Paris So Far

Somewhere in Paris

Place du Palais Bourbon

Rue de la Universite

Somewhere in Paris

Rue de la Universite

Dani Roses

Place Vendome

I made it to Paris! My luggage, however, was not so lucky and did not make the connection in Charlotte. The 40 minute connection that I had to run for. Quelle suprise my luggage never made it on my flight, there was no way it could have being two terminals away and with that short a time window. A US Airways representative at CDG, disregarding my obvious panic, said simply, “Ah, yes, your bag is in Charlotte.” Bon, mais I am in Paris, not Charlotte. “It will be on the next flight to Paris.” Promising! I planned for this exact scenario, so all the important things are in my carry-on. Except my shampoo…hmm. “It will be delivered by noon tomorrow.” That’s not so bad, right? I can buy shampoo somewhere. I’ve missed French pharmacies anyway!

Noon came and went. “Before the end of the day.” Okay, well I’m not going to sit inside all day waiting around (although I was writing).”Between 8-9pm.” The rain had finally stopped, and I had yet to see the Eiffel Tower. Walked six miles through Saint-Germain-des-Prés and back. 9pm. No bag. “Within one hour.” 10pm. I Skype Jamal in a moment of crisis, he calls US Airways, escalates to a supervisor (“Hello sir, I see you’re calling about your daughter’s luggage?” DAUGHTER, YOU GUYS). And then! Magique! My luggage! My luggage being brought up the street, I clutched it in my hands, vowing to never let go, Jack, I’ll never let go, and I schlep it up, up, up four winding flights of uneven stairs, thus ensuring I burned off the nutella crepe I inhaled earlier. I have never been so happy to see my shampoo and pants in my life. Pants!

Donc, bien sûr my luggage was delayed. Et bien sûr it rained for most of the last two days. But if I focused on that, you wouldn’t get to hear about how I went to a boulangerie at 7am and bought a fresh, warm croissant for €1, and successfully completed the entire transaction en Français. Or how I met the incredibly sweet and funny Christine for un café gourmand and then crazily made her check my mattress for bed bugs (long story). Or how she even offered to lend me clothes if my luggage was any more delayed! Or how the sun stays out until 9pm. Or how, as I approached the Eiffel Tower for the first time I gasped like a silly American tourist. Or, perhaps most importantly, how fascinating and trippy it is to watch “Friends” dubbed in French, though at the same time excellent practice since I know all the (English) dialogue by heart.

So yes. Paris so far isn’t half bad.

PS. I miss Jamal.

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  1. I burst out laughing at the “daughter” part. And the Titanic reference. Siriusly, I am glad you got your luggage back.

    How does Friends sound in French compared to the original English dialogue? I usually stay away from any Chinese dub of a show because they sound too high-pitched compared to what I actually hear people speak in everyday life.

    1. Ha, I’m glad someone got the Titanic reference! I was a little jetlagged (okay, a lot) when I wrote this post. Friends in French is bizarre. You’re right, their voices are all a lot higher, and I’m so used to the original that I can’t get past it. The guy who does Chandler is just SO not a Chandler. xo

  2. Bonjour Erin ! Quel aventure! C’est incroyable tout les choses qui t’on déjà arrivée! Je suis contente que tu as récupéré en fin tes valises grâce à ton “papa” Jamal! J’imagine ton émotion de voir la tour Eiffel, c’est vraie qu’elle impressionne à chaque fois !
    J’oubliée une recommandation pour toi, pour tes petits courses, Monoprix, c’est génial et c’est très français ! On achète de tout à Monop ! Peut être tu connais déjà !
    Profite au maximum de tes aventures et mésaventures à Paris, quand tu seras vieille tu pourras raconter des histoires à tes petits enfants : “Une américaine à Paris”.

    1. Ah, Monoprix! Je connais déjà, oui, mais c’est superbe non? Il y a un Monop juste a cote de mon appart, et un Marché Franprix, et un G20. Oh, et un Carrefour. Haha. J’ai beaucoup de choix! C’est bon, parce que je suis souvent faim :)
      Merci, Eva! J’ai besoin repondre a ton mail! J’ai le reçu mais j’ai marché a travers le ville tous le jour hier. Mésaventures, c’est exacte! xoxo

  3. Jamal will be there in just 3 short weeks so get busy!
    Miss and love you every single solitary day!

  4. Lost luggage is always an adventure… I tend to travel with as many things in my carry on as I possibly can because I’m so fearful of never seeing my luggage again.

    Les photos sont superbes!! La France me manque, ca c’est sur. J’ai juste passer deux jours a Paris… c’est ai (sp?) pas assez!

    1. Exactly! I crammed my carry-on with everything I couldn’t bear to lose — a couple of framed photos, all my prescriptions, underwear, etc. So I had a backup plan, but still. It was so frustrating!

      Ah, deux jours! Ce n’etait (ou ça n’été) pas assez! Reviens! xo

  5. Yay! I am so happy for you! These photos are beautiful. I am so happy that you arrived safely. And you are there. You are living in Paris!!

    I only had my luggage lost once and it happened to be in Memphis; it was that time that i mentioned where I booked a hotel over the phone only to get there and find out that I had literally picked the worst part of Memphis arriving in the dead of night (we found what looked like was a murder scene in our room – so bad), but we had to stay and await our lost luggage. I didn’t sleep very well that night ;) Luckily it came the next morning, so stressful to have missing luggage. But it’s an adventure, non? xoxo

    1. I’m living in Paris!! It still hasn’t entirely sunk in yet! I think because I’ve been running around every day trying to maximize every second, I haven’t slowed down and realized, “Whoa. I’m here.” Hopefully that happens soon!

      Oh jeez, Memphis. I’ve only been once, but I think I must’ve stayed in the same neighborhood you stayed in, or else a LOT of Memphis looks like you described, haha. There is usually a happy ending to missing luggage, but my heart totally sank when the carousel of baggage ended and my bag wasn’t there. “There go all of clothes! Gone forever!!” etc etc. xoxo

  6. So glad to hear you made it even though your luggage was trailing behind. Is it weird that I wish there were bedding made of crepes and nutella? As for picture #4, the overhanging flowers and shrubs are just gorgeous! I have an intense love for balconies with flower pots.

    1. 4:48 on May 4th? It’s only 10:00 on May 3rd! Oh my God, I’m from the future! We’ll have to see what time this post states.

      1. Yes, I think that’s my fault! I set my blog time to Paris time, so it’s 6 hours ahead. But then I realized that when I post things at my normal 8-9am time-slot, it will be the middle of the night for everyone who reads here, so I set it back this morning. Sorry for the confusion! xo

        1. No problem! You don’t have to set it back if you don’t want to. I never even thought of the time difference. I have a tendency to fret over my computer since it’s given me problems in the past. I’d rather have it be Paris time than boring East Coast time — ha-ha!

    2. Oh man, nutella crepes. I’d completely forgotten exactly how delicious and hot they are. Mmm. Now I want another one! Unsurprisingly, there are a million balconies that look just like that one all over the city. I have to restrain myself from taking a photo of every single one, haha. xo

  7. What an eventful arrival! But I’m glad to hear that you (and eventually your luggage) have arrived safely. Beautiful images-especially loving the mood of the last one- keep ’em coming!

    1. Always an eventful one. Lost luggage has happened to me so many times it almost doesn’t even faze me anymore…except for this time. This time I was beyond annoyed.
      I have tonnnns of photos to share! Don’t you worry :) xo

    1. I have the worst luck with luggage! This always happens to me :( It ended well, though! And good luck with your move this summer! It’s a fabulous city, you’re going to have an amazing time. xo

  8. We lost Cal’s luggage on our way to Athens once. Made it the next day, but we were leaving Athens the next morning to there was all sorts of stress that the luggage wouldn’t make it before we left town. Better that it happen when you’re settled there for awhile and not rushing hither and yon and worried that it won’t catch up with you.

    You sound so happy, dear. XO

    1. That was my fear the time we went to Paris and Belgium two years ago. We were flying into Brussels but immediately taking a train to Paris, and then back to Brussels only to go to Ghent, then on to Bruges, and finally back to Brussels. There was just no way or place for our luggage to meet us if it didn’t make the flight. Thankfully, it did, and we had a great trip. But I always worry! For reasons like this!!

      I’m pretty bleeping happy. :) xo

  9. Yay yay yay – I’m glad you’re there and I’m glad you finally have your luggage as well. My heart swells for you, dear Erin

  10. oh so glad your luggage finally arrived! definitely not the best way to start your trip. i remember when i took my solo trip to paris i had to wait outside for 2.5 hours in the pouring rain for the landlord to come over and let me into the flat i was renting. and of course, dragging my massive suitcase up five flights of twisty, uneven, tiny stairs. but oh how it was worth it!

    1. Oh my god, those stairs. They are charming, but trying to drag a suitcase up them is damn near impossible. I think it was sheer adrenaline that got me up my four flights when my luggage finally came, haha. You’re right: so worth it! xoxo

  11. Ah I’m having flashbacks of our trip to Paris in 2012…the taste of a warm buttery Parisian croissant early in the morning is something that everyone needs to experience once in their life I believe. So sorry about your luggage! What a pain…BUT I guess you are in Paris, so you’re right. Not half bad at all! :)

    1. There is truly NOTHING like a fresh croissant from a true French boulangerie. Even the best croissants back home can’t compare! I’m on a five day streak of having a croissant a day (it’s so easy, they’re everywhere and they’re €1!). I’ll be huge by the time I come home!
      And yes, even lost luggage can’t harsh by Paris buzz. Worst case scenario I would have had to buy all new clothes in Paris. Tough life! :) xo

  12. OMG why the heck did they think you were Jamal’s daughter?!?! Absolutely hilarious. Glad you made it there safely – keep the pictures coming!

    1. Because US Airways just wanted to add insult to injury. I mean, I know he’s a few years older than me, but did they think he had me when he was in 2nd grade?? He found it really amusing. I found nothing amusing at the time ;)
      More pictures tomorrow! xoxo

  13. oh, I’m glad you like it. I may be in Paris at the end of the month or in early June!!! we so need to meet up :)

  14. Depuis votre sejour en Pairs, j’ecrirai toutes mes commentaires en Francais (sans des accents). Parce que c’est necessair que vous pratiquez votre Francais!

    JAMAL est le meilleur!

    1. Haha, oh mon chou, tu es trop mignon. Ça marché pour moi! Nous allons pratiquer! Oui! xo

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