Oh, Montmartre

Rue des Abbesses

Rue de l'Abreuvoir

Rue la Vieuville

Rue Audran

Sacre Cœur

Rue Lepic

I love my neighborhood. The energy is infectuous. True, there are so many tourists on the main drag of Rue des Abbesses and all around Sacre Cœur, but on any of the side streets you’ll find absolute quiet, with tiny local bars, quaint houses, and even some grit and graffiti. I love it up here, the little village the hill. The light is gorgeous and the narrow, steep streets are great workout and almost (almost!) justify the nutella crêpes I insist on eating regularly.

Jamal left this morning (SADDEST OF SAD FACES) and while we did a fair amount of wandering around other parts of the city (and country, actually! Photos from our trip to Normandy coming on Friday), we mostly hung out in Montmartre. It’s the best here. But it’s better when he’s here, too.

17 thoughts on “Oh, Montmartre

  1. Having just returned from a gorgeous week in Paris, it almost hurts to see your lovely photos. I would like to “walk right into them”, longing so to be back. (In fact I almost long back even when I´m there… Strange!) Well, hopefully that will be next year as usual. Meanwhile I´m so greatful to enjoy your great photos. Thanks!

    1. I definitely understand, and feel the same way! I’m here for about another week, and I’m still “missing it” even when I’m out walking around. So strange! xo

      1. I´m quite sure that we are many soul-mates all over the world when it comes to Paris. It´s a magical city, wich means that we come back and come back and…..
        Enjoy your last week (this time that is ;-) !

  2. these photos! everything is just bathed in that pinkish/gold, maybe it’s the slightest intimation of copper, in your photos. i could live in that color. i think aside from grey which i prefer inside rather than out, that would be my favorite color. it looks like it’s perpetually dawn or twilight there. so pretty.
    ps i love your new pic (and the watercolor links too).

    1. Ooh copper, I’ll take that! I do like gray inside and out, personally, but it’s hard to compete with the golden light here. Seriously.
      Thanks girly! Jamal took that photo of me :) xo

  3. :( sorry you are without your Jamal! But the new photo of you in the sidebar is lovely, so at least you can take solace in that! xoxo

  4. Je crois que tu as très bien choisi ton quartier, il te ressemble. Les photos sont magnifiques!
    Je suis désolée pour Jamal mais c’est la vie et très bientôt tu seras avec lui pour toujours! Alors, continue à profiter au maximum de ton aventure parisienne !
    J’aime beaucoup ton nouvelle portrait, c’est Jamal qui la fait? xo

    1. Ah vous êtes si bon! Jamal et moi ont le reste de nos vie, mais je n’ai que Paris pour le moment. Je le vis au maximum!
      Et oui, Jamal à pris cette photo, à un bar que tu vas découvrir demain! ;) xo

  5. sorry that he had to leave…….

    but thank you again, and again, for the simply “scrumptous” photos you share with us.


    1. Ooh “scrumptious” is a word I never thought I’d hear in reference to my photos! That’s so amazing, thank you, Tessa! xo

  6. Sacré Cœur looking as beautiful as ever. Being the balcony freak that I am the first picture is perfect. I love when it looks as though the plants are taking over.

    Your new sidebar picture must have been taken in Paris; you look so content!

    1. I imagine that living in that apartment would feel as close to living in a jungle as you could get in Paris, looking out your windows and seeing nothing but green :)

      You are correct! Jamal took that photo of me at a bar I’m sharing with you in a post tomorrow :) xo

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