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So you may have noticed things look a little different around here! It was time for a change, a new layout, one that would allow me to have larger photos in preparation for Paris (oh yes, there will be photos). I also didn’t realize how much I missed having a sidebar. I’m by no means a coder/web developer, so the process was fraught with stumbling blocks and lots of trial & error, but I think I was able to pull it off in the end. A big thank you to Christine and my mom for being my test guinea pigs and giving me immensely valuable feedback and tweaks before it went live, and to Gloria, for helping me with a particularly tricky bit of CSS madness! If anything looks or acts weird, let me know! I’d love all of your feedback, too.

My blog wasn’t the only thing to receive a face lift; my white room got a bit of a redesign this weekend, too. Here’s what it looked like before (and more recently here). The painting is my dad’s, of the Smith Civil War Memorial in Fairmount Park. It’s gorgeous, and I love being able to look at it when I’m writing and feeling stuck or uninspired. The tiny watercolor is his, too. Other details: empty Diptyque jar (took me a year and a half to burn all the way through it) now used as a pencil cup, Ladurée box, Eiffel Tower, and some favorite books. This room is my favorite in the house; you’d never believe it’s half below ground with as much light as it gets.

A fresh start all around for spring.

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  1. Looks lovely! As you know, I’m a big fan of white space in a blog and the room it give for *you* to shine. Can’t wait to see how you fill it up. XO

  2. Wow, beautiful new fresh look, I really love it. The whole site feels a lot bigger, let alone the photos. So looking forward to seeing the Paris shots too. Your workspace is soooo neat and tidy, how do you manage it so effortlessly? x

    1. Thank you, Sam! It’s not too drastically different, but it does feel bigger and more polished to me. Don’t be fooled by my workspace, I snapped those photos about an hour after setting everything up so I haven’t gotten a chance to really mess everything up. Not that I do usually, I’m lucky in that I can stash my notebook in the desk drawer and that takes care of 99% of my clutter! xo

  3. I’m so happy I could help (and get a sneak peek of your beautiful new design)! Your airy workspace looks like the perfect place to write and write and write some more :-)

    1. Ha! That one code thing was driving me bonkers, thank you for taking a look at it :) I definitely tried to create a workspace that is conducive to writing! I might need to add a footstool thought, ha. xo

  4. i love the new layout, it looks even better live. it’s clean and the space it gives you for all those paris photos . . . i can’t wait!

    your room looks amazing too – definitely does not look like half of it is under ground. and that painting, the colors are just beautiful. the way he has that sun seeping in, it’s amazing. what a talent your dad was. xoxo

    1. Weee Paris photos! Thank you for being my little beta tester, twinsy! I knew I could count on your feedback.

      My dad had a big thing for sunsets and sun streaks and all of that dreamy, impressionist light. I have a stack of canvases and a portfolio of papers from his collection I need to get framed and hung up. That’s my next project. xo

  5. this new layout looks good on you! i really love the side bar and the photo of you (is that an engagement photo? gorgeous!). and your white room looks great these days. your writing desk is so inviting, would make me want to blog all day!

    1. Thank you, doll! It is an engagement photo! It was the first photo I had of me that I hadn’t selfie’d, haha, so I thought it was a good change. I actually don’t blog in my white room, believe it or not! All my blogging is accomplished on my laptop on the sofa, my white room is solely for writing (and the occasional nap!) xo

  6. I love it!! Your photos are already stunning; having them this big (especially the Paris ones!!) will be just lovely. !!

    1. Thank you, Allie. Gloria was such a help at the very end, I was stumped on one last bit of it and she gave me it a look-see and helped me out of a bind. She’s the best! xo

  7. It looks wonderful and your ‘face lift’ has finally persuaded me to get the desk!!
    I’ve had my eye on it forever, but this tipped me over the edge despite the horrendous shipping fees to Germany!
    I hold you entirely responsible!

    Looking forward to all the Paris posts… :)

    1. Thanks, Sara! You absolutely have to get the desk! It was the first piece of Big Girl Furniture I bought for myself after I got my first job out of college. It’s timeless and sleek and perfect (the drawers are a bit shallow, though, just a heads up! hence the filing drawer unit next to my desk) and you’ll love it once you have it. I’m happy to be held responsible for good design changes! ;) xoxo

  8. Oh la la ! C’est beau !! J’adore ton new blog. Ta chambre est magnifique, vraiment très belle. On attend tes photos de Paris avec impatiente ! Tu est très belle dans la photo à gauche ;) xo

    1. Merci, Eva!! J’aime mon nouveau blog aussi, il à été temps pour un change! J’attends mes photos de Paris aussi! Haha. Merci beaucoup, cette photo est de nos engagement shoot. xo

  9. My goodness this all looks SO wonderful. I love your creative space as well as your new blogging space (so happy and proud to recognize ALL the names who gave you blog help). May the creative juices never stop flowing for you

    1. Aw, Rooth! Thanks darling. I’m happy that our little blogging circle is so connected! And helpful! And supportive :) xo

  10. Beautiful! I love all white rooms. If you hadn’t have said the room was below ground, I would have guessed that it must have been a large attic with skylights! Also, your Dad’s painting is breathtaking. I’m a Civil War fanatic and have visited many battlefields and memorials. I haven’t yet visited the Smith Memorial, but the painting captures the gorgeous early morning foggy light that ascends across the upper East coast. Feedback: I love the new layout and am looking forward to (large) picutres of Paris!

    1. Thanks, Hillary! Our house is two floors, and the bedrooms are in the basement level, so they don’t get as much light as, say, a second floor bedroom would. The white room is generally pretty bright, but between 3 and 5pm…it’s just blinding! I think the white floors might help, haha. I didn’t even turn a light on in there to take these shots (but I still reached for the light switch reflexively on my way out, because it’s just that bright).

      You’d love Fairmount Park, and the memorial in particular. Memorial Hall is definitely worth a visit, even though there’s a children’s museum in there now. The structure itself is just unbelievable (you can see the domed roof in my dad’s painting). xo

    1. Oh, thank you Hélène! All white spaces are my favorite, I’m so spoiled that I get to have one in my own house! xo

  11. Oo la la Erin. The blog looks great- and so does that room! Really liking the finish on your Parsons desk. And how talented is your dad?!

    1. Thank you, Santa! It was time for a fresh change on all fronts :) My dad is my favorite artist! And obviously the reason I love impressionism so much. xo

  12. I love your new look. has me tempted to change mine up a little too. and I love your white room. I’d personally couldn’t live in all white. I’d mess it up too quickly :)

    1. Oh, my very black, very shed-y dog is a constant threat to my all white aesthetic! I just have to vacuum a lot ;) xo

  13. hi erin, i love your dad’s art. the soft colors are beautiful. are you moving to paris? taking a trip? i’ll check back for photos of your adventure regardless. joy to you, n

    1. Hi Noreen! Thank you, my dad was so talented, and it makes me happy to hear when other people like his art, too! I’m moving to Paris for two months to work on my novel, and I’m planning on taking a million photographs in the process ;) xoxo

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