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A little over a year and a half ago, I posted a few Paris Street Fashion photos that included this photograph of a striking young French woman:


The response in the comments of that post were overwhelmingly flattering, as all of you thought there was some resemblance between her and I. Now, I’m as vain as the next person, but even I’m not quite so self-adoring as to think I compare remotely with how gorgeous this mystery girl is. And she is, truly. I can’t tell you the wonders those comments did for my ego (even though lolz, no. you guys are blind)! I’d pinned her photo all that time ago, but her face has been burned into my memory ever since because of how breathtakingly beautiful she was.

A few days ago, the mystery was solved and I finally figured out who she is. Her name is Marine Vacth, and she’s a Parisian actress and model. I found a photo of her while googling “French girl hair” for my (long overdue) haircut Wednesday evening, and realized she looked familiar. Sure enough, when I compared it against the original photo I’d pinned, it was unmistakably her, only she’s somehow gotten prettier. Behold, proof:




Who are you crushing on these days (guy or girl)? Or animal. Truth be told, my biggest crush might still be Grumpy Cat.

20 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. i actaully do see a resemblance, expecially in that first photo. she’s a stunning woman! and so are you, may i add, with your freshly cut locks. ;)

    1. Gah, you!! That’s way too sweet, thank you, L. I don’t regret my haircut for a second…until I see this babe’s photos! xo

  2. she looks so different in the other photos! good job figuring out the mystery. i’ll agree with ruth and say i like her hair dark (and her freckles).

    oh my . . . who i am i crushing on??? my crushes are usually strictly reserved for those who make me laugh. i think my most fierce and longest running crush is on larry david. i love him so much. xoxoxo

    1. I’m sure I could’ve reverse-image-searched for her a year ago but I didn’t even think of it. I’m just happy I found out who she was, finally, and in the best possible way. French Girl Hair indeed!!

      Larry David is a good crush. I totally get the appeal; I had a crush on Gene Wilder growing up (Blazing Saddles!) xo

  3. Oh my god, yes! I see the resemblance in the first photo for sure, and in any of the more candid google images in which she’s smiling.

    J’aime beaucoup your haircut, even though it’s not the tousled beauty of Madame Marine in the last photos.

    1. Thanks, Sabina!! I think the first photo might have been a fluke resemblance, haha. She looks so different in all her other photos! What a stunner, oui? Merci beaucoup about my haircut. I am soo much happier having short hair again! xo

  4. She shares my name! And my lips and freckles ;) Must be a French thing.

    I’m always crushing on Scarlett Johansson. She is the ultimate woman.

    1. Just one more reason to be envious of the French! ;)

      Scarlett annoys me, I think it had something to do with her awful performance in “Vicky Christina Barcelona.” And “Scoop.” And basically any movie she’s been in, because she can’t act. (Sorry!! :) xo

  5. Tes portraits sont saisissants, très beaux ! C’est incroyable cette histoire, t’avais photographie une actrice sans le savoir! Je la connais, ça fait partie des actrices de la nouvelle génération qui commence à se faire un nom. Elle est très belle! Elle a fait la couverture d’Elle il n’y a pas longtemps.
    Tu sais? ça fait un moment que je pense à faire un série comme ça. Faire des photos de gens, je l’aurais appelé “portraits”. Le problème, ma timidité, je ne sais pas trop comment demandé aux gens. Parce que j’imagine que t’as demandé n’est pas?
    Ta coupe te va très bien, tu est très chic, on dirait une parisienne ;) xo

    1. Oh, non non, je n’ai pas pris sa photo, Eva. Je souhaite! Le premier photo est venu de “The Sartorialist.” Il a plus de courage que moi, je ne peux pas photographie personnes. :) Je suis timide, aussi. Ça c’est la raison que j’aime la Tour, et les musées, et les batiments de Paris, haha. Ce sont plus facile que les personnes.

      Je lirai cette article bientôt. Je l’adore. Merci beaucoup, j’aime ma coupe aussi. Mais une parisienne?? C’est mon rêve! xoxo

    1. I am just so jealous of them, honestly! It has to be all the cheese they eat, and their proximity to French drugstores, that makes them so pretty. That’s my theory ;) xo

  6. Girl crush: Kristin Scott Thomas. Always and forever.
    Guy crush (more like adore): Clive Owen. Always and forever.

    1. Kristen Scott Thomas is the epitome of grace. And she speaks perfect French, in case she wasn’t perfect enough. And good call on Clive Owen. I know we’re not supposed to really like him in “Closer” but I still do. Good choices! xo

  7. What a stunning woman. Am loving her darker looks.
    I (still) have the most amazing infatuation with Grumpy Cat. Someone gave me the Grumpy Cat book this year and I smile every time I pick it up!

    1. I am so happy the Grumpy Cat fascination isn’t waning or just contained to my own obsession. Every time I see that little stinker I can’t help but giggle, and simultaneously want to snuggle it against its will, haha. xo

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