Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette terrace

Galeries Lafayette terrace

Galeries Lafayette

Jamal beat me to this when he was in Paris last fall, but I had to go and check out the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette for myself. The weather was unbelievable early last week, and I knew a panoramic view of the city would be magical with a clear blue sky. Pro tip: go early in the morning to avoid feeling like a sardine. The Galeries Lafayette open at 9:30, I got there at 10, and was able to walk around and browse (they have every luxury brand you could think of spread across eight floors) without keeping my arms pinned to my sides. I made the mistake of stopping in on Saturday afternoon and it was madness, I couldn’t even get on the escalator for the crowds. The view from that roof terrace is worth it at any time of day, though.

This Radiohead song was playing outside of the entrance both times I walked by, and it’s been on constant repeat in my apartment ever since. It’s going to be one of those songs that I can listen to years from now and immediately be transported back to Boulevard Haussmann, caught in the throngs of shoppers:


Other Paris Details of Note: I am more social here than I am back home, accepting offers of happy hours and shopping trips and dinner at a fancy sushi restaurant. All of the walking around I’ve been doing (averaging 6km/3.5m per day) has seriously taken its toll: I had to break down and buy sneakers because my feet were killing me, and guess what? Parisians really do wear sneakers, I’ve seen it (though they did judge me for my casual footwear when I stopped into Hermès this morning).

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  1. Yay for all the walking! I’m glad you’ve been wearing out that shoe leather, especially with gorgeous weather like that. How can you not just wander around and take in the sights?

    1. Shoe leather and the arches of my feet. I was seriously worried last week I’d need foot surgery or something; never had pain like that before! It’s dissipating with the new sneaks, thankfully. I can’t imagine having to have taken a few days off from sightseeing! xo

        1. You know, I haven’t seen a single person wearing them! Not one! And it’s certainly been the right weather. I finally saw one store that had them in the window, mais c’est tout. I see a LOT of people (girls and guys) wearing Nike and New Balance shamelessly though.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how a song or a smell can instantly transport you? Smell diesel and I’m in Athens, go figure. Those views are stunning, just gorgeous. I could. not. handle. those crowds. Yikes!

    1. Ooh, diesel. I’ll keep my nose on alert for that one this fall! One day I will do a post about the crowds in Paris. That would be a hoot. xo

    1. I happened to be walking right by it today and figured I would look in for a tie for Jamal for the wedding. €150, not too bad! I’ll go back later in better footwear :) xo

      1. Wear nice shoes! If you wear your bobos again, don’t tell them we’re related! Your imitation of the look she gave you when we were Skyping was priceless.

  3. i love that view. and look at all the beautiful weather you have been having! the parisian gods are smiling down upon you. i do everything in the morning to avoid crowds. it really is the trick to leading a peaceful (if slightly anti-social) life ;) but it’s just so much nicer to be able to have the space to enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

    one of the reasons you do just meet people, it’s all a bit magical how it happens. i really never meet anyone here, besides neighbors. but when i’d travel i’d strike up a conversation with someone while sitting somewhere and later that evening we’d be having drinks, or visiting a monument together, or just spending days together walking around. i love that. xoxo

    1. Well, I won’t say we haven’t been getting a ton of rain, either. But it will downpour with scary gray skies for an hour and then bounce back to blue and gorgeous. It’s done it twice today so far. I’ve been lucky in my timing of when I go out, though. I got stuck out in a pretty heavy sunshower yesterday in Montmartre, and everyone just took shelter under shop awnings until it passed, like it was no big deal. So lovely.

      You’re so right about making friends while traveling. J and I still joke about a guy we met in Ghent two years ago who was, in retrospect, very nice and just wanted to socialize and brag about his city, but to us, we were convinced he was a murderer. Ha. xo

  4. Ouauhh des photos magnifiques Erin, j’adore!
    Je t’imagine comme une sardine à Galeries ha ha Tu as raison de préciser qu’il vaut mieux aller tôt le matin, c’est mieux sauf si quelqu’un veut mourir entre les parfums Dior et le rouge à lèvres Chanel! Je suis sûre que à Hermès ils on déjà vu plein des touristes avec de chaussures de sport mais je comprends, le vendeuses de luxe son experts en te faire sentir mal. Bref.
    Je suis contente que tu te fais des amis, c’est génial! xo

    1. Il y en avait plus des touristes à Hermès avec des baskets, oui, mais elle a me vu comme…comment dit on “scum”? haha. Je vais acheter une cravatte pour Jamal pour nos mariage. Il aura le cravate et j’aura le boite orange! :) C’est parfait! xo

  5. So gorgeous! The third picture almost made me dizzy from staring at it; examining for every detail. Honestly, it looks as if the ceiling is made from jewels and not glass. The pink hue around the edges of the dome is magnificent.

    Thank you for posting these pictures, they are quickly becoming a highlight of my day.

    1. Oh man, I know, that ceiling! The best view of it is from the middle of the ground floor, but it’s a maze of vendors and stands for all the luxury brand perfumes and lotions and such. They’re all trying to spray you or get you to come in while I’m circling with my camera, haha.

      That’s so sweet of you to say, Hillary! You don’t have to worry, I have millions of photos to share still, and I imagine it’s only going to get worse the longer I’m here! xo

  6. lovely pics. and good to know you are feeling social. looks like I’m def going to be there at the end of May :)

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