy.

French country kitchen

1. Lavender Box / 2. Striped Towels / 3. Duralex Glasses / 4. Tray / 5. Copper Colander / 6. Weck Jar / 7. Mirror / 8. Vase / 9. Chairs / 10. Market Basket

7 thoughts on “French Country Calling

    1. Definitely, Mills! I’ve only ever been to Normandy, so clearly I need to explore more parts of the country, as there is more to it than just Paris! And your Instagram photos always make me want to book a flight immediately :) xo

  1. Je pourrais passer la journée entière à mijotée des petits plats dans ces cuisines. La campagne française a tellement de charme…xo

  2. Oh god oh god, my new favorite Instagram! I could definitely see myself retiring in the French countryside, cooking all day, drinking wine all night. Have you read Mimi Thorisson’s blog? I adore her photos as well – it only helps that her husband is a photographer and they have a farm in Medoc I believe. Le sigh! The dream!

  3. Oh so much charm!
    I love your picks- even for a city home.

    And also, I am with you on knowing that if you get murdered someone will hear it!

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