2015: What Will Your Verse Be?

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On New Years Day 2013 I woke up and decided, “I’m moving to Paris next year.” It would take a while for all the details to fall into place, of course, but, unsurprisingly, I now place a high value on even the most random and fleeting thoughts that manifest on January 1. What will 2015 look like for me? A stream of consciousness from the first day of the new year:

I’m going to finish my novel this year. I’m absolutely going to finish it. I just need some undisturbed time to devote to writing. I might get my real estate license, wouldn’t that be cool? I love real estate, it takes up a lot of my time as it is, just looking at houses and studying the market. I could sell houses, right? I could sell houses and then write part-time! I could work for Sotheby’s Real Estate. But then wasn’t there a real estate agent who was killed while showing a listing to someone? I mean, if you think about it, the logistics of sending single females to empty houses with random strangers has, like, all of the elements necessary for a Law and Order: SVU episode. I’m Erin, I’m Real Estate Agent. Or, yes yes yes, I could get an MFA in Creative Writing. Oh, I’m going to do that. Where does Paul La Farge teach? Bard! I could go to Bard. We could move to upstate New York for two years. We wouldn’t have to worry about Fitz because we could drive up with him. We’d need a car. I looked at Bard with my dad back in high school. What was my objection to it ultimately? It’s not in a city. But still! Paul La Farge could be my teacher. Wait, it’s $60k? For a creative writing masters degree? That is not a sound investment. I could apply to Hunter College! I was going to apply there for my undergrad degree all those years ago! They have a really good program! Hmm, this looks financially more feasible. $24k? I could swing that. All the classes start after 5:30pm, so I could work and still commute. It’s just two hours each way on the bus. Jamal says I will get burned out on that quickly. I need two letters of recommendation. I need to apply by February 1st. I want some cake. Cake! Why can’t I just eat cake for a living? I need a nap. I’m definitely going to finish my novel this year.

18 thoughts on “2015: What Will Your Verse Be?

    1. I didn’t get “Too Talkative Today” notes everyday in first grade for no reason. You of all people should know that! xo

  1. i have lots of plans for this year but i haven’t said them out loud yet. BUT i am actually going to get my real estate license this year! someone earlier suggested this and i thought ‘pffft’ but since i told my neighbor (the guy who took us to the lights) he’s been bugging me about it and he bought me an online course for xmas (he wants to buy a house). so anyway, i think i might do the course and see how i like it. no-harm-no-foul situation. but yes, it is kind of scary going into houses all alone with strangers. but, hey, if you worked for sotheby’s you could probably hire a body guard. xoxo

    1. Oh yay! Maybe I’ll let you be my guinea pig and tell me how the process goes. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit put off by the whole “60 hours of study” requirement (but that might be PA specific?). It is always good to have as a back up, too. And Sotheby’s Real Estate branch is pretty fancy, but no where near the level of the auction house, haha. xo

      1. 60 hours?! it’s 150 here! maybe you should be the guniea pig ;) it’s a pretty small investment even at 150 hours, so i don’t feel locked into anything if i decide it’s not for me. there’s a lot of things i think i might not like about it, but the universe seems to be telling me to try it. we shall see. right now i have other fish to fry, but when the time comes i’ll let you know (if you don’t beat me to it). xo

  2. i like that what you think on the first day of the year could really set the tone for the rest of the year! i ate enchiladas, and we flew home, so perhaps some good food and travel will be the tone for our next year? i’d be okay with that!

    and i do hope to hear more about this real estate business! sounds exciting especially with being able to devout time to writing!

    1. That sounds like you set an amazing tone for the rest of the year, girl! It might be silly, and in fact my history with New Years Day resolutions would prove that they in fact don’t carry too much weight through the year, but I like to think otherwise ;) xo

  3. For sure, thoughts and minds are international. And one thing is more in common than everything else, Paris! My husband and I are quite persuaded to go there again this Summer. Can´t wait! (Since I´m quite “old” everything about houses and work etc is “done”, but I remember that feeling! Best of luck with everything!)

    1. Oh, you must go! We could be each other’s cheering sections when it comes to trips to Paris. I’ll always encourage a fellow Francophile! :) xo

  4. Plein des beaux projets ! New York pendant 2 ans?! Génial! Le plus important ce que tu finis ton livre, j’ai hâte de le lire!! J’espère que tes rêves viendront réalité ! xo

    1. Je suis d’accord, le plus important est mon livre! Tout le reste est moins important. Sauf Paris, et des voyages. Tu es toujours aussi encourageant, mon amie! xo

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