Rue Saint Vincent

Le Marais

Rue de Seine, ivy

Rue de Seine, ivy

I know Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald have already sung the praises of this particular season, but there really is something to be said about Paris in the spring time. Everything is lush and green, and it’s as if the city is taking cues from the opening pages of Ludwig Bemelmans’ “Madeline”; buildings and archways are covered in vines. The last two photos are from a contender for my Favorite Street in Paris, Rue de Seine, just across from the Square Gabriel Pierné, a small park with a fountain and benches shaped like open books. I sat there one afternoon for a few hours, reading Colette and eating macarons from the Ladurée around the corner on Rue Bonaparte, and even though it was drizzling on and off, it was hands-down one of those moments that makes my Top Ten list. Though now that I say that, I’m pretty sure the other nine moments would all be memories from Paris, too.

10 thoughts on “Ivy-Covered

  1. Wow (or Waouh, like they spell it in French). Your blog is magical. Now I’ve read all the Paris posts twice, I think…. (And congrats on the wedding!)

  2. lush and lovely…

    “madeline”! 1/2 hour programs of stories from the books, used to run on tv, when my oldest grand daughter was little and i was taking “free day care” of her. :-) using the same artistry, and they were oh so sweet! “som-zing is verrrry wrong!!!” their care giver would cry, running up and down stairs and etc. charming!!!

    “…benches shaped like open books…”

    oh i must look up pictures, of that small park, in that area!

    gentle hugs,

  3. It’s like the ivy is eating the building, just like how I would eat EVERYTHING in Paris. I bet it all tastes like croissant and fresh French bread :)

  4. i know it’s not paris but that is what my house looks like. our whole place is covered in ivy, it’s one of the things that made me move here all those years ago. not to mention it really helps me when squint, or hold up my hands for blinders around my eyes, i can totally pretend like i live in europe somewhere – which i do on a daily basis ;) xoxo

  5. How beautiful. I adored Madeline as a child—what am I talking about, I still do! Ludwig Bemelmans’ books and corresponding TV series along with The Aristocats made me fall in love with Paris as a child.

  6. Oh Christine! I love it that her house is covered in ivy. This is how I imagine English cottages, too. (Although the practical homeowner in me worries that it’ll all come crumbling down some day.) We’re covered in honeysuckle, which is almost the same.

  7. absolutely gorgeous. when we went to paris we went in may and it was so beautiful. i’m jealous of this (and christines!) ivy! we were thinking of maybe planting some ivy to grow along the side of the house, it is just so wonderful to be surrounded by that much greenery.

  8. J’ai l’impression de redécouvrir Paris avec toi Erin ! Je reconnais que je la connais mal et j’ai le mal aimée! J’hâte de la découvrir à nouveau à travers de tes adresse et tes photos ! xo

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