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Don’t get me wrong, I was so grateful to have yesterday off of work for Veteran’s Day (thanks to the sacrifices made by countless service men and women, including my maternal grandfather), but it’s alarming the ease with which I can lose my momentum to go back to work after being home even for a day. The Sunday Night Blues are a weekly recurrence, and I had this exact talk with someone in my office only last week: we’re afraid that if we stay home one day, we’ll never go in again. So imagine how difficult it was to peel myself out of bed this morning after an unseasonably warm Tuesday that found me getting a manicure, picking up fresh flowers for the week, and lunching with my mom at a French patisserie. Now add fog and misting rain and you’ll understand why all I wanted to do was burrow under the covers and pretend I’d never heard my alarm. Another two or three hours or sleep wouldn’t have hurt. Eventually, at a more reasonable hour, something would rouse me into consciousness (probably Fitz) and I’d have to get up, but only to move to the sofa and under another cuddly blanket. Give me a big book and an even bigger mug of hot chocolate, and I’d never go to work again. The momentum. It’s gone.

I actually bought those lovely pajama pants in Greece, and they are the softest and comfiest things ever. And yes, I’m stilling making my way through Edward Rutherfurd’s “Paris,” since starting it in July. It normally doesn’t take me this long to finish a book, even 800-page ones, but I’ve been putting it down for weeks at a time. I’ve finished seven (and a half!) other books while muscling through this one. Seven! I’m more than halfway through “Paris,” but clearly I need a day off just to read.

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  1. yay! i always love your round-ups and am so happy to see one here again! i would love to take everything on this list and go back to bed today for a couple more hours. M+L were sick at the end of last week and then we the very long weekend (they all had m+tu off too) and it was sooooo nice to just be relaxed for days in a row. today it’s in the 30’s with very gusty and blustery winds and i just do not want to go outside in it. xoxo

    1. Ooh that’s so cute, I didn’t think anyone liked these roundups but moi :) I was actually home from work today with a cold and fever, and my day looked nothing like this. Not chic or fancy. More like accidentally napping for two hours in an inside-out t-shirt. But it was also 30s and windy here today (you sent it east!) so I was happy to not have to go out. xo

  2. I had yesterday off and it was glorious. It was flipping cold here and I still woke up super early but I got some more reading in AND took a nap in the afternoon. So wonderful

    1. I love having days off from work just to catch up on life stuff. Laundry! Errands! And yeah, maybe a nap :) xo

  3. gah! after a day like yours, i’m not sure that i’d want to get back to work either: manicures + macaroons!!
    this weekend is supposed to be pretty bitter up and down the east coast, maybe you’ll get the opportunity to cozy up and knock out some chapters of that book! ;)

    1. You were right, L! I happily tucked myself in on the couch this past Saturday afternoon and read about 120 pages. Still have 170 to go before the end (my god, this book is looooong) but that was some welcome progress! xo

  4. I just finished my book last night and don’t know what I feel like reading next! Any recommendations?
    And I can totally relate to the sunday night blues. Although, I’m a shift worker – so the blues aren’t on a specific weekday! Just work blues in general.

    1. I think it’s one of those ‘grass is greener’ situations; I always assumed people who had shift schedules were happier because they had flexibility (what I wouldn’t give to go grocery shopping mid-week!) but you make a really good point. I only really anticipate the “back to work blues” Sunday nights. I don’t know how I’d feel if I had them on a random Thursday!

      As for book recommendations: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. Just off the top of my head! xo

    1. It’s a surprisingly easy read for a condensed 600 year historical fiction! It isn’t easy to schlep around though, because it’s basically a brick. xo

  5. I want to say foggy days always make me want to stay in bed…but really, anything other than a sunny day makes me want to stay in bed :-) those pj pants are oh so pretty.

    1. Girl, even sunny days are tempting stay-in-bed days. Especially now that we have fancy new sheets and pillows! xo

  6. J’adore ta panoplie pour rester à la maison et ne pas mettre le nez dehors avec ce froid! La petite veste en laine bien chaud, le pantalon cosy et un bon livre avec un chocolat chaud…what else?
    J’ai vu que t’aime Last Christmas de Wham, je voulais te laissé un commentaire mais ce n’était pas possible! Je reconnais et je ne même pas la honte que J’adore. Quand j’étais ado j’ai regardé le vidéo clip au moins 300 fois. Mon frère il m’acheté le disque pour mon anniversaire, le 31 décembre. xo

    1. Une couverture, du chocolat chaud, et un livre…on n’a rien besoin d’autre! Et tu aime Last Christmas aussi?? (Désolée, je ferme mes commentaires apres 180 jours, parce que j’ai reçu beaucoup de spam!) C’est le chanson de Noel que j’aime le mieux. J’adoooore cette chanson, et George Michael. Ton frère est très gentil, c’etait un cadeau parfait! Et nos anniversaires sont pres de l’autre. Mon anniversaire est le 20 decembre! Woo Saggitarius :) xoxo

    1. So impressed you can knit! My Mommom knit me a wonderfully cosy blanket a few years ago, but I can only use it on my bed because the dog isn’t allowed up there. I can’t bring it to the sofa because it’s dog hair city on that thing! xo

  7. It has just hit hot chocolate weather around here and I’m ready. I fell asleep in front of the fire last night, so I must be really ready, for all these things, actually.

    On an unrelated and more summery note, a friend of mine’s daughter might be spending the summer at the Pennsylvania Ballet, which is quite near you. I told her we’d visit every weekend and take her to Phillies games and she was like, “Wat?” ;)

    1. I am really taking advantage of hot chocolate weather so far. Trader Joe’s sells a good organic powder mix if you’re in the market!

      That’s awesome for your friend’s daughter! A friend of mine is dating a principal ballerina at the PA Ballet, but I haven’t been to see a performance since last year. Now I’ll have an “in” ;) xo

  8. yes please to all of this! i think i might have to add that throw to my collection for the living room, and i LOVE the sweater! diptyque candles are my favorite things in the world – i haven’t smelled this one but i think it might be my next purchase :)

    1. I’m such a fan of big grandpa sweaters! I’m so happy they’re back in style recently, because they go with everything (including pajamas :). I love Diptyque too. They’re so addictive but so pricey (worth the cost, but still!) xo

  9. I haven’t cracked open Edward Ruthfurd’s “Paris” yet; though, I’m anxiously awaiting it once I regain my vision and sanity after required textbook reading.

    I’ve already shoved my nose and inhaled that wonderful candle. I don’t want to be an enabler, but it’s good.

    1. You’ll like it once you dive in. It’s my first Edward Rutherfurd book, believe it or not! I can understand needing a break though after reading textbooks, haha. “Paris” isn’t a light undertaking, even if it is for pleasure.

      Enabler! Enabler! :) I stopped in to my local Blue Mercury over the weekend and smelled it and wasn’t entirely blown away. The other candle in their winter series, Epice, was more up my alley. Maybe I need a re-sniff. xoxo

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