Ladurée, Rue Royale

Ladurée, Rue Royale



Behold my restraint: I didn’t go to Ladurée until last week, after I’d been here for four whole days! Like everything else in this city, get there early. I walked by the Rue Royale store one afternoon around 4pm and the line was down the block.

Behold my lack of restraint: I also went yesterday morning to the Rue Bonaparte store in Saint-Germain. And both times, I ate the whole box (only eight macarons) in one sitting. Non, je ne regrette rien!

There are multiple locations throughout the city, some with attached tea salons where you can sit and have a petit goûter. That’s been on my to-do list; I hear their French toast is amazing (side note: do they call it French toast in France? Or is it just toast?). I’m a creature of habit with my macarons, though on a whim I tried the Marie-Antoinette flavor (the teal and tan colored one in the box) and, well, it was love at first bite. It tastes like earl gray tea.

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    1. I’m glad someone understands! I really cannot eat just a few and put the box away. Cannot happen.

      Thank you for that link!! Looks beautiful. xo

  1. And bread and more bread and cheese. Oh and more bread. You can roll me through the streets of Paris when I’m done. Your self-restraint is amazing (and admirable)

    1. Yeah, baguettes are a problem. Croissants, too. And now macarons. And crepes. Lord help my waistline. xo

  2. So weird, I just read somewhere YESTERDAY that in France they don’t call it French toast. My mind is such a jumble of AirBnB and train stations and the like that there’s no chance I could tell you where, but it reminded me of that line from Friends: “In China I’m pretty sure they just call it food.”

    Those macarons are hardly a nibble a piece. Eight in one sitting seems most reasonable.

    1. Haha don’t you hate that? Something will pop into your brain without a clear origin? Drives me crazy! I did think of that Friends quote immediately, too. Friends here is an experience.

      I knew you’d understand my conundrum ;) xo

    1. Oh, you must go!! What are you waiting for? Well, actually, it’s probably smart to be restrained with visiting, haha. Once you go you’ll never want to eat anything else! xo

  3. oh my goodness, how wonderfully pretty those are. i hate the term ‘bucket list’ (i don’t know why. the concept is a really good one) – however i think eating macarons from Ladurée is on my ‘not-called-bucket-list’ bucket list. and that window display! xo

    1. Yeah, “kick the bucket” seems pretty vulgar now that you mention it. What could we come up with instead? I like your title :) One day you WILL eat Ladurée macarons. They have a branch in NYC, and they fly the macarons in from Paris for that store, so it would be the same as coming all the way to Paris! (but, you know, not really, and you need to get here!!) xo

  4. J’adore les boites de Ladurée, je pense que je les aime même plus que les macarons! Tu as été déjà au Bon Marché? J’aimée beaucoup aller à son supermarché, on trouve des choses sublimes et le packaging tellement mignon…une autre magasin a ne pas rater que j’imagine que tu connais, c’est “Colette”, tout le monde parle de cette magasin, apparemment c’est ‘the place to be”. Moi, la dernier fois que j’été à Paris, j’ai la raté donc si tu vas, tu me diras si elle vraiment bien !
    Tes photos sons sublimes, j’ai envie de manger un macaron ! xo

    1. Merci, Eva! Les boites sont adorable, non? Mais c’est spécial et “limited time”, les petits pois, et ils coutent plus que les boites simples! €3 plus pour les petits pois rose, avant les macarons.
      La dernier fois que j’été a Paris, Jamal avait fait un “scavenger hunt” pour mes cadeaux de Saint Valentine (Valentine’s Day?) et nous sommes allées au Colette. C’etait super! Et quand ma mere et moi ont voyagé a Paris en 2000, nous sommes allées au Bon Marché, mais je ne suis pas allée encore depuis! xoxo

  5. Mmmmmmmm macarons. You do have great restraint. On my last visit to Paris I gorged on the little beauties the first morning. No one can blame you for eating 8 in one sitting, how long did it take? ;)
    Lovely pics as ever x

    1. Haha, whew. They are really good for breakfast, aren’t they? So colorful, and some of them are fruit flavors so it totally counts ;) Um, let’s assume it takes a minute to eat each on, and say 8 minutes. (it takes no where near that long for me to manger but let’s pretend ;) xoxo

  6. I got this! En francais, c’est le pain perdu – and it’s often served as dessert. As for macs, I’m sure they’re cheaper by the eight / dozen / multiple dozen… it just makes economic sense to buy more. And then, you know, they go bad if you don’t eat them.

    1. Parfait, thanks Samantha!! Le pain perdu. Good to know! Now I know what to look for :)
      They go bad in about three days, they say, but let’s be real here: it has never come to that. xo

    1. Haha, thanks you Stephanie!! I was pretty impressed, too. Until I had the box in my possession. And then it was nothing to be proud of ;)

      Thank you for that link! The cheese shop and beauty pharmacy she mentions are my go-to’s as well! xo

  7. Is it just me or is your photography even more incredible of late?! There must be something in the air in Paris….I LOVE your posts, they’re so inspiring. Oh to write a novel and whisk myself away to a romantic city in the name of work. :)

    1. Aw merci, NIki!! That’s so sweet of you to say! Paris makes it easy, the light here (even on a gloomy day!) is unreal. Thank you so much! Keep coming back, as I have no shortage of photos to share, haha. xoxo

  8. Macarons go so well with your engagement ring! You know what else goes well with asking for your hand in marriage?? The pignoli cookies Jamal brought over!!!

    1. That was over a year ago, lady, let it go and buy some more cookies of your own! ;) xo

  9. I’m salivating! I normally don’t like anything pastel colored; too Easter-ish. Ladurée, though; makes me fall in love with it. You have better restraint than I would. I would convince myself that the success of their business depends solely upon my indulgent consumerism & consumption of macarons.

    1. Allow Ladurée to sway your opinions on pastel-colored foods ;) I’ve definitely convinced myself that I’m integral to their profits, but seeing the crazy line of tourists thinking just like me has helped, haha. But seriously. It’s one of those perfect, perfectly decadent little foods that makes no sense other than it’s pretty and you want it. And that’s reason enough! xo

  10. I really don’t get the laduree obsession. as beautiful as your pics are, it’s overpriced cookies in girly boxes… (don’t hate me :)

    1. …You have tasted them, yes? That should settle any doubts you still have! xo

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