Pink Paris Sky

You asked how the writing was going…


So she let him in, and he walked behind her, his footfalls on the worn treads of the stairs echoing hers as they climbed the narrow spiral to her door, a call and response like prayer. His hand on her shoulder as she found her key, his head hung low to the swath of skin exposed at the back of her neck, her hair pulled forward over one shoulder. They slipped inside and out of their clothes, his mouth finding hers, a question that begged to be answered, and she responded eagerly.

The automatic light on the landing clicked off, dropping the stairwell into darkness, a rich, heavy quiet that filtered down the banisters and sunk against the cold stone on the ground floor.

…And as quietly as she’d told him to come, she told him now to go. The city outside was kicking to life, the pink sky settling between the houses and avenues, the silence abating as the first windows became illuminated, rectangles of yellow breaking the surface of the dawn, picture frames of people starting their day. He pulled on his coat and was gone. The air shifted with his absence, adjusting to the lack of him, more noticeable to her than the steady, low breath against her shoulder had been as he’d slept.

It’s not new and it’s far from perfect or polished, but I wanted to share this little passage with you, mostly to keep myself accountable and to prove that all of the deep, angsty expositing I do is actually in pursuit of something real. I’m doing it. I’m writing this book.

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26 thoughts on “Pink Paris Sky

  1. i don’t even know what to say. i just want to read more. and more. and more. you’re a writer! a real writer that someday, in the not so distant future, will have a book published. that is so exciting. i just can’t wait to read more. xoxo

    1. From your mouth to the ears of the best book agent and publisher in the industry, I hope! Thank you for your constant support, twinsy. It means everything. xo

  2. “They slipped inside and out of their clothes…” “THEY SLIPPED INSIDE AND OUT OF THEIR CLOTHES…” As your Mother—-I can’t even!
    Loved it

    1. Ugh, Moooooommmm. Don’t worry, that’s about the most inappropriate the book gets (so far!). xo

  3. Pre-order is available, right? I’m excited for more installments! Whoever these two characters are it sounds like a complicated, but intriquing relationship. This is great writing and congratulations so far on meeting your goals. Go, Erin, go!

    1. I’ll put you down for a signed copy! Ha, in my dreams at least for now :) But thank you, Hillary! That’s incredibly kind to hear. These two are the two main protagonists in the story, and yes, their relationship is pretty complicated. I’m happy you liked it! xo

  4. Il a l’air très bien cet roman! J’hâte de le lire entier!! Quand est que tu pense t’auras fini?? C’est très bien, j’espère que tu va continuer!! Bon courage Erin :)

    1. Tu es gentille, Éva! Je pense que je finirai cette année, peutetre cette ete? Je ne sais pas. C’est parfois dificile, parfois simple, et il prend le temps. Je veux ecrire tout les temps, et ne pas travailler ;) Merci pour votre comment! xo

  5. I love it, clearly the writing is progressing fantastically and thank you for sharing a little peek into your heart

    1. Thank YOU, Rooth. It’s very vulnerable, sharing unfinished (or even fully finished!) writing, so I appreciate your support as always :) xo

  6. i’m so happy you shared! i personally, love the part about the automatic light clicking off and enveloping the staircase in darkness down to the stone tiles. it is such a great visual of an everyday thing that mostly goes unnoticed, and makes me really feel like i am there. bravo erin more more please!

    1. I like that you like that detail :) As a fellow francophile, you know those landing lights well, I’m sure. I remember having to race up to the next flight to make sure you could see where you were going before they shut off. I’ll need to work up the courage to share more, it took me a long time to get this comfortable (and I’m still nervous!) xo

    1. Oh you! Thank you, Sue. Release date…hmm. Finish date definitely sometime 2014. After that, who knows! xo

  7. You can’t stop there! ;) Erin I love it. I love the type of writing that makes me feel as if I’m miles away, in another place and time. It’s beautiful! Keep it up. :)

  8. Sauciness! how exciting! I want to read more :))
    Lovely writing sweetie, I can’t wait to read the whole thing x

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