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I originally hadn’t scheduled a post for today, but in making my morning internet rounds I came across this beautiful home tour with designer Danielle van Camp and was too smitten not to share. She moved to Paris because it’s where “magic and fashion combine into something special.” Replace ‘fashion’ with ‘art’ or ‘creativity’ and you’ve got my reasons for moving there. Van Camp freelances for brands such as Acne and Missoni, and publications like Vogue France and Numero. She lives in a 6th floor (sans ascenseur) studio in Le Marais, and while the apartment is tiny, it’s everything I’d need: a table for writing, fresh flowers, a view to die for, and happens to be located on the street where one of my book characters lives (“lives”). Van Camp says, “the space itself has beautiful light, which is the most important thing to me when looking for somewhere to live…[And] you see the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night time.” What else could you possibly need?

Two weeks from today.

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    1. Je suis d’accord, Molly :) I never understood people’s complaints about long flights of steps — the view alone is worth it (not to mention all those croissant calories you burn, ha). xo

  1. Tu as toujours la possibilité d’aller voir Mademoiselle Van Camp et de la dire que maintenant c’est ton tour de profiter de la belle vue, les fleurs et de la belle vie! Je suis sûre qu’elle comprendra et te laissera la place ;)
    Seulement deux semaines pour devenir parisienne….attention Ladurée, Erin arrive !

    1. Elle est plus chic que moi :) Mais j’espere que j’apprend ‘la vie parisienne’…les fleurs, le mode, l’inspiration, etc. Oh, et les macarons, naturellement! Ladurée ne connait pas ma faim! Il y a six mois depuis je les ai mangé! xo

  2. for a second i thought these were photos of someone in your paris apartment. so silly but i thought maybe the agent took some photos was one was like – “see, erin, you can write at this desk here!” then i saw the shoes and bag and thought “wow, she really went all out in staging the photos for erin!” oh boy, i swear i don’t start drinking until noon ;) in my defense, it was obviously paris and the bedroom looked pretty similar. xoxo

    1. You’re so cute! Well, if it makes you feel any better, she does have the same notebook I use, so that’s neat! Red hardcover moleskine is my notebook of choice for this novel. I’m bringing a leather bound one with marble-edged pages that my dad bought me for Christmas years ago that I’ve never touched — I was waiting for an experience worthy of that notebook, and I think documenting my time there is just such an experience ;) xoxo

  3. I tried to hop on yesterday and couldn’t again. So weird. This morning was slow, but easier. That rooftop view, quintessential Paris, but could still be Morocco or some other European city with all those stove pipe chimneys.

    In other news: Cal is considering German next year over French. HALP.

    1. I know, if you looked at my Twitter feed I was blowing up my hosting company for it — apparently their server center somewhere in Utah (no good comes from Utah) went totally dark, resulting in oh, 10 hours of site downtime. Fun. Not!

      Tell Cal that the utility of French far exceeds German, and that also no one likes the Germans. My French teacher just made so much fun of them on Tuesday night for their impossible accents. xo

    1. Her hair is pretty spectacular, and I’m not usually a fan of the ombre look. Everything is better in Paris! xo

  4. Her apartment is gorgeous with a relaxed vibe but modern touches. Severe envy of her stack of books. Paris is where anything turns to magic!

    1. Aren’t stacks of books on the floor the best detail?? I don’t know what it is about them but I’m loving that trend! xo

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