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Artist Hayoon Kim has a doctorate in Ceramic Design (did you even know there was such a thing?) and since 2006 has been creating gorgeous, delicate bone china for art galleries, brands, and designer collaborations, through her company Twig New York, as well as teaching pottery to students in Seoul. I came across her work at a tea shop here in Philly and fell in love. Specifically, her ‘Petals’ collaboration with artist Brittany Jepsen, and my jaw hit the floor.




Kim has about 10 other collaborations with other, equally talented designers, but Petals spoke to me the most. They look three-dimensional on the plate, don’t they? I’m lucky I’m not the only one who finds these pieces so gorgeous, because most of the collection was sold out. Otherwise I would’ve had to buy everything, but especially those mugs. Mon dieu.

10 thoughts on “Twig New York

  1. normally, i am not into things too feminine, but these are lovely. the colors are gorgeous and they really do look life-like. beautiful!

    1. These are pretty feminine, but paired with really rustic, masculine elements like a big, wood table or raw linen napkins, could be really subtle. xo

  2. ??? I love these! I’ve been searching for a unique, cool wedding gift for a friend for AGES (her wedding has come and gone and I STILL haven’t sent a gift!) and these are perfect! I was afraid to click to the store too because they look expensive to me, but they’re affordable too?! Awesome. Thanks Erin!

    1. Oh, these would make lovely wedding presents!! What a thoughtful gift you’ll give her! And don’t sweat it, etiquette dictates that you have a year after the wedding to send a present (though you don’t have to get a present at all. It’s a wedding, not a birthday or a present-grab, haha). Happy shopping! xo

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