A Little NYC Getaway

NYC Getaway

You’ve heard me sing this tune before, but: Jamal travels a lot for work. A lot. Starting in the middle of February through the middle of April, for example, he will be gone an average of three days per week. For a host of reasons (my job, the dog, money) I never travel with him. The locales he visits aren’t always appealing options to spend my accrued vacation leave, either, even if I could plunk down money on a flight to loaf around his hotel room while he works; Cedar Rapids, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Mexico City, Minneapolis, and of course his quarterly trips to India. I’ve said that one of these days I’ll join him in Bangalore, and by “join him” I mean fly halfway with him and get off the plane on his layover somewhere in Europe, and by “somewhere in Europe” I mean Paris, obviously.

But this week he has a trip to New York City, for a lease accounting committee meeting or something (he’s told me a thousand times what it is precisely, but I’ve been so distracted by the proximity to Ladurée that I haven’t actually heard him). For a $7, 2-hour bus ride, I decided it was finally the perfect opportunity to freeload along. “You’re always welcome, you know that, but I don’t want you to be bored while I’m working,” he said. Uh, dude? Drop me anywhere within a reasonably navigable distance to macarons and a museum and we’re all good. My rough itinerary for the next few days looks something like this: macarons for breakfast, wandering the Met for hours, macarons for lunch, power nap, macarons for dinner.

This will also be the first break I’ve had since our honeymoon in early October. I’m beyond excited at the prospect of sleeping past 6:30 on a weekday, and maybe (maybe!) getting a bit of writing done. I’ll be back on Friday with some photos to share with you!

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  1. oh i love the Viceroy – the view from the rooftop bar over central park is lovely – just make sure you show up at 4:15pm (ahem) to get a seat. especially now it’s a bit warmer.

  2. Soooo not to brag or anything, but my neighborhood has a HUGE French population and is home to what is supposedly the biggest Bastille Day celebration outside of France (http://www.bastilleweek.com/), and I’d highly recommend a trip to Provence en Boîte on Smith St. one morning for breakfast. It’s run by the loveliest French couple, and they have amazing bowls of cafe au lait and a delicious breakfast spread and PASTRIES GALORE. The owner trained with some fancy pastry chef in Lyon. And then you can wander over to Idlewild on Smith and Warren. It’s a foreign language bookshop + learning center with a slew o’ French books.

  3. Have a fabulous time! How i would love to see Parc Monceau. Who am I kidding? How I would love to wander around the Met. Speaking of Parc….I still have lots left on the gift card! Lunch, soon?

  4. I Love NYC (with a capital L) and try to get back at least once a year. Winter cold or not, you’re going to love it. :)

    Also, maybe reconsider a Mexico City trip next time he goes! I was surprised by how much I loved the city and there are a few nice museums to check out there, too. The Frida Kahlo museum is very cool (it’s basically her house re-done to reflect the time she lived there and decorated with her art work), the National Museum of History is a stunning old European-style castle that originally housed Mexico’s Austrian-born king, and a few of the other museums have Picasso works and other traveling exhibits from the Louvre. :)

  5. ah enjoy! what a wonderful getaway indeed! i adore nyc and feel like i can never visit enough. very similar sentiments to how you feel about paris! nyc is only a little more attainable by distance :)

  6. That sounds like so much fun! When I stayed in NY (it was just fisher and i – before internet booking) I picked a chain hotel thinking it was a safe bet. And though it looked nice enough with the lights on, I soon discovered that it wasn’t, and also, that the whole “rats and new york city” image was true! I complained to the staff about having to sleep like a burrito and our uninvited guests and they said ‘you are in NY, what did you expect?’ Your hotel looks much nicer :)

  7. sounds exciting. everything apart from the macaroons. yuck. I have no idea how anyone would want to eat them voluntarily. you’d have to pay me to get near them. a lot :)))

  8. sounds fabulous! you’re probably strollin the met as i type this… or maybe going on round two of macaroons for lunch, but in any case i’m glad you took advantage of the opportunity to steal away with your man. the pictures will be lovely, i am sure. oh and fingers crossed for getting some good writing in! loads of inspiration, i should imagine. xo

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