Montmartre on a Saturday Morning

Rue Lepic

Rue Lepic

Villa Leandre

Avenue Junot


Rue Caulaincourt

Montmartre vineyards

Boulangerie, Rue Caulaincourt

I love my neighborhood. We stayed in Montmartre on the last trip, too, and it feels really “mine” this time. Remember Villa Leandre? It did not disappoint in person, though I had to awkwardly wait on the corner for a Russian tour group to take their photos before I had it all to myself. Patience! I forgot how much patience goes into shooting. And how much covert lurking is needed to not look too tourist-y. I’m really good at lurking.

My landlord told me a brief history of the neighborhood on my first day here: When the Prussians invaded the city in 1870, they massacred the family that owned the moulins (the windmills) in Montmartre, and pinned their body parts to the fans, staining them red with blood. Years later when the first cabarets were opening, Montmartre, not being within the Paris city limits at the time, was able to open several bars and use wine from their own vineyards without paying the alcohol tax to the city. They needed a name that would draw attention, and thus the Moulin Rouge was born. Kind of macabre when you know the story behind how it got its name. I can see the famous red windmill from my terrace.

Other Paris Details of Note: I have a croissant every morning, I’ve already been to Ladurée, and the weather has been so beautiful I could cry. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

28 thoughts on “Montmartre on a Saturday Morning

  1. Belles photos Erin! Je suis contente de que tu sois parfait pour toi…Ladurée, les croissants, fait attention ou Jamal n’est vas pas te reconnaître..ja ja
    J’imagine que tu fais 60 km par jour donc ça va, tu peux manger tu ceux que tu veux!! Profite bien ;) xo.

    1. Hahaha, oui, je suis nerveuse, je mange tout! Oops. Mais oui, je marche, je pense, 5km ou plus par jour. C’est bon, mais j’ai tues mes pieds! J’ai eu acheter les baskets (trés Americain, je sais. Ils sont confortable!) xoxoxo

    1. Merci! Je n’ai pas trouvé les pivoines encore, mais je vais les chercher. xoxo

  2. Those flower petals are stunning. I passed a navy car this morning that had a graceful covering of white petals half way over the hood, like a sheet pulled part way up. What is it about fallen petals? Glad you’re so happy and having so much fun. XO

    1. I don’t know what sort of magic they hold, but it is totally charming, seeing them scattered all over. I wanted to scoop them up and keep them!! xo

  3. so paris is just littered with roses and rose petals? sigh (heavy heavy sigh). these photos are so beautiful. i could cry thinking that you are exactly where you want to be doing exactly what you want to do. it’s making my eyes sting. it’s beautiful.

    all the best places seem to have a macabre story behind them don’t they? and as much as i loathe violence and i love those stories – the old ones anyway. xo

    1. It is! And men in scarves and croissants on every corner, and beautiful buildings everywhere you turn! I wish I was exaggerating, but all the stereotypes are true. It’s the most beautiful city in the world, twinsy, and I wish you were here to see it! How are you always so amazing and supportive?? xoxo

  4. I echo Christine’s questions – rose petals and croissants is what I think of Paris now, that’s accurate right? I think the right question is – shouldn’t you stay for longer?

    1. That’s a pretty accurate mental image, don’t worry. And yes, I should stay forever!! xo

  5. I must tell you the stories some day of my experiences in Montmartre – short version, on my 2nd trip I was chosen to appear in a skit on stage at the Moulin Rouge, on my 3rd trip just outside Sacre Coeur I was mistaken for Jean Paul Gaultier. You are very lucky to live in that neighborhood – just beautiful.
    C’est magnifique!

    1. Okay, now that you mention it (assuming this is the Ken I think it is!) I totally see the Jean Paul Gaultier resemblance. You can’t blame other tourists for mistaking you! I’d love to hear your tales sometime! How come Paris always gives such fun stories? xo

    1. I truly am, Petra! Aside from all the eating and taking photos, I’ve been doing some serious writing, too. It’s been good so far! xo

  6. Those flowers are beaaautiful! And a fresh Parisienne croissant every morning sounds like a little slice of heaven!

    1. A slice of heaven at just 60000 calories!! ;) No, they’re actually not so bad for you, and I justify it by walking around as I eat it, so I burn it off as I chew, haha. xoxo

  7. i’ve been reading along and following and living in your photos! i adore these. so many are frame-worthy! i never knew that about moulin rouge and now i have such a better appreciation for it!

    1. Thank you, doll! I am worried when I get home I will have too many photos and not enough wall-space for all the ones I want to hang. Maybe a photo book will be in order! xo

  8. Your photos are just stunning! And the trip sounds like heaven! I think the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at was in Montmartre, bar none. Looking forward to more…

    xo Mary Jo

    1. Ooh, which one was it, Mary Jo? Some of my best meals were here, too. I’m always looking for new spots, so share! :) xo
      And merci beaucoup!

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