Last Wednesday morning I walked up Madison Avenue from our hotel at 57th and 6th on my way to breakfast and the Met. I knew this route would take me, teasingly, past Ladurée; I wouldn’t be able to stop in until later in the day, as you can’t bring food into the museum. And so I summoned all of my willpower as I approached 70th street to not stop or drool or faire du lèche-vitrines, a French term that translates to “window shopping” but that means, quite literally lick the windows. Being so close to macarons again after so long without being able to rush in immediately and buy any was a fascinating study in self-discipline. Sure, Jamal had brought me a large box back in November or December after a day-trip to New York for a meeting, but I personally haven’t been since Paris, and for all my suffering I deserve some sort of consolation prize. Ergo: macarons aplenty!

I came back after lunch with Lyndsey and, like the nerd that I am, whipped out a list I’d made days before, itemizing the flavors and quantities of macarons I needed (we’re well past the ‘like’ and ‘want’ stage of this game). I went with a box of 15 –including Vanille, Pistache, Rose, Citron (which the lovely girl behind the counter inadvertently confused with Yuzu Ginger, a limited edition flavor in the same bright yellow shade), and Framboise– and a fancier box of six, three each of Caramel au Beurre Salé and the seasonal, delicious Cassis-Violette because (and this would be embarrassing to admit were I not still so punch-drunk from eating 21 macarons in four days that I feel no shame) it would be prettier to photograph. Oy. It really was, though!

Until next time, Ladurée mon amour. I’ll see you in Paris in just a few short weeks.

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  1. beautiful beautiful, as always. there is something i adore about the laduree shade of green. it is very similar to the pastel green walls of deyrolle in paris too!

    my favorite favorite common flavor is pistachio, and i love a good coffee flavored one too. however, in paris i picked one of each and my favorite by far was “reglisse” which i had no idea at the time was licorice! i’m not a huge licorice fan but the flavors lend themselves so well to the macaron! i highly recommend it <3

    and i love that "window shopping" literally translated is "window licking." it is so much more passionate, isn't it?

    1. Yes! I would love to find an exact paint match of either green. There’s something so distinctly Parisian about it. I even love the dustier shade of green that you see in the older apartments and maisons, along the walls and boiseries. Can you picture it?

      I’m not a licorice fan either, so I’ve stayed away from Reglisse all this time, but after your recommendation I might have to try it! Even if I don’t love the flavor, the texture is sure to still woo me into submission. :) xo

    1. Indeed, Emelie! While I clearly adore them, I’m somewhat relieved there isn’t a Ladurée any closer to me! The money I would spend there… xo

  2. I KNEW your pictures would look gorgeous (and make me salivate)! I’ve lived in Paris for years and yet only ate Ladurée macarons once in my life. It is safe to say that I thoroughly regret it, now that I live on the other side of the pond.

    *I just had a look at the english Ladurée website, and it turns out they deliver in the UK. Why did I look? WHY?*

    1. Ha! I was about to tell you, “But they have Ladurée in England!!” but you beat me to it :) They have a shop or two in London, and my friend Annie has seen their little green delivery van around town. What a job, can you imagine? I’d be fired the first day for eating everything in the trunk! xo

  3. I can’t believe it’s almost time for your next Europe trip – where has the time gone? And it reminds me, I need to book vacation

    1. Seriously! Time has been whipping by recently. I’m hoping it slows to a crawl once I land in Italy, so I can savor every second. And YES, you need to get on a plane and go somewhere fun! Long overdue. xo

  4. Um, you forgot the chocolate :P

    I’m sorry about the ginger mistake. I’m sure they were still good but I’m also sure it was disorienting to discover the mistake.

    Have you ever tried to make macaroons? I want to try but I’m a bit intimidated.

    1. I’m not a huge chocolate fan! I know, I know, that’s heresy. ;) I didn’t love the yuzu ginger one, either. It had a definite spice to it that, you’re right, was super disorienting when I was expecting the tang of citrus. Oh well. That’s a privileged problem to have, haha.

      Jamal has been saying he wants to make macarons for a while now! For my bridal shower, I received the Ladurée cookbook and my mom gave me a macaron silpat and piping bag….but we haven’t used either. Yet! I’m intimidated by the entire process, too, and I likely won’t even be the one making them! xo

  5. Gorgeous photos! Ahh what a beautiful little shop. My best friend and I are planning a trip to Paris this year and visiting Laduree is definitely on our list (amongst 5,000 other things! Haha). x

    1. Thanks, Renee! You’re going to have an amazing time! If you need suggestions on what to see/do/eat, I have thousands ;) xo

  6. Je crois que devant une vitrine de Ladurée, l’expression “lèche-vitrines” prends tout son sens ! On a envie de plongé dedans ! Mes parfums préfères : chocolat, caramel beurre-salé et réglisse ! Mais j’aime surtout les boîtes, je les trouve tellement belles. xx
    Ps: tes photos sont magnifiques, si Ladurée voit ça…

    1. Les boîtes sont aussi important que les macarons! J’ai trois boites maintenant, et j’aime les utilizer sur mon bureau, pour decoration, ou petits choses comme post-its, etc. Ladurée est trop belle, c’est comme en rêve! xo

    1. It’s unfathomable. Are they too sweet for you? They’re like the least offensive food in the world. I can see escargot or chicken liver eliciting that reaction, but macarons?? ;) xo

  7. Un magasin d’une élégance et d’un raffinement incroyable et …d’une gourmandise à en lécher la vitrine au sens propre !!! Un magasin Ladurée ne laisse personne indifférent, quand je pense au macaron cassis-violette, j’en ai l’eau à la bouche….

  8. i loooooove your rationale for paring the cassis-violette with the caramel au beurre salé #keepinitreal and cheers! because they *do* photograph lovely together. but now i’m drooling… thanks.

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