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Artist and world-traveler Erik Gauger’s series of Paris sketches stopped me in my tracks. Drawn with black pen and filled in with either watercolor and markers, Gauger has perfectly captured both the exquisite details of the city, and my heart (that little green Citroën!). The sketches are undeniably charmant but the highlight for me was getting the chance to see his moleskine notebooks from the trip. I can’t imagine anything more personal than an artists’ sketchbook, so that he included them is such a treat. Even his rough notes are gorgeous; look at the detail on Sacre-Cœur!


25 thoughts on “Paris Sketches

    1. I didn’t see anywhere on his website to buy his work, but I bet if you reach out to him through email he’d know better! I’m so in love with that Citroën drawing that I might print it out and frame it. Is that illegal? Haha. xo

  1. The second and four sketches! And there’s no way I could sit and sketch like this… although I shouldn’t say no way. Maybe I’ll give it a shot and share the ugly results?

    1. I think all of the time I’d devote to making my doodling look anything like this would defeat the purpose of it being spontaneous and delightfully organic, you know? I’m not much of an artist. :( xo

      1. Yes, it would be completely inorganic and I suppose I have to be resigned to being crap at art. Although, we could always surprise ourselves…

  2. It’s the sketch books that take me to a happy place. You are so lucky to have access to your father’s. An artist’s sketch books are like unlocking a magical door to an even more magical room.

    1. I wish I could find that Paris notebook of his! I swear I didn’t make it up. I love his notebooks and sketchbooks. They are a treasure trove! xo

    1. So talented, right? Sketchbooks are so freeform and uninhibited, and yet his come out looking like miniature works of art! xo

    1. I didn’t see anything on his website, but I’m curious too! My heart skips a beat every time I lay eyes on that little Citroën, and the black pen sketch of the winding street. I might email him to inquire, since so many of us seem interested! xo

  3. ok and now i am crying, i miss paris so much! those moleskins are just magical. i always journal like crazy when i’m traveling, but i’ll admit mine never look nearly that lovely :)

    1. Oh good, I thought it was just me who got all misty-eyed looking at these! I wish I had journaled more diligently on my travels, the closest I got was making a scrapbook of all the receipts and museum ticket stubs and train tickets and metro tickets on a big trip to Belgium & Paris two years ago. That was a fun project (and trip!) xo

    1. I can’t say I blame you, Erika! I’d love to see them sometime, though. Do you think you’ll post about them sometime? xo

    1. So am I, Sam, so am I. They could almost be photographs processed with some watercolor app or something, that’s how much detail there is. The mind boggles. xo

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