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Everyone say hello to the newest addition to the like / want / need family! I have named her Wanda, after “A Fish Called Wanda,” because it was the the movie I watched as I was setting her up, installing programs, and transferring all of my files and photos off my external hard drive. A Macbook called Wanda, if you will. Have you seen that movie? It’s one of my all time favorites, and I almost dropped Macbook Wanda off my lap from laughing so hard at the tv, oops.

I traded in my white Macbook to a local Apple dealer and, combined with my government employee discount, walked out of the door with a brand new Macbook Pro for under $700. I probably could have used my old Macbook for another year or so without an issue, but it was starting to act slow when I worked in Photoshop or had too many tabs open online (story of my life). Better to trade it in while it still had some value, right? Weirdly, the iMac i bought in 2008 still runs like a champion, and while I thought about trading that one in too towards the cost of Wanda, my anxiety got the better of me and I figured it was better to have a backup computer in the house (it’s where I do most of my writing anyway) in addition to my external hard drive (and the cloud drive where I back my writing progress up — I have a triple redundancy system going; if I were ever to lose this novel I would drop dead).

Hooray technology!

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  1. Aren’t new computers the best? Cal has a Macbook Air, and he truly enjoys making a great deal of groaning and pretending to struggle whenever he lifts my heavy old regular Macbook. Beast! Our desktop is about ready for retirement, and I love that trade in program. The woman who stayed with us last fall told us about it, and a whole world of possibilities opened up!

    1. I thought about getting the Air when I bought my last Macbook, but the lack of a CD drive is a deal breaker for me! They are really so light though, no wonder he makes a fuss :) I didn’t go directly through Apple, but a store here called Springboard Media. They’re the best, and an authorized Apple dealer and repair shop to boot! xo

  2. No Carrie Bradshaw scenario for you then!
    My MacBook is DYING. keeps restarting for no reason and also really slow. Only had it for 3 years. I want a desktop next but have no desk. So hoping it will hold out until then.
    Unrivalled geeky pleasure in getting a new MacBook isn’t it?
    Also. Can’t believe it was that cheap!!

    1. Oh my god that is my nightmare scenario. “What do you mean you don’t back up??” Now I back up. If I had a printer I would even print out a paper copy just in case every time I make a significant edit! I can’t believe yours is already 3 years old, I remember when you bought it (and expensed it, you lucky thing) for your train rides to that job! Was that really 3 years ago? Wow. Time for a new one, bird! xo

  3. hi wanda. you’re pretty. i got my macbook pro a couple (few?) years ago and it still feels new to me. i love that. but when it’s time for a new one i am going to have to ask you about this trade-in program. i didn’t know that existed! xo

    1. Apple has a trade-in program of their own, but I went through an independent store and got more for the old Macbook than I would have through apple (like $140 more from the quote they gave me). I bet something similar exists in Portland! Or you could just fly here and take care of it :) xo

  4. Bonjour Erin, bonjour Wanda et bienvenue au blog! Je suis contente de te connaître! Je suis sûre que tu va bien travaille avec Erin et entre tout les deux vous faire un beau romain! Après le livre sera traduit au français, Erin sera invitée à Paris pour signer des livres et j’irais la voir pour un autographe!
    Donc petit Wanda bon courage parce qu’il t’attend beaucoup de travail :)

    1. C’est une bonne idée! Paris sera mon premier escale dans mon “book tour” je pense. Mon roman suit une fille à Paris, apres tout. Mais je pense que je (et tu!) ne sera pas avoir attendre si long…si tu vois ce que je veux dire ;)
      Wanda dit “merci” aussi! xo

  5. Great deal on Wanda! I love the operating system of a Mac, but can’t part with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I know those programs like the back of my hand. Though, I think a MacBook Pro will make a nice graduation present for myself!

    1. I hear you, and I have Word for Mac (or, had I should say because my version from 2004 doesn’t run on this new OS of Mac) for writing but there is no equivalent when it comes to Excel or PPT. Even the Mac versions are wonky and mess up the formatting if you try to go back and forth between a PC and Mac. But a Macbook would make a verrrry pretty graduation present!! xo

    1. I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful friendship for me and Wanda :) xo

    1. Haha, thanks Niki! From your mouth to the writing/publishing gods’ ears! First I need to get a new copy of Word on here, my old one won’t run! xo

  6. She’s a beauty! I think I need to trade in for a new computer soon too – my current one is getting a bit cranky…

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