Vacation Photos: Paris, pt. 2

Rue des Abbesses

Fleuriste, Rue Saint-Dominique

Musée d'Orsay, Rue de la Légion d'Honneur

La Seine

Jardin des Tuileries

Place du Marché Saint-Honoré

Fleurs, Rue Lepic

Our Apartment

Our Apartment

Our Apartment

Oui, Dior

Persifleur, Montmartre

Persifleur, Montmartre

Jacques Semer Fleuriste

Petit Dej, Le Saint Jean


Tabac, Rue des Abbessess

Before we even left for Italy I’d made a long, detailed itinerary for what I wanted us to accomplish in Paris. We would be there for a little over 50 hours, which is a cruelly short amount of time when you get right down to it, which I was still grateful to have at all because Jamal didn’t have to change our flights to include the stay in Paris, but he did, and besides, 50 hours in Paris is better than 0 hours in Paris, non?

Looking back at that itinerary now, I wonder how I thought we could feasibly accomplish everything given that we are not yet blessed with hoverboards nor the ability to Apparate a la Harry Potter. It was ambitious and adorable to expect to cram so much in, when I should have known that the best part about being in Paris is just slowing down and spending way too long over lunch or flâneuring aimlessly in the shade on one of the leafy avenues.

We didn’t get to Le Marais, we didn’t visit le Musée Carnavalet nor the Béroud painting I was so desperately intrigued by. I didn’t get to take Jamal to La Grand Épicerie or Rue Cler, and we didn’t even visit the Eiffel Tower. Quel dommage!

But if you think I’m seeking sympathy for a trip that didn’t live up to my advanced expectations, let me assure you: I’m not. Despite all that we didn’t do (this trip), we still had an unbelievable time. We ate so, so well; at dinner on our second night, at a classic bistro on Rue Caulaincourt, we split a dozen escargots to start, which Jamal declared the best thing he had eaten on the entire trip. Not just in France, but Italy too. Out of the two weeks we swooned around Italy, inhaling everything in our path, eating fresh pasta and pizza every single day, the best thing we ate were escargots in Paris. That should tell you how good they were. Buttery, garlicky, steaming hot, and just out of this world.

I also did a fair bit of shopping this trip, including finally getting my greedy little paws on that Dior “Oui” ring up there. I posted a photo of it on Instagram, but it bears repeating here, too: I have been lusting after that ring for years, going back to my LiveJournal days pre-LWN, even. Shopping at the Dior on Place Vendome made me feel like royalty; we were offered champagne and attended to by white-gloved sales associates. Then there was a stop into Louis Vuitton. And then Colette. And then Mariage Frères. And Maille. Je ne regrette rien! (My credit card regrette tout.)

But after our whirlwind shopping tour, there was lots of ambling around Montmartre, reminding ourselves why we love it so much.

There was also bread. Lots and lots of fresh bread.

Paris, I love you. I’ll see you again soon.

7 thoughts on “Vacation Photos: Paris, pt. 2

  1. Soon……SOON!!!! I’m so excited to be back in the most beautiful city in the world, or at least I thought it was when we went together years ago.
    What a wonderful birthday treat this will be. You, me, Paris—bread, pastries, Le Bon Marché! Oh, and BTW, I’m still not going to the top of the Iron Lady……

  2. Mmmmmm bread. Please go on and continue eating all the pastries, for my sake, will ya? I think I need to buy that bread photo from your shoppe

  3. 1. That painting is so beautiful! Was it in your apartment?!?
    2. I totally recognize those chairs! (From your older Paris pictures)
    3. I love the photo with the two people. I noticed that you don’t often photograph people, pourquoi pas?

  4. For such a short stop over there are some very nice new photo .
    I hope that I will be in Paris in mid November . I want to be there on November. 11th which Is still Armistice Day. It is a national holiday and there is a parade.

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