I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve made reference several times now about this year having big things in store for me, and while I hate to be even more intentionally vague than I’ve been already, well, I’m going to (but only for a little while longer!). If you follow me on Twitter (are you following me on Twitter? I promise I don’t post about Ace of Base too frequently) you might have noticed a strange occurrence over the past few months:


Oooh, how mysterious!

Good news: I promise to reveal everything this Friday, and those cryptic tweets will be explained when I do. In the meantime, assuming you want to play along, I’d love to hear your guesses: What am I counting down to? Am I eloping with Gary Oldman? Opening a Philadelphia franchise of Ladurée? Revealing a publishing contract? Go wild with conjecture, kiddos.

PS. Those of you that know already, don’t spoil it for everyone else (Mom)!

PPS. No, this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke.

PPPS. No, I’m not pregnant.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Secret

  1. I think it’s a publishing contract. Something that takes time to set up given that your countdown tweets were over a few months.

  2. Je ne peux pas attendre jusqu’à vendredi!! Il s’agit d’un voyage? Quand est que t’atterri en France? Je n’ai pas de twitter! xo

  3. I am so far behind! First, woo hoo for a new Macbook! Second, I can’t wait until Friday!? I am really really really anxious and bad with waiting patiently for surprises!

  4. hmmm. i am terrible at twitter so i didn’t see these, i am sure if i had i would have gotten all nosey about it. especially after the sixth one. i am thinking chapters. that’s my guess, it’s all i’ve got. i mean i was going to guess pregnant but you eliminated that one from my guess list ;)

    is it friday yet? xo

  5. I originally came here to say please don’t elope with Gary Oldman even though you love him, as it would make me too sad for JML, but then I noticed that your mama commented with the name ‘Mommy Moo’ and got totally distracted because OMG SO CUTE! Moms are the best.

  6. J’espère que si c’est un voyage en France, je serais la, parce que je part en Espagne avec mes enfants du 14 au 25 avril en Andalousie! Ici, c’est les vacances scolaires, de coup j’ai profite pour les amener voir ma famille et le montre la mer méditerranéen que j’aime tant!
    Donc, si la surprise c’est le voyage il faut que tu viens quand je serais déjà de retour!! xo

  7. i do follow you on twitter but swear i haven’t seen so much as one of those tweets! lucky i think i might kinda know!

  8. My deduction skills have finally come in handy. Hmm, you tweeted each one at the end of the month (except for February). Six months of something in a elimination order. Could be eliminating wedding dresses with Friday being the big reveal or the coundown to a vacation. I like Christine’s guess of chapters. Well, whatever it is I’m excited!

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