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I watched a wonderful movie the other day, and was shocked that I hadn’t heard of it before Netflix suggested it as something I might like. “Last Love,” starring the incomparable Michael Caine as a windowed American professor living in Paris, was released last fall and somehow escaped my radar of all-things-Paris. I don’t want to tell you too much about it, because it’s a really beautiful, sad film, and it’s worth seeing if you can. Clémence Poésy is in it, too, flawless and charming and divinely Clémence Poésy-ish as usual. But without giving away the plot, I did want to share some of the interior sets, because, obsessed as I am with Parisian real estate, the sets were so perfectly designed I found myself distracted by the details in the background, a stack of old newspapers, the herringbone wood floors. The film is set in Paris in the late fall/early winter, and the light that diffuses every room and scene ranges from dusty blue to pale golden. It was visually stunning.






Have you seen it? If so, what did you think? I can’t believe I missed it when it was first released!

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  1. Must!!! See!!!!

    In such a film, who cares about the plot anyway???? It’s everything _around_ the actors, I want to take in!!! ,-)

    You say “sets”… Seeing something like that apartment, I want to believe it is real… Somewhere in Paris… And they simply filmed in it. I want to. :-)


  2. I saw this last week!!!! On Netflix!!!! I really loved it and had a tear or two in my eye by the end of it. Funny I thought of you and decided that you’d probably seen it :) Loved, loved, loved the sets, what a stunning apartment they had. Although she is beautiful and talented I wasn’t convinced by Clemence expert dancing techniques. A great film doll x

  3. I’ve never heard of it either, but let me just say that I am loving Cainey’s belleh in that screenshot above. Love that guy!

  4. I haven’t seen the movie but the set is exactly what I see in my mind’s eye when I think of Paris. That and your photograph of the Iron Lady

  5. I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. Hmmmm… it’s niggling at the back of my brain. I was on a Michael Caine kick ages ago, but the years may not have coincided. Looks like a perfect winter afternoon movie-fest.

  6. Oh, I have to see this movie! I love Michael Caine. I’m sure I will be obsessing over Paris now that I’m moving to Sweden. It will be the other way around, haha.

  7. Another one to add to the list. There was a film in the 80’s called Educating Rita which starred Michael Caine as a ageing professor as well. Granted, not set in Paris, but England and he hits the bottle quite regularly to cope with his sorrow, it is a wonderful film nonetheless.

    Also, the last screen shot, is there any way to jump through that like they do in Mary Poppins?

  8. these movie stills are gorgeous! it makes me want to watch it now. i love the blue light, and golden twilight. isn’t it funny how something that simple can add such a mood?

  9. I haven’t heard of this either.
    I wonder if you can get the French/English remake of the Tunnel? Clémence Poésy and the guy who plays Stannis Baratheon are the leads and they are the FUNNIEST double act I’ve seen forever. If you get it you should watch it, she’s hilarious. x

  10. p.s. saw this over the weekend, based on your suggestion. i was totally smitten by clemence and i wish i was more like her character in the movie; sympatheic, forgiving, hopeful, patient, understanding. well, maybe i am some of those things, but she does them so much more gracefully and without effort, totally charming. and something about maichael cain reminds me of my father. it’s not the accent, of course. something else… can’t put my finger on it yet. anyway, thank for the recommendation, really enjoyed it.

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