Loving Lately, vol. 5

Loving Lately, vol. 5

Tea Tree Oil Face Wash / Seaweed Face Scrub / “The Hotel on Place Vendôme” / “My Paris Dream” / Tee / Sandals / Chair / Steam Mop / Candle

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for the season everyone affectionately refers to as “the best of the year,” while I instead call it “hell.” That’s right, I’m talking about you, summer. Everyone’s all, “I love the sun!” “Woohoo the beach!” and meanwhile I’m over here in the lone patch of shade in the fetal position, scratching at my 38 mosquito bites and trying not to turn into one giant greaseball. I miss winter! I miss the cold and the darkness and scarves! (Yes, I am basically a Scandinavian vampire). I’ve long relied on two things to make summer a little more bearable, though, at least in terms of my vanity: that face wash and scrub are the antidote to my dreaded summer breakouts. I use the face wash every night, and the tea tree oil really helps soak up all that extra oil. It also feels like you’re applying menthol straight to your face, so tingly and refreshing as it feels. I use that scrub once or twice a week just to slough off the inevitable layer of oil build-up. So attractive, I know. Park me in front of an air conditioner and come get me in four months.

Another summer staple? Those sandals! I ordered a pair last year to take with me to Paris and wore them into the ground. I went through two pairs last summer, and this spring ordered a new set to take with us to Italy. Without any breaking in, I walked over 10 miles in them the first day and didn’t have a single blister or moment of pain. They are heavenly. I just ordered my fourth pair to finish out the remainder of the season.

I finished “The Hotel on Place Vendôme” last night and loved it. If you’re a fan of historical non-fiction, specifically the German occupation of Paris, you should add it your Goodreads list immediately. I just started “My Paris Dream,” and so far I’m feeling ‘meh’ about it. It’s all very ‘poor little rich white girl’ who went to Choate and Princeton and runs off to Paris after graduation to “find herself” on her parent’s dime and still finds things to complain about. But, Paris.

And this weekend I completed my descent into domesticity as a Write At Home Wife and bought a steam mop. Mopping is the bane of my existence, which is why I put it off as long as possible and get by solely using Swiffer wet pads. But then I looked at the bottom of a pair of socks and was horrified, so off to Macy’s we went (armed with a coupon, of course). It’s just natural steam, and it sanitizes up to 99.9% of germs and dirt and bacteria. No chemicals, just water, and oh man did it clean my floors to a squeaky clean shine. I might be looking forward to doing it again today.

16 thoughts on “Loving Lately, vol. 5

  1. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore clothing with words printed on them and then promptly just broke that promise. Hope you’re breaking that one too

  2. What a collection! A steam mop right next to these other beauties.

    Thanks btw for the link to your lovely sandals since I didn’t want to ask about these in your last post.

    Greetings from another vampire!

    1. Ha! I am a girl of many desires, and steam mops happen to be on that list ;) And hooray! A fellow vampire! Let’s hide out indoors until October. xo

    1. Jealous! Maybe that’s what I need to do: move to New Zealand for half the year and that way I’ll have TWO winters. Oh, that would be divine. xo

    1. Haaaaate. Hate everything about it! The sun! The heat! The bugs! Though when I was in Paris last June it barely got above 80 degrees, and that’s a summer I could handle. This nonsense in Philly is like 95+ every single day with 100% humidity. Woof. xo

  3. those summer sandals look so great on you – i only noticed them on your instagram recently, but they are so lovely!

    1. Thanks, doll! They are my favorite. I kind of want to stock pile them for the future! xo

  4. I actually asked for a shark steamer for Hanukkah a few years back. My grandma got the vacuum for a house warming gift. They are amazing and a fraction of the price of a dyson!

    1. I knew we were friends for a reason ;) That’s a great Hanukkah gift! I’m going to ask for extra cleaning pads for the holiday season (all this time I’ve been thinking the Swiffer wet jet has actually been cleaning my floors, mais non! The Shark steamer pads were FILTHY after one pass through). I love our Shark vacuum, too! Jamal’s parents got it as an engagement present and it’s the best thing in the world. xo

  5. You’re an enabler again! GAH!!! The steam mop has pretty bad reviews on amazon, I would love to know how yours holds up over time. I use a regular mop and bucket but I don’t think it works very well so I should probably get something better.

    “Write at Home Wife” — love that!

    Also, you would hate our apartment because we don’t have A/C or even unit-friendly windows and it gets super hot almost every.single.day of the year for at least a couple of hours.

    1. Oh, does it?? That’s surprising! The reviews on Macy’s were stellar, over 150 five-star reviews! I am in love with it so far, and our vacuum is a Shark and is over two years old and still going like a champ. I’d recommend any Shark product! I liked the mop and bucket method more than the Swiffer wet pad method, to be honest. It felt like it was actually cleaning it, but the steam mop takes it to a whole new level.

      Dude. Get thee to an appliance store and buy yourselves a portable AC unit. They will make a huge difference! I’m sweating just thinking about it ;) xo

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