Splurge vs. Steal


Ragini striped silk dress by Malene Birger $545 / Collarless Stripe Shirtdress by Loft $75 (with an extra 40% off!)

In honor of Tax Day (did you file on time? I got my refund in February! Of the many reasons to love Jamal, chief among them is that the man can do my taxes) I thought it would be fun to feature these two stripe-y, pretty similar dresses. One is over $500, the other is $75 – $45 after a 40% discount Loft is offering. Depending on the size of your refund check, you could have both! But let’s be realistic, the $45 version is just as nice, if not nicer.

PS. More Splurge vs. Steals here and here.

25 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Steal

  1. You should buy the one at LOFT. That way you can pack 15 dresses for Paris…..JK.

    1. So 11 of the 13 (there were only 13! not 15!) were from LOFT, one was from JCrew and one was from Forever 21. And I took the JCrew dress out because you made fun of me for packing 13 dresses. So there! xo

      PS. Can we hit up LOFT after our mani/pedis and lunch? xo

      1. Of course we can hit the LOFT. Unfortunately, I have a $50 gift card from your fiancé and you don’t!!!!

  2. LOVE Loft. I hadn’t shopped there in a while actually and I went back a couple of weeks ago because I needed a nice blouse for work. And I found the cutest pair of jeans and another sweet top all for a steal!

    1. My mom got me into LOFT a few years ago because she kept raving about their sales. And seriously, their sales are out of control. I’ve never paid even remotely near full-price for anything, and while I’m not a proponent of store credit cards, I DO have one for them. The perks are so worth it! My entire wardrobe is basically from there! xo

  3. I’m with you – the Loft one is so nice! To me, nicer! And a great great price… I could use something like that for work most definitely….

    1. You should definitely take a spin around their site, they have the cutest dresses and blouses (I have tons, seriously, of each) and I got my favorite pair of dark wash jeans there. Everything is always on sale! xo

  4. taxes?! that was so like two months ago. i always get a refund so i am quick on the draw. now if/when i ever start owing taxes, you might find me waiting until april 15th. i haven’t shopped at Loft (that’s anne taylor’s loft, right?) in forever! but when i “worked” i shopped there all the time. but everything has been replaced by leggings since my new job ;) xo

    1. I seemingly never got much of a refund before this year?! I always ended up owing something, which made the whole process such a pain, and my mom’s accountant would always wait until April to file. So this was nice to be able to file and get a refund within 10 days, and in February no less!
      Corporate America has some things going for it, but the inability to wear leggings as suitable bottoms is not one of them! I’m jealous! xo

    1. I’m sure the retailers or designers would tell you the fabric and details account for the stark difference in price, and in some cases I’m sure that’s true. But yeah, $45 or $545? No brainer! xo

  5. I actually like Loft’s version better. Is that okay? Or is that good? I’m not sure. Our refund is sitting in our account as we speak, which is such a relief after a huge unanticipated tax disaster last year (not our fault). But, whew!

    1. Totally okay. Proves my point that the extra $500 is a pointless extravagance that only justifies the designer’s inflated sense of worth (don’t even get me started the $3k Dior jacket I saw the other day in T Magazine…). xo

    1. I actually had to stop and think “Who the hell is Danny??” OHH, that guy! I got C.J.! So apparently you and I are a match made in heaven (for one season). Ha! xo

  6. Je préfère la version 54 dollars, comme quoi des fois, on se peut se faire plaisir à moindre prix ! ;)

    1. Moi aussi, je ne peux pas payer $500+ pour une robe! Ma robe de mariee coûte moins de $200, je sera fou si j’achete cette robe. xo

  7. I love both dresses, but the $75 price tag and 40% discount has a sweeter ring to it! I recently have fallen in love with Loft, with their nice, but comfortable clothes and great prices — what’s not to love?

    1. I’m so happy Loft is finally getting so many people’s attention! It’s my favorite store. All of my dresses are from there, and my favorite basic tees, and my favorite pants. So basically all of my clothes ;) xo

  8. Hahaha- Seeing as we just filed a day ago, I don’t think I’ll be shopping with the tax money any time soon! But these are lovely, and I agree that the LOFT is even nicer with it’s bold stripes.
    Thanks again for sharing the train travel link Erin!

    1. Haha, cutting it close to the wire! A friend of mine at work was mailing his out Monday morning too, don’t feel bad. I used to wait to the last minute! You get your refund faster the earlier you file, I will say that. I had a 10 day turnaround! Think of all the clothes you could have bought! ;) xo

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