Bon Voyage

Paris Sky

Today is the day, le jour est arrivé. Jamal is driving me to the airport in a few hours, and I’ve been squeeze-hugging Fitz against his will all morning. I’m feeling so many things at once and they’re all competing for first place, which has turned me into a blubbering mess. Happy! Scared! Anxious! Excited! Sad! Is this really happening? It’s really happening! (Wait, did you remember to pack underwear?)

This is an oft-repeated line this week, whenever someone asks if I’m ready: I’ve spent so much time packing and planning and prepping for all the various stages and details of this trip that now all that’s left to do is go to Paris. And that’s the most overwhelming step!

I’ll see you in Paris.

32 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

    1. Thank you! Both flights were pretty bumpy and turbulent until we crossed over to the Atlantic, but I survived! xo

  1. With tears in my eyes, I am wishing you the happiest of adventures, the most creative thoughts from your brilliant mind, the eye of your father when you look through your lens, and the precautions of a mother…..your mother.
    I love you. I will miss you. I will hold on to the two of us strolling through Center City for our girl’s day until you return. I couldn’t be prouder!

    1. If I had your precautions I would never even leave my apartment here! ;) Two full days in and I can safely say, everything you wished for me is coming true! xo

      1. So not fair! I ventured with a 13 year old to London and Paris as I recall. Alone!

  2. En fin le jour J est arrivé!! Bon voyage à Paris et j’espère qu’on pourra se voir avant que tu repart en Amérique ! On attend avec impatiente ton nouveau post de PARIS!!!!! Si tu veux visiter le Petit Paris, rappelle toi que le en TGV tu peut être à Bordeaux en 3 heures!! xo
    Bon courage à Jamal et ta maman !

    1. Merci Eva! Ma mere a besoin le courage plus que moi ou Jamal, haha. Tu sais, tu as des enfants aussi! Je suis arrivée a Paris il y a deux jours! Deux pleins jours, avec beaucoup de croissants ;) xoxo

  3. Bon Voyage! have an awesome time and eat some cheese and drink some sparkling for me!

    1. So far, I have only accomplished the first two! I’ve been so tired that I’ve been putting off buying wine because I’m convinced I’ll pass out, haha. xo

  4. Planes and trains and boats and buses
    Characteristically evoke a common attitude of blue
    Unless you have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport
    And the cargo that they’re carrying is you

    Manhattan Transfer, A Foreign Affair.

    May all your wildest dreams come true, dear friend.

    1. I love you, too!! Thank you for your advice, it’s come in very handy so far. xoxo

    1. Thank you infinitely, twinsy! I made it! I have some fun stories about the first two days ;) xoxo

  5. wishing you the most amazing trip & i’m still hopeful i can cross the water for a day trip to meet you at last! enjoy enjoy enjoy!

    1. Merci, mon chou!! Annie did book her Eurostar ticket already, the clock’s a-tickin’! xo

  6. Have a safe and (hopefully) hassle-free flight! I don’t think I could handle the amount of excitement you must be having. Bon voyage!

    1. Hmm, I can’t say it was entirely hassle-free unfortunately! My luggage took an extra 37 hours to get to me! :( But that can’t keep me down! xo

  7. Is that a quote from S&TC?
    Whenever I read these posts I think of CB saying to MH ‘well don’t YOU go to Paris then’. So happy for you!

    1. Ha, nope, but I’m flattered you think I’m Carrie Bradshaw-esque! ;) xoxo

  8. so exciting! i cannot believe the day is already here. and you know what? you picked the best day to arrive. 4 years ago today i arrived for the first time in paris. i cried that day ;) hugs!

    1. I cried too! But because they left my luggage stateside ;) I was nervous to arrive on May 1 because it’s le Fête du Travail and I was expecting everything to be closed. I needn’t have stressed, plenty of shops were still open. What a good anniversary for your Paris trip! xo

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