Blue Skies, Smiling at Me

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

According to my camera, the timestamps on the first photo from Monday’s post and the first photo in this post are only 27 minutes apart. 27 minutes! I’ve seen stormy weather move in quickly, the skies darkening as if someone shut off a light, but before this day I’d never seen it in reverse. It was almost bizarre to witness. I don’t know if it was the juxtaposition of blue skies pushing out the gray, or whether the sky really was so vibrant, but I’d experienced my fair share of beautiful weather in Paris in those eight weeks and those 27 minutes put all other days to shame. Maybe it was because it was my last day and I was feeling extra sensitive and sensory, and this is just an average sunny day. Who knows. I’ll forever be grateful to whatever meteorological forces were at play that Sunday morning.

8 thoughts on “Blue Skies, Smiling at Me

  1. Gorgeous, totally totally gorgeous. I have a feeling when I finally get to Paris, I’m going to be disappointed that it won’t look exactly like your pictures

  2. i feel like that happens all the time here. i am SURE i’d love it in paris. i have no doubt it’s the most beautiful thing in the world in paris. but, here? it drives me insane. should i be cozy or should i be active? should i be in a nice melancholy mood or should i be positive and happy (i find both equally enjoyable btw)? one minute my house will feel all dark and i think, okay today’s a dark day fine. then bam! the sun obliterates all the clouds with its super rays and my house is all dust motes and my eyes are burning. i should say i love the sun, if i wake up and it’s sunny i don’t see dust motes. it’s just the midday switches that throw off my whole game. xoxo

  3. Crazy to think this is the same day, let alone ~half hour apart! Paris is beautiful no matter what the weather, but I am partial to slightly grey skies. There’s a palpable mysteriousness and subliminal romance to overcast days.

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