Loving Lately, vol. 4


Pivoine Flora Hand Cream / Scarf / 50mm f/1.4 Lens / Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream / The Goldfinch / Dior Sunglasses / Rose Gold Slip-On Sneakers

Fun Erin Fact: I am the most moisturized human being you’ll ever meet. Seriously. I have a day and night face and body lotion routine that takes half an hour and leaves me feeling like I could bob sled on an ice luge using nothing but my body (or, more accurately, like this Boy Meets World scene with Cory’s silk sheets). So it’s no surprise that I’ve now added an eye cream, from Clinique, to my regimen. Say what you will about the futility of using an anti-wrinkle cream when I don’t (yet!) have wrinkles, but to the naysayers, I refer you to this brilliantly apt scene from the short-lived BBC series “Coupling,”:

Sally: Death is the best argument for moisturizers.
Patrick: You can’t prevent death with face cream.
Sally: Yeah? That’s what everyone thinks, but no-one’s ever used it in the quantities I do.

I can also be found applying hand lotion roughly eighty times a day, an estimate that more-than-doubles in the winter, when even the slightest exposure to the elements leaves my hands cracked and raw. I stopped into L’Occitane over the weekend, and fell madly in love with their peony scented line. It is non-greasy and the smell is heavenly, not overpoweringly cloying or floral.

In other news, I’ve decided to give “The Goldfinch” a second chance. I know, I know. I was pretty firm in my original assessment last January (and in my end of year book review) that the book was overrated, but I read Tartt’s earlier work, “The Secret History” on our honeymoon a few months ago, and I’ve been ruminating on it since. All of the characters in that book range from “Not Entirely Likable” to “Downright Reprehensible,” but I think you’re not supposed to like any of them, and that’s part of what made it so good. I wish I’d read “The Secret History” first, as an intro to Tartt’s writing style, as it would have colored my initial read of “The Goldfinch” differently. As it is, I’ve been thinking more and more about the plot and characters of “The Goldfinch” in the last few weeks, and I figured I have nothing to lose with a revisit (except, of course, hours and hours of my time. Again). I’m coming at it with a new appreciation of her writing voice, though before I even started it I’ve realized she reuses several of the same character archetypes from “The Secret History.” I’ll delve into that more in a separate post, when/if I finish this for the second time.

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  1. i *started* the goldfinch, but i didn’t get through it before it was due back at the library and you can’t make a renewal on that book because the waiting list is, like, MONTHS long (you’d think the library would’ve bought more copies by now) so i’m back in cue, waiting for my turn again. after reading your review about it in january, i considered giving up on it entirely, but i’m determined to find out the reason for all the hype.

    also, you can NEVER have to many scarves and that one up there is SO worth it. ;)

    1. Oh no! I’m sure you could find a used copy at a secondhand bookstore (I can’t be the only person who relegated my copy to the “donate” pile immediately after finishing it…thankfully I didn’t get around to lugging it to the used bookstore around the corner, as it has come in handy for my second reading). I’d mail my copy to you to read, but I think the shipping fee would be astronomical. The thing is a brick.

      Also, I cracked and bought that scar! Loft was having a 50% off sale yesterday, so I stopped in after work ;) xo

  2. I totally believe in using anti-wrinkle anything before you get them. that’s the point, isn’t it. what I don’t believe in is that anti-aging or any beauty products have to be expensive. that’s just a lifestyle choice and statement. that said, I do like Clinique. and hmmmm, a new 50mm lens. don’t get me started. do not get me started :)))

    1. Prevention is the best course of attack, I agree. I’d rather use it now to stave off the worst of it later (assuming these eye creams actually work like they claim). I’ve used Clinique exclusively for more than half my life now, and I’ve found them to be extremely worth the cost. I’m more than a little obsessed with my skin, can you tell? ;) xo

  3. i can’t believe you are reading the goldfinch again! but i love that you are giving it another chance. and, no, i agree you aren’t suppose to like the characters – she makes them sympathetic and then, well, things change even if the reasons for the initial sympathy have not. i did like one character though actually. i hope you like it this round. it immediately became one of my all-time favorites. but if you don’t that’s okay too. you’ll still be my twinsy. xo

    1. Frankly, I can’t either! I’m about 80 pages in so far (again) and I’m starting to remember what I disliked about it the first time. What should/could take two pages takes Tartt 15. I’m trying to reserve judgment until I’m finished again, though!
      Twinsies forever. xo

    1. Thanks, Valerie! You should absolutely pick up a tube of that hand cream. It’s incredible. xo

    1. Ooh girl. Here goes: Twice a day, I wash my face with Cetaphil Gently and cleanse with Clinique Toner 2. Afterwards, in the mornings, I use Clinique Even Better Moisturizer, it’s oil-free and has SPF20. At night I use this Clinique Oil-Free Dramatically Different Gel, and then in the winter at nights I use their Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer, but only in the winter because it leaves me too greasy in the summer months when it’s warmer. The oil-free gel lotion is enough at nights from about April-October.

      Then for my body I use this Cerave Moisturizing cream, all over my arms and hands at night. It’s lightweight enough that I can apply a few “coats” without feeling greasy. In the mornings I use either a Korres body butter that I picked up in Greece, or a Roger & Gallet rose scented lotion, all over my legs and upper body. My shoulders get surprisingly dry for some reason. But yes, I am a lotion addict! xo

  4. That’s one of my biggest complaints about living in Dallas – it’s so flipping dry I feel like I’m constantly putting on lotion. I am in desperate need of a good eye cream though. I’ve been using Kiehl’s but am horrible at being consistent about it. Love the scarf btw

    1. Yeah, I can’t even imagine that dry southern air! I’ve suddenly never been so grateful for the humidity up here, haha. Are you using the Kiehl’s avocado cream? How do you like it? xo

      1. I’m using the one with caffeine in it (yes please put caffeine in everything around my body) and I like it. I mean, I can’t really tell if it does anything but that’s pretty much the case with me and all facial products

  5. Those sunglasses and scarf are right up my street. Want those sunglasses, now!
    Since becoming a Complementary Therapist I’ve become even more obsessed (didn’t think it was possible) with scent combinations – candles, face creams, lotions, oils… organic ones only mind.
    Anyhow, you have the most amazing skin so all your efforts have clearly paid off.

    1. I know! If you crack and buy them, get me a pair too, will ya? ;) Aren’t they so chic?
      I’ve never really dabbled in the organic oils or “classy” scent combinations, but I’ll have to pick your brain about what certain scents can do! I’m sure you have a ton of secrets and knowledge about that stuff.
      And pshhh that time we hung out in New York I was in the midst of an awful breakout! I still remember how bad it was, and that was about two years ago now! But thank you kindly, my darling. xo

  6. That scarf made me think of the most recent White House Black Market catalog, which made me think of you when I got it in the mail last week. Check out their newest collection… it is tres Parisienne.
    I’m surprised you are re-reading The Goldfinch. I don’t think I have it in me to do so. But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it the second time around. Perhaps I should check out her earlier works too.
    Also, my colleagues make fun of me for spending 20 minutes day and night on my skincare routine, but guess who has the smoothest, nicest (highly debatable) skin around? Not them!

    1. I’ll have to check it out! You had me at “black and white” and “Parisienne.” I have a feeling it will be love at first sight!
      I am surprised I’m re-reading it, too. I’m about 80 pages in so far this time around and, while I’m trying to reserve full judgment until I finish, I am starting to remember what bothered me about it so much the first time I read it. She is so meticulous and controlling of every detail that there isn’t any joy in picturing things or letting my imagination fill in certain elements. Oy. I’ll let you know how it goes! xo

  7. I want to get that lens, too! I recently added it to my cart and am waiting for the right moment. I have the f/1.8 and it is maddening how annoying it is in low lighting.

    1. I’ve heard good and bad things about it! Since it is a “full-time manual focus” lens, it can be manually adjusted even when set to AF. But the problem I’ve been hearing about that is that it means there is more of a likelihood of the front focus feature jamming or breaking with minimal bumping or use, rendering the lens inoperable/unfocus-able. That is a common complaint I’ve seen. I love the f/1.8 that I have, and it’s served me well the past four years! I just don’t like how noisy it is, and yeah, you’re so right about the low-light restrictions. Which is crazy, since it is a lens made for low-light! I don’t know. I don’t need a new lens. What I really need is to take my camera in for a sensor cleaning. xo

  8. J’ai connue la marque Loft à travers de ton blog et j’aime beaucoup. J’aimerais bien qu’existe ici ! Le foulard est vraiment jolie ! L’Occitane est vraiment bien comme marque, son packaging est tellement beau qu’on a envie d’embarquer tout le magasin avec nous ! La semaine prochaîne avec le magazine Elle aurait un tube de crème pour las mains L’Occitane! Bon weekend Erin ;) xo

    1. Il y a un marque s’appelle “Loft” en France, mais il n’est pas la même chose. Je l’ai vu à Paris, je pense, mais ils sont differents. Loft aux Etats-Unis offre la livraison internationale, si tu veux faire du shopping ;) Bonne semaine, Eva!! xo

  9. I just stumbled across your blog, and I am in love! You have kickstarted my new craving for a pile of beautiful scarves and lotions.
    And a perfect time too- I am going to Paris for the first time in a few weeks! Very very very excited. Noob alert. While a vague question, I have to ask if you have any recommendations of hidden gems in Paris.
    Thank you so much! I could not be happier to have found your blog- new bookmark! :)

    1. Thank you, Augusta! That’s so sweet. You’re going to have such a wonderful time in Paris! It’s all but guaranteed. Where are you staying while you’re there? I have several favorite spots I’d recommend in a heartbeat, I just don’t want to have you schlepping all over the city to see them, haha. How long will you be there? I’d be happy to draft a loose itinerary for you if you’d like! Shoot me an email at likewantneed@gmail.com if so! xo

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