I wasn’t kidding when I said I have countless photographs from Paris that I hadn’t shared with you yet. Nor was I being facetious when I made mention previously that flowers are an integral part of every day life in Paris. They are everywhere; there is a fleuriste on every corner, bouquets in shop windows, in people’s arms on the metro, wrapped in brown paper, and –most happily– on the mantle in my Paris apartment. My Saturday tradition to bring home a fresh bunch of peonies (and stop for breakfast at my favorite café) was one of the highlights of my time there. Any culture that makes a conscious effort to add flowers to the day-to-day simply because they’re pretty? Well, that’s something I can get behind.

I’m back to relying on my $4 bouquets from Trader Joe’s, and while I love how they brighten up my home, and that they are just a fraction of what I was spending at Monceau Fleurs or Cler Fleurs (€20 a pop!), there is something decidedly lacking in the experience now. Break out the tiny violins!

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  1. I hear ya. The French just have a completely different sense of pride in their property, whether interior or exterior. I miss it.

    1. They absolutely do, and you’d think the small apartments would be a hinderance to that end, but they embrace it and make it all work fabulously. xo

  2. well, it also could be that peony season is over. i mean they are the most dramatic flower to bring inside, and you were in paris during peony season. i felt like i was in paris when i had a bouquet of about 30 of them in my house this spring – peonies really should be the official flower of paris. are they? you just need to order some peonies, put on amalie, close your eyes and pretend. that’s what i do. of course i have never been but the fact you have hopefully would work in your favor. xo

    1. Once I realized I would be there for peony season, the trip took on a whole new challenge for me: buy all the peonies! Haha. It was wonderful, I can’t even begin to describe it. You know, I have to check about the official flower thing, I’m not sure if they do that! They should, and it should be peonies. xo

  3. Ugh all your peony pictures remind me that I did not buy them that one time I saw them at Whole Foods and then never again. Tiny violins indeed

  4. Trader Joe’s bouquets are pretty AND cheap, but I agree that they lack a certain something that you get from actual florists. I’ve been buying my flowers from a guy at the farmer’s market I go to. I usually spend $8 – $10 and the flowers last me for at least two weeks! Plus, I end up chatting with him for a while each time so it makes the flowers feel even prettier to me because I know where they’re coming from :) I’m sure you can find some nice bouquets at Reading Terminal Market, no?

    1. You’re right, and I should absolutely stop at the Reading Terminal more often. My bus stops just a few blocks away after work! I’m tempted every time I go in there by the cookies and the cheese and the produce and the sushi grade tuna, haha. I never even considered flowers! But you’re right, there is that stand near Bassett’s ice cream up front, isn’t there? I’ll have to check it out!

      Love your story about your flower buddy :) xo

  5. Beautiful pictures as always !! You would have loved the sky in Paris today : thick, dark clouds in some places and light blue in others with beautiful lights !

    1. Oh that sounds incredible, right up my alley. Careful, I could pester you to become by personal Parisian weather app! ;) xo

  6. We have a wholesale florist in town that’s open to the public. All the wedding florists use it, and I do too! It’s a funny, dim building with bucket after bucket of loose flowers and it can be quite overwhelming to be in there.I think Trader Joe’s is a great option too. Their bouquets are inexpensive and convenient if you’ve run in to grab other things. The important thing is that you get yourself flowers and surround yourself with beauty where ever you are.

    1. It sounds like Annie’s visit to the wholesale florist! I am honestly not sure if we have one in the city, or if we do, whether it’s open to the public or not! The upside to Trader Joe’s is that I can buy organic groceries for the week, and still come out with two bags for under $20. With flowers. I love it there. xo

    1. Oh man, I think I missed their window here in the states! Last year though, they were gone from my local TJ’s by June. So sad! xo

  7. I feel your pain! A house just ain’t a home without flowers dotted around the place. Peonies are just the best although Hydrangeas come a close second. Thank god it’s still Summer and I don’t have to rely on roses. Gorgeous pics as usual x

    1. We have the same flower favorites, it seems! I do love Hydrangeas, too. Those are another one, like peonies, that look beautiful at all stages of their lifecycle. Thank you, lovely. xo

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