Friday Five

Five Paris photos to wrap up this week:

1. A darling bicycle, double-parked in Saint-Germain:
Bicycle, Saint-Germain

I didn’t have the confidence to tackle the Velib bike-sharing program while I was there –my last two experiences on a bicycle ended in paralyzing muscle pain and sunburn, and giving my father two broken ribs on Father’s Day twenty years ago– but while I might have been trepidatious, Parisians certainly aren’t.

2. A Winsor-Newton travel paint-set, spotted at Magasin Sennelier:
Paint set, Magasin Sennelier

My dad always carried this exact set! I walked by the window of this famous art supply store on the Quai Voltaire and stopped in my tracks. My dad had a way of popping up throughout my time there in subtle, sweet ways.

3. The view of Sacré Cœur from the balcony of the Musée d’Orsay:
Sacre-Cœur from the Musée d'Orsay

You can’t take photographs inside the Impressionist wing at the Musée d’Orsay, but the balcony on that floor affords some striking opportunities. I could almost see my apartment!

4. Pretty roses in the Musée Rodin gardens:
Musée Rodin

Annie said these gardens reminded her of “Alice in Wonderland” and I can absolutely see why. “We’re painting the roses red!”

5. The moody light in Montmartre one evening:
Rue Durantin, Montmartre

Jamal and I left La Bascule one evening while he was visiting and were both struck silent upon seeing how the sunset was blanketing the neighborhood. I miss this street, and Montmartre, and Paris, so much.

26 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always.
    I lived in Paris for five years and never dared use a Velib. Too scary for me. :)
    And I used to live in Montmartre (right between the Place des Abbesses and the Place Pigalle), so all your pictures take me back to that period, which is both nice and weird and nostalgic. I love it!

    1. Oh, Montmartre. My little neighborhood! I miss it so much. I wouldn’t dare to rent Velib there, because of the hills! I’d end up walking the bike next to me more than actually pedaling, haha. xoxo

  2. Your pictures (and how you’ve been able to portray them on this blog) from Paris have just been stunning and I’m afraid that when I finally get to Paris, it’ll look nothing like this. Where are y’all going for your honeymoon?

    1. Aw, thanks girl! But don’t worry about the city not living up to the hype. I promise you that’s not true though! People get so many beautiful photos of the city for a reason, you know.

      We’re going to Greece! xo

  3. these are all stunning . . .and so french! i love the bike (that can’t possibly be a part of the bike share – right? that one looks like it might cost as much as my car!). and that golden light. we get that here sometimes too, not as often as it seems paris does, nor do we have those gorgeous buildings for it to cast upon, but still i love it. so i can’t even image how much i’d love it in paris! xo

    1. Haha, no, that bike was not one of the Velibs. Paris is wonderful, but they don’t go giving out leather bike bags for free ;) You will love Paris. Love it. I’ve only heard of a few people who haven’t, and I consider them urban legends, haha. xo

  4. i’m so happy that you still have so many photos from your trip still! how’s life adjusting back to work?

    1. I have almost too many, haha, and at some point I have to cut myself off because I’ll have wedding and honeymoon photos to share! The re-entry adjustment was surprisingly easy. Not too much kicking and screaming ;) xo

  5. hehe i have had bad experiences with bicycles too. we rented bikes in Bora Bora and we thought oh the island is so flat- we will be like a casual peddle. we both ended up burned, sweaty and i think we made it 2 miles, but we did discover a hut that made coconut vodka drinks lol.

    :( You’re home sick for Paris. Don’t worry you’ll be back there soon.

    1. Bora Bora!! I’d love to see photos from that trip. Biking is always so sneaky, you think it will be totally fine and then surprise! Your leg muscles fuse together in the morning and make it impossible for you to stand up. xo

  6. La dernière que Je suis allée à Paris avec mon mari, on a pris le velib tout le temps, on vraiment aimé circulé sur Paris de cet manière ! Mais je reconnais que c’est un peu dangereux !
    J’adore la photo du vélo de St Germain ! Et je suis d’accord avec toi pourquoi ils sont pain les fleurs rouges, de tout façon je ne jamais aimée ce livre ! xo

    1. Tu as pris le Velib? Tu es courageuse! Je sais qu’il est un bon façon a voir la ville, mais j’ai peur! Peut etre la prochaine fois :) xo

  7. That bike. Adore. I’m a nightmare on 2 wheels (4 wheels too) but I long for a beautiful bike like that one :( I have thoroughly enjoyed reliving my Paris memories by following along through yours!

    1. My license expired in December, and I haven’t gotten it renewed. I’ve never owned a car, and the last time I drove was…three years ago? Maybe? I am a public transit fan/pedestrian for life :) xo

  8. Good call on the Velib. Cycling in this city is taking your life into your own hands. Banoo was hit by a truck when he was a student here on a bike (hence his patchy mustache- the scars, y’see!) and I was hit by a Fiat when cycling here last time we lived in Paris. Luckily I was just knocked off (I may have bounced?) but I stood up, dazed, and pushed my bike onto the pavement. Dangerous. So dangerous.

    ALSO Did you see they’ve done a new P’tit Velib system? Tiny velib bikes for kids? DO THEY WANT THEM TO PERISH?? Scurry!

    1. I never noticed that about Ban! But I guess that’s a good thing, that I didn’t spend too much time staring at your man-piece’s mouth area, haha. To be honest, your scooters seem like too much of a stretch for me, and you can ride those on the sidewalk! I know I’d end up with a broken bone of some sort if I ever trottinetted. Bébé velibs!! As if tiny French humans could get any cuter. xo

  9. Your photos really show how much you love Paris, a love that is soooo easy to share. (When you start to run out of photos to show here you´ll have to go back ;-) A reason as good as any!)

    1. That is such a good point!! I’ll use that as my reason when I book our next flight and my fiancé looks at me like I’m crazy ;) xo

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