La Tour

Avenue Emile Deschanel

Avenue Elisée Reclus

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

Avenue Elisée Reclus

La Tour Eiffel

On my first Sunday here, my fourth day in Paris, I finally decided to go and visit my favorite Iron Lady. I had been here long enough without giving her a proper “Bonjour,” save for a quick glance as I walked through Saint Germain my second day. The crazy thing about this city is how you can get lost in a crowd of tourists around the major landmarks, but then walk one block away and have an entire street to yourself. A few streets away from the Eiffel Tower, and I was the only person around; you couldn’t even hear the cacophony of the crowds. It is impossible to take a bad photograph of La Tour, I swear.

Other Paris Details of Note: I have officially been here one week already. One week! And lest you think I’ve spent this last week only eating croissants and macarons and visiting iconic landmarks in Paris (ahem), I’ll have you know that as of today, I’ve also written close to 4 thousand words of my novel. I broke 50k today.

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  1. She’s beautiful (I think she knows it though and has some type of complex because of it). Congratulations on breaking the 50k mark as well! I know that’s really what you’re there for and I’m glad you’re easily reaching your goals

    1. She’s sexy and she knows it. Thanks, Roothers, I’m pleased as punch over the progress I’ve made here so far! I was worried I’d be too distracted and would never get anything accomplished. xo

  2. apparently i am really emotional about this paris trip of yours. my eyes instantly welled up when i read your last little details. and of course these photos are just so breathtaking. i echo petra – so proud. xo

    1. Aw, girl! Now you’re going to make me all teary. Come on now. Thank you so much. xoxo

  3. I am not going to lie. I wish I could switch places with you right now. It’s like your Ernest Hemingway! Such an incredible experience. These memories you are going to remember forever. Enjoy and soak up every word and every single bit of Paris that you can. xo

    1. Haha Hemingway minus all the booze ;) But that’s still such a compliment! A writer swooning around Paris, what a horrible cliché. Thank you so much, Alexa!! I’ll definitely soak up as much as I can and more. xoxo

  4. C’est très bien Erin ! Je suis fier de toi, parce que manger des macarons et de croissants tout la journée c’est bien mais bon il ne faut pas que tu oublie que tu est la pour travailler! ja ja
    J’imagine que tu as plu la ‘page blanc” et que Paris t’inspire énormément, n’est pas?
    Je suis jalouse parce que tu as vu ma copine la tour ! Quand je suis allée à Paris, je l’appelée ma copine, j’aimée bien la photographié de chaque coin de rue, de prés, de loin…je l’adore ! N’oublie pas le dire bonjour de ma part ;)
    Une semaine déjà! Incroyable, tu est déjà une vraie parisienne :) xo

    1. Oh, j’espere! Une vraie parisienne. Peut-etre. :) Oui, les croissants et macarons sont grandes distractions, mais evidemment j’ai travaillé dûr! Je vais lui dit la prochaine fois. Elle me manque deja! xoxo

  5. I love the reliefs in the first picture! I doubt anything in Paris could be photographed badly. Also, whoop, whoop to you writing 50k! As I’m in my last year of school, I find it so difficult to reach a set number of words when forced to write about a topic, but when I write for myself the words flood the pages sometimes.

    1. I was hoping someone noticed those! I didn’t see them until after I loaded the photos into my computer (I guess I was distracted by that big radio tour in the background…) but they are such lovely details, aren’t they? And to think, just like the rest of the stereotypical buildings in the city, they were built and detailed to be pretty on top of functional. C’est incroyable! xo

  6. That was one of the things I found so remarkable about Paris as well from when we were there last summer. That you could be *right by* the Eiffel Tower, turn a corner and suddenly you were just in some quiet neighborhood where people simply live and work. Maybe that’s how you’re always discovering those amazing apartments with the stellar views! Feels like that would never happen in NYC!

    Super happy that the writing is swimming along so well too, duckie. XO

    1. It’s bonkers, isn’t it? It’s like the rest of the tourists haven’t figured out the meaning of “off the beaten path.” While I was on that street, two boys no older than 11 came out of one of the grandest houses walking a tiny dog. They walked up the street a block or two, went to another magnificent building, and rang the buzzer to ask if their friend could come down and play. I wonder if they realize how lucky they are to live there. xo

  7. Je suis super contente pour toi, d’avoir deja fait 4 mille mots! Et voila la fin de mon francais. I see many of these Parisian sabbaticals in your future – how else to sate the ravenous demands of your adoring public / publisher? It’s so wonderful to see someone exactly where they should be, doing exactly what they should be doing. I hope the inspiration comes as easily as the pastries!! xox

    1. Ton francais etait bon, Samantha! ;) And you…you are just the sweetest thing. You can’t know what it means to me to hear someone say that, from an outside perspective, I’m supposed to be where I am, doing what I’m doing. That’s magical. And mon dieu I hope you are right about the Parisian sabbaticals and adoring publishing house!! One day! xoxo

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