22 thoughts on “Loving Lately, vol. 3

  1. I adore my mascara, so it’s hard to think about switching. Clinique needs to send me a sample or something. And much like ankle boots, I adore the way those sandals look… on other people. On me: dumb. :(

    1. Haha, I bet you’d look better in those sandals than you think. Also, I have cankles, and if I can pull of ankle boots, anyone can!! ;) xo

  2. i’ve been eying that t-shirt lately. me want. and really i need to start thinking about some sandals. but i should probably start with a pedicure. my feet have been in boots for 8 months. but in reality they likely have at least another month to go in them. have a good weekend. xo

    1. JCrew has a ton of French-y shirts out right now that I’m lusting over. But I’m not buying anything, saving all my money for Paris (also, I’ve thought about it a lot, do you think the French think it’s weird that Americans put basic French words on everything these days?). My mom and I are getting mani/pedis next week before I leave and MY GOD am I overdue. It’s pretty unsightly. xo

  3. Okay I will take one of all of these please. Jcrew has some adorably French things – hope you’re shopping that sale. Have a wonderful weekend

    1. They really do recently. I have three shirts from there in the past few years that are all French-y. Just another reason to love them :) xo

    1. Stationary and mailed letters needs to make a bigger comeback. That’s a lost art. xo

  4. I love the sandals! Too bad the DSW nearest me apparently doesn’t have them in stock :( I think they’re having a sale this weekend, too….

    1. The closest DSW to me is all the way out in Langhorne, so I subsist on online shopping. They’re always having great sales! xo

    1. I wore a similar pair from Steve Madden for two straight summers (I went through four pairs, I think) and decided it was time to upgrade to a quality pair that I wouldn’t wear out so quickly. These are it! xo

    1. I loved how affordable they were! I intend on wearing them to death regardless, but at least I know they’ll hold up without stretching my wallet. xo

  5. We honeymooned in Greece…good times. Honestly, I have never been somewhere that translated exactly like all of the postcards I had seen. Do you really love that mascara (I’m always on the look out for one). What does it do? Add volume, lengthen, etc.

    1. Oh I can’t wait! We’re spending a few days in Athens and then heading to Santorini for a week, and I am beyond excited (and I don’t even like sun!). I just want to see those views of the caldera and the blue-domed roofs everywhere. Sigh.
      I really do love that mascara. For years I used and loved Covergirl LashBlast (in the giant orange tube) and then one day when I opened a new one, it made my eyes bloodshot and itchy and it shed all under my eyes so I looked like a raccoon! They must have changed the formula or something. I gave it a week before I realized I wasn’t tired or had an eye infection –it was the mascara. So I quick found a sample my mom had given me of the Clinique waterproof one, and it was love at first sight. It doesn’t shed (it also doesn’t come off at night without serious makeup remover, ha) and is build-able without clumping. Serious magic. I’m hooked! xo

  6. I shall expect to see you wearing all of that next month then!
    I love your new blog design by the way. You are very clever. Super awesomeness xxx

    1. :D I didn’t buy the tee, but hopefully I’ll have that scarf in my possession early in the trip, haha. And let’s cross our fingers for sandal weather while you’re there!!
      Thanks lovey. xoxo

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