Our Apartment in Paris









Well, temporarily, anyway.

We’re making good progress on accommodations for our upcoming trip to Italy (80 days!), having nailed down where we’re staying in Rome for the first few days (I’ll share that apartment soon!). We still need to find a place to stay in Florence, Siena, and somewhere in the Tuscan countryside between Florence and Rome (any suggestions, friends?), so naturally I’ve been devoting all of my energy into finding an apartment to rent in Paris for the last three days of the trip. Bien sûr. I’m nothing if not helpful and focused on the task at hand. We’re all set on the bookends of the trip now. After flirting with staying in the 7eme, close to the Musée Rodin, or in the 17eme near Ternes and Parc Monceau again, we couldn’t resist the siren call of Montmartre. I don’t even know why we tried fighting it. It’s where I lived for two months and where we stayed in 2013 when we got engaged. Jamal even stayed there on his own for a few days on a trip back from India. I would’ve loved to stay somewhere new, find a new little pocket of the city to explore. And we still will, but Montmartre will kind of always be our “home base” in Paris. And when we found this apartment? Well, the decision was made for us. It’s the perfect blend of modern and artist’s atelier. The windows! The raised dining room! The green tile in the kitchen! The floor tile in the kitchen! The lofted bedroom! I wonder how the owners would feel about us moving in indefinitely?

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  1. are you serious????? this place is amazing. don’t even want to imagine what this would be in rent for the month tho. I come visit :)))

    1. I might try to become best friends with the owners, and then buy it out from under them at below market value. A girl can dream/scheme ;) xo

  2. if this is what three days in paris at the end of your trip is gonna look like, i can’t even imagine what gems you’ll be staying in while in italy! i almost don’t want to see the place you’ve already found in rome… to.much.wanderlust! here’s what: just leave some extra packing space in your luggage and i’ll squeeze in, ok?

    1. I’ll give you a sneak peek of the place in Rome: it has a little balcony off one (of the two!) bedrooms! It isn’t quite as striking as this place, but then again I can’t imagine any place that is. I’ll bring you with me! There has to be enough room in my suitcase, right? At least on the way there. On the way back, I’m planning on stocking up on Italian olive oil and all of the French pharmacy products I can afford! :) xo

    1. I paid for this one! I figured it was only fair I chipped in for the Paris portion of the trip, given that it was handed to me for free :) xo

  3. this apartment is sooo swoon worthy! the floor tiles! the raised dining room! i can’t even! i really like that you always end up in montmartre, but never in the same apartment twice. for me, i love love loved le marais as a home base – it was so central! but, staying close to musee rodin would be amazing too. ah you’re going to have so much fun!

    1. The raised dining room got me, too! And those kitchen tiles, of course. You can understand why I spent a few furious hours trying to track down the exact tiles after we booked this place, haha. I do love Le Marais (I actually had the best crepe to date on Rue des Rosiers, and found my bridesmaids’ gifts at a jewelry store near there) so maybe next time! I’ll need to pick your brain for your Marais favorites when that time comes! xo

    1. “Modern yet natural” is a perfect way to describe it, Valerie! I was mostly stuck with unintelligible swooning noises ;) xo

  4. This place looks amazing! Loft bedrooms, raised dining areas, little nooks and windows in interior walls will always win me over in seconds. What a find!

    1. Ooh, a girl after my own heart. I’m always so taken with interior windows. They remind me of artist studios from another era, in a romantic way. xo

  5. J’arrive !!!!! Tu peut dire ce que tu veux mais il n’y a pas de discussion possible ! Ma décision est pris je viens avec vous ! Cet appartement est comme un rêve ! J’adore ! Je me voit bien dans la cuisine en train de vous préparer le petit déjeuner ! Ja ja ja
    C’est un bon choix, c’est sûre, mieux que la chambre d’un hôtel sans personnalité, ni âme ! xo

    1. Des hôtels a Paris sont trop cher, au moins €300+ chaque soir! C’est insupportable, et les apparts de AirBnB sont plus abordable et plus authentique. Il n’existe pas une chambre dans un hotel qui resemble cette appart. Si oui, il coute…je ne veux pas penser! Il y a beaucoup de space dans cette appart, tu peux dormir dans le canapé! ;) xoxo

    1. I think the couch has been claimed by Eva, above, but you’re more than welcome to bring a sleeping bag! ;) xo

  6. Meh, I dunno Erin. Does it have used condoms on the pavement outside? I feel that your taste is slipping…SNORT.

    BUT HONESTLY. If you don’t squat in this place and never leave, I will. That little nook-seat in the kitchen sealed the deal for me.

    1. It is lacking a certain “eau de wee” and I doubt I’ll have the nightly drunken lovers quarrels right out my window, but I’m sure we’ll manage. ;)

      And I am SO HAPPY someone else noticed that nook seat in the kitchen!! I charged at Jamal with my laptop when I spotted it and said, “look! look! tiny kitchen bench!! Icansittherewhileyoucookohmygod!” xo

  7. The green tiles and soft are glorious, I’m really getting into green lately, although there’s so many hues, finding the perfect one could be a nightmare. These are right on spec though. Nice apartment x

    1. I never considered myself a “green” person before, but leave it to Parisian architecture to sway me ;) I do love that old, dusty pale green that’s so iconic to Deyrolle. You know which hue I’m talking about? If I could match that paint color exactly, I’m scared to think how much of my own home I’d have to paint, haha. xo

    1. I believe the answer is: kicking and screaming and holding on to every door frame for dear life as my long-suffering husband drags me out ;) xo

    1. Right?? I stay out of kitchens because I’m a walking disaster when it comes to anything involving flames or mixing or appliances other than the dishwasher, but this one? This one would make me want to be the next Julia Child! xo

  8. Wow this apartment looks so amazing and spacious as well. It is so exciting that you guys are doing so much travelling and how lovely to be able to stay in such lovely apartments!

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. Thanks, Rae! We’ve always had good luck with AirBnB, especially in Paris where the hotels can be astronomically expensive. xo

    1. I didn’t even notice the door!! Twinsy, I think I was too distracted by everything else. Thank you for pointing it out for me! xo

  9. It’s beautiful and I love the split level feature. The light is gorgeous as well and I know you’ll get lots of great pictures out of it

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