The Print Shop Is Now On Etsy!

Like / Want / Need Print Shop

Well, why not oversaturate the internet with like / want / need? It seems as though all the cool kids have Etsy shops (I’m looking at you, twinsy), and while I love having a Print Shop here on my blog for my prints (with no intentions to get rid of it) it seemed prudent to reach a wider audience if I could. My Etsy shop, aptly named the Like / Want / Need Print Shop is a more tightly edited selection of Paris photographs, as well as a few photos from Athens and Santorini! I’m planning on adding some photographs of Italy, when the time comes (95 days!). Also new, all prints come in either 4×6″ or 8×10″/12″ (sometimes all three) and start at $5 for individual 4×6 prints.

Happy shopping, kiddos! And thank you for your continued support with the Print Shop.

7 thoughts on “The Print Shop Is Now On Etsy!

  1. yay! it looks lovely and i love the additions to your collection. etsy been good to me (even through my balking and whining at the changes they make sometimes). everything i’ve gotten outside of etsy has come from etsy, so i think it’s a great place to be. xoxo

  2. congratulations. I want to re-start my Etsy shop too now that it looks like I have somewhat stable living conditions for a while. and you’re my inspiration. wishing you all the best xoxo

  3. Congrats Erin ! C’est une superbe bonne nouvelle ! J’en suis sûre que tu va vendre beaucoup des photos, c’est obligé parce qu’elles sont magnifiques !! Bravo !

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