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I had brunch with my darling friend Lyndsey at Parc yesterday, after which we went to Sephora for a bit of retail therapy/excuse to be indoors somewhere warm. While she was consulting with one of the sales associates over BB creams or CC creams or some other cream she doesn’t need because she is naturally flawless, I wandered around the store spritzing myself with various perfumes with completely clashing scent profiles when I happened upon this collection, from Nest. My jaw hit the floor. I’ve never seen packaging as gorgeous or as meticulous; sure, perfume, of all things, generally comes in beautiful bottles, but these? These are on a whole different planet, one where packaging design is just as important as the scent combination, if not more. These bottles are stunning, and if I hadn’t already smelled “like a baby prostitute” I would’ve sprayed all of them on my wrists and neck. The designs are works of art. The spiny green fronds and striking flora evoke a cross between “Opulent Oceans,” a large coffee table book from the American Museum of Natural History, and a Severin Roesen still-life, no?


I think on name alone I’m most intrigued by the scent of “Midnight Fleur,” but truly, I’d take any of these and use them as display pieces rather than their intended use.

22 thoughts on “Pretty Packaging

    1. La première Sephora qui j’ai visite était à Paris, sur le Champs-Élysées! C’etait le debut d’un “beautiful friendship” haha. Ces bouteilles sont trop beaux pour usage! xo

    1. I’ve only recently, within the last five years or so, really committed to wearing perfume every day. But now I can’t help but spritz and sniff whenever I go to Sephora, ha. xo

    1. I love knowing that someone’s job was to design these, that someone received money in exchange for making something so beautiful. That makes me so happy. xo

  1. oh! sephora is one of my favorite diversions, i will gladly indulge all my “girly” inclinations for hours there. with so many tantalizing sights it’s easy to miss things though, so good eye on these nest perfumes! i’m a complete sucker for pretty packaging.

    1. Yes! I’m pretty bare bones when it comes to makeup, and I have my skin routine set in stone, but I still lovelovelove wandering around there. Everything just seems so interesting and pretty nestled into the black lacquer shelves. Add my name to the “sucker for pretty packaging” list :) xo

    1. Gorgeous, indeed. If you need help in the perfume department, Sephora will happily give you as many sample vials of as many perfumes as you want, and you could experiment with those until you find one that strikes your fancy! xo

    1. Ha, I know! It was almost cartoonish: I walked past them at first and then walked backwards to stare at them. :) xo

  2. NEST always has such pretty packaging. :) I have a candle from there that has beautiful red and gold packaging that I absolutely adore. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Oooh, candles are my weakness, Jessica! What scent is it? Diptyque and Voluspa are my favorites in terms of packaging, but I might have to expand my horizons! xo

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