Friday Five

Some wedding talk: Today I am going back to the seamstress for my third dressing fitting. My second fitting was Monday afternoon and, well…there were tears. Panic. Frantic searching for a backup dress all week. I love my wedding dress, I’ve loved it since the moment I saw it. But since it was a final sale item, I ordered almost two sizes bigger than I wear so they had enough to work with, figuring they can always take fabric away, they can’t add fabric to it, right? Unfortunately, despite extensive alterations, it just doesn’t lay right at the top and I don’t know what else the seamstress is going to be able to do. We’re going to try taking the shoulders up and stitching the v-neck closed; if I put my shoulders down or relax for even a second, the front buckles open and voila! You can see my bra. I might be an anti-bride, but I still have my modesty. Wish me luck! I don’t have a ton of options with three weeks to go, so it’s either this dress or sweatpants!

Let’s look at some photos of Paris to distract me from my anxiety, shall we?

1. These really crooked doors in Montmartre:
Crooked doors, Montmartre

I wasn’t kidding when I said they are everywhere. This one in particular seems like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

2. My cozy, sun-streaked bed:

I was worried going into the trip about my apartment not having air conditioning (like most, if not all, Parisian apartments). But with the windows open, it was cool and breezy the entire time, except for a few days near the end of June, when I would wake up baking like a burrito in the bright morning sunlight that fell precisely over the bed. I still wouldn’t have changed a thing.

3. Flowers for sale at the Ternes metro station:
Peonies at Ternes metro

Because really, if the metros didn’t have enough charm on their own (okay, okay, not the actual underground portion itself, which regularly smells like urine and has camps of homeless people living in them) why not add a giant flower stall to the entrance. This neighborhood is a favorite of mine; down the street is Mariage Frères in one direction, the Arc de Triomphe in another, and it’s where we stayed the first time we came to the city together.

4. These funky paint splatters all around Saint-Germain:
Rue Jacques Callot

I never figured out if these were indicative of a larger street-art campaign or what, but I noticed these splatters frequently throughout the 6eme. Saint-Germain is where a majority of the art galleries are in Paris, so if this was perhaps the work of a quirky graffiti artist, at least it was well placed.

5. The giant clock at the Musée d’Orsay:
Musée d'Orsay

So iconic, it never gets old.

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  1. GAAAHHHH – I’m sorry to hear about the wedding dress. Let me know if you’d like help finding your backup dress. There are a few Evies on ebay that may be in sizes that fit you better?

    1. Thank you, Roothers! It all worked out!!! All my stress was for naught, as is so often the case! xo

    1. Thank you for that link, Lila! I hadn’t even thought to check for another Evie online anywhere! Thankfully though, the seamstress worked her magic and was able to fix everything, and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. It all worked out! xoxo

  2. and i always thought of seamstress as these enchanted atiliers that could do anything with fabric, boo! maybe there is still some magic left and your dress will perfectly altered in the next visit? fingers crossed! at least you have these beautiful photos, especially the sunlight cutting through the window into your parisian apartment – now *there’s* magic!

    1. You were right, Lucinda, she had more magic up her sleeve and everything went perfectly. All it took was a simple stitch along the v-neck portion and voila, it fit perfectly. If I had known it was going to be as easy as it was, I wouldn’t have flipped out so much beforehand. Oh, who am I kidding, of course I would have. ;) xo

      1. I didn’t know it worked out that perfectly with a simple stitch! Well the shipping costs were worth it for the reduction in your anxiety!

        1. It was SO worth it to buy those other dresses–and even though I returned 2 out of the 3, I kept the lace one to change into at the reception, per your brilliant suggestion. xoxo

  3. As I read your post, I thought back to my own wedding where I only found my dress 10 days before the wedding (a gorgeous, Grecian-style ivory coloured floor-length Laura Ashley dress on clearance with the same type of neck-line as yours) – only minus; the dress did exactly the same trick you’re just described (even though the dress is my size)
    Solution? I used “skin tape” – and it was brilliant!
    It allowed me to stick the dress onto my skin on the inside of the the dress, which meant that 95% of the time, no one had any inkling that the tape was there and the last 5% of the time, it proved no one even had time to notice – ha! :)
    With all the alterations which your dress is currently undergoing, I wonder whether the skin tape could be the final answer?

    1. That dress sounds beautiful, Mia, and similarly cut to mine. Dress tape! How had I not even thought about dress tape before?? That is such a genius idea, and I bought some on Amazon. It will be great in conjunction with the v-neck stitch the seamstress gave on Friday. Just as an extra precaution, it can’t hurt, right? I think you are right, and that the tape might have been the answer to all my problems from the get-go. Well, and a bit of seamstress magic. Thank you so much!! xo

  4. Oh no what a total nightmare,I’m stressed for you! Yikes! Have you checked to see if they still do the same dress or similar? But anyway, you are so pretty with such perfect skin you’d look radiant in a paper bag x

    1. Aw, thank you darling. That “perfect skin” of mine took a beating last week from all the stress though! Birdy, not only did I check if JCrew still makes the Evie (they don’t) or something similar (also no), I checked Bloomingdales, Nicole Miller, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, Piperlime, Zappos, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, everywhere. It was a dark few days for me last week, but thankfully the seamstress fixed everything, easy peasy! A simple v-neck stitch and voila, it was perfect. xo

  5. hmmm, i really feel like that should be a fixable problem. when i looked at the dress i thought that if i were fixing it i’d start with the shoulders and pin the ‘v’ closed. because the gap would naturally be pulled taut by the shoulders. but what do i know? i am not a seamstress. but i do know how fabric pulls so, anyway, what i am saying is i think that should work. you know unless there is just something really wonky with the dress. though, you know, you could always just go crazy and switch it up to something like this (jk xoxoxo)

    1. They did totally do what you described. Stitched the v-neck closed and wouldn’t you know, it was that simple. HOLY CUPCAKE DRESS. That right there is everything, literally everything, I hate about weddings, rolled into one gigantic tulle nightmare. My god. Thankfully I didn’t have to resort to such extremes, haha! xoxo

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your wedding dress conundrum. My mother recently altered a wedding dress for an acquaintance. You’re right in that extra fabric always helps, but sometimes it’s the actual fabric and construction of the dress that’s tricky. Hopefully all works out well.

    If living in Paris meant having to bake like a burrito everyday then sign me up. Have you ever thought about opening a shop on Society6 ? I would happily go broke buying your Paris prints, especially the fifth one!

    1. Thanks, Hillary! It all worked out in the end (doesn’t it always?) and I don’t have to go naked or in something I love a little bit less. WHEW.

      I have thought about opening a shop, but hadn’t considered Society 6, only because I’ve heard some complaints about quality (but that may be more to do with the products other than art prints) and I don’t like the idea of paying someone else to sell my stuff, you know? I’m actually playing around with something and will have an announcement in a week or so! Stay tuned ;) And thank you for showing interest!! That is super encouraging! xo

  7. Oh no! I hope this whole wedding dress atrocity sorts itself out! I find it hard to believe that the seamstress would be entirely out of options. There has to be another way!

    Lovely photos, as always. I love the paint splatters.

    1. There was! Basically the exact thing they explained to me on Monday –stitching the v-neck closed– except I was too panicky to hear properly. They even stitched it while I waited, and I got to take the dress home with me that day. It’s hanging safely in my closet!

      Thank you, Marine :) xo

  8. Ohhhhhhhh, the perfect dress….

    And it can not be altered…

    Well, the wedding will all work out… Dress, everything… I know it’s a pain to hear a “Pollyanna”… But ya’ know… It will.

    And all you can fully do, is decide how you will process, all the highs and lows. That part, you have control over!!!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. You’re right, Tessa! I only have control of how I process things, and last week I made the choice to freak out with a capital F and O. ;) I am better now, owing entirely to the fact that the dress was fixed! It was an easy solution, and one I was too worked up to see clearly. Thankfully the seamstress did, and was able to do a quick stitch. “Whew” doesn’t even begin to cover it. xo

    1. As always, you are welcome!! I am happy to share them, of course. Whether or not anyone takes any enjoyment in seeing them is secondary, haha, but it’s nice to know!! ;) xo

  9. J’ai une solution à ton problème de robe. Il faut que tu mange des boîtes entières des macarons jusqu’à au mariage, je pense que tu rentrera sans problème, sans même faire des retouches. J’ai croyais que tu faisais ça à Paris mais apparemment c’est ne pas suffisant ! Il faut que tu avale chaque jour une boîte de 12 !!
    C’était une blague petite Erin! Je te souhaite beaucoup de chance pour tes essayes et j’en suis sûre que tu va être la plus jolie de mariée. Ta robe est magnifique ! J’espère qu’on pourra voir une photo avec les mariées ! xo xo

    1. Hahahahahaha. C’est vrai, je faisais ça a Paris! Plus de macarons? Ca marche pour moi! Tu as souvent des bonnes idees, Eva!
      Blague ou non, c’etait un vraiment idee la semaine derniere. Merci beaucoup. Je te promete que je vais partager des photos immédiatement après la fête! xoxo

  10. AACK. That wedding dress business sounds like something straight out of Say Yes to the Dress. Cal came in to our bedroom last night, and to distract himself from the fact that school starts today, he started listing all the *important* things that were coming up in the next weeks. His 9th grade speech. His birthday. Phillies game *for* his birthday. YOUR wedding. I’ll check this dress out in person and see how it all shook out. ;)

    1. Ha, well if it’s up there in importance for Cal with all the other things going on, maybe it’s high time I started really caring about it? Haha, I kid. Of course I’m excited! And you can see the dress in just three short weeks! Ack! xo

    1. Haha, thanks Charlotte. We had talked about getting married, so it wasn’t exactly a crazy huge assumption that I’d need a dress at some point. The dress just operated under a different timeline than my fiancé, haha. ;) xo

  11. Phew! soo pleased to hear you got your dress sorted, hoorah for the dressmaker :) You’ll look stunning and with everyone else, I just cannot wait to see the pictures (not wishing your life away or anthing ;)) xx

    1. Phew indeed!! Thank you doll face, and I promise promise promise to post pictures as soon as we get them from the photographer! She was speedy with our engagement shoot photos, so I don’t think you guys will have to wait long for wedding ones ;) xoxo

  12. you know, waking up like a baked burrito is such a small price to pay for being in paris <3 best of luck on your dress! i know how frustrating it can be bc seamtresses cant make magic :( i am so very excited to see photos of your wedding day.

    1. Haha, it is a small price to pay! And if it sounded like I was complaining, I promise I wasn’t. The sun was my natural alarm clock most mornings, so when I started getting “cooked” I’d rouse out of sleep and know it was time to start my day!

      The dress fiasco turned out to not be a fiasco at all, in the end. A simple stitch and we’re back in business. I finally feel like it’s all coming together now! xo

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