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Doesn’t the term “apartment” denote something quaint and small? What’s more, “garden apartment” conjures visions of a precious little studio, facing an interior petit jardin, non? This maisonmansion, truly– defies the simplicity implied in the term “apartment,” for there is nothing simple or small about it (including, unfortunately, the €4.8M list price). Located in the 8eme arrondissement, the apartment boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a separate “beautiful artiste workshop”, with original chevron floors throughout, and windows so large and so abundant I am at a loss for words. What truly took my breath away is that wonderful, decorative covered balcony with separate winding stairwell, inside the apartment. The current owners have made it a reading nook, which, if I’m not mistaken, is precisely how the Real Estate Gods intended it. I know there’s truth to the idea that happiness can only come from within, but I have to contend that it would be fairly unlikely to have a bad day in this place. The windows alone would ensure eternal joy. The listing ends with a one word sentence that most accurately describes this 4700ft² stunner: “Rare.” I’ll say.

(Did anyone else catch the meat slicer in the dining room? Or were you too busy staring at that fantastic skylight?)

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  1. my first response was to those gorgeous stairs, and then the fireplace, and those window – oh my all of those windows! and then i felt a little bit confused as to whether all of these photos were of the same place (there’s a clash of styles going on here that isn’t working for me at all). but that space, that’s one of the best spaces i’ve ever seen in my life. xo

    1. The clash of styles got me, too, and I couldn’t figure out where the rooms connected from the photos, but honestly I was too distracted by THOSE WINDOWS to even care, haha I cannot handle them! I wouldn’t even need furniture, just a big plush rug to park myself on while I lay on my back and stare straight up. Swoooon. xo

  2. Je ne sais pas si tu va continuer à être mon amie après ça, mais je doit te dire la vérité ! Je n’aime cet appartement ! Il est trop grand pour moi, la cuisine n’ai presque pas des fenêtres (j’adore les cuisines ouverts) et je crois que le soir j’aurai peur de d’avoir le ciel noir sur ma tête !
    Mais bon, si tu me l’offre je ne te dirais pas “non”, je suis quelqu’un de polie et je l’accepterais comme même :) Tu seras prêt à habiter dedans? xo

    1. Vraiment? Tu n’aimes pas cette appartement?? Comment? As-tu vu ces fenêtres? Ce n’est pas possible! ;) Je blague, c’est comme les français disent, “les gouts et les couleurs,” oui? xo

    1. I didn’t even notice the coffee table!! How funny, my eyes were drawn every where except the furnishings, haha. That reading nook, though. I can’t even. xo

  3. ha, all that space. I wonder how much that would be for rent. beautiful tho. I happily house-sit while they look for a buyer ;)

  4. The fireplace! The floor-to-ceiling windows! The reading nook! The busts and statues! The heritage lamp post!

    I think I’d faint from utter happiness every time I’d enter.

    1. The fireplace is truly a work of art. All that hand-carved wood! I would love to be a housecat for a day, and take a long snooze on the top of that mantel. xo

  5. Now THAT’S how you do windows! And that little reading nook is amazing – I’m incorporating it into my imaginary dream house floor plans :-)

    1. Same! A reading nook like that should be a requirement in every single house, as far as I’m concerned. xo

    1. Ha, that would be one mighty bread slicer, if so. Either way it’s a weird accessory! And I don’t blame you, I was too distracted by the hideous patio chairs around the dining table ;) xo

    1. Considering I don’t cook and have little reason to be in the kitchen at all, it doesn’t bother me too much ;) My husband, on the other hand, might find it dark. That living room though makes up for all manner of shortcomings! xo

  6. That reading nook = perfect! I wouldn’t even have noticed it if you didn’t call it out, the rest of that apartment is so massive

    1. There are so many fabulous things for your eyes to land on in that space, I don’t blame you! xo

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