Gifts for Francophiles

Alternate title: “Things Erin Needs.” Alternate Title: “When is the Next Holiday?” Alternate Title: “Apologies to My Bank Account.”

If, like me, you’re an unabashed Francophile (je parle français presque couramment ces jours!) and can’t resist the siren call of La Belle France, you’re left aching for all things Parisian in between trips to the most beautiful city on earth. Fear not! There are always ways to add a little Paree to your life (eating macarons and watching “Amélie” on the sofa, donning a beret, subsisting solely on sex and cigarettes, etc etc), but in case you need help, here are a few things to tide you over:


1. Airport Tag Pillow/ 2. Eiffel Tower Construction Poster / 3. Map Mugs / 4. T-Shirt /  5. Dior Oui ring / 6. Ladurée Caramel au Buerre Salé / 7. Eiffel Tower Scarf / 8. Élysées tray / 9. Voyage Map tray / 10. Paris Sketchbook / 11. Paris Street Style

I’ve coveted that Dior ring for years and am vowing here and now to buy it the next time I’m near a Dior store, price-tag be damned.

24 thoughts on “Gifts for Francophiles

  1. Don’t forget the onions and garlic hanging round the neck, and the compulsory vehicle with the baguette holder in the roof -think it’s the CV2? x

  2. ooo, that oui ring, j’adore! i picked up (and then put back down) Paris Street Style the last time i was at the book store. i am sure i will bring it home someday, and if i didn’t already have a big stack when i saw it i probably would have then. and the carmel salted butter, yum, i am not even a huge fan of caramel but i am pretty certain that tastes délicieusement bon! xo

    1. Haha, that is literally the same story with me, too, and that book. I always see it and think, “Oh yeah!” but by that point I have other things in my hand. Twinsies, clearly. And yes, that caramel sauce is unreal, I bought a jar las year in Paris and have to hide it in the back of the fridge so I don’t slam-nom the entire thing. I do put it on everything, though ;) xo

    1. I owe finding that t-shirt to you! You pinned it first and it made me me laugh so hard. Sometimes I have dreams in French and I wake up really impressed with my subconscious for conjugating things correctly :) xo

  3. J’adore ! Surtout la bague de Dior et le caramel au beurre salé ! Moi aussi j’adore Paris mais J’habite à Bordeaux nommé le “Petit Paris” !

    1. Je n’ai jamais voyagé à Bordeaux, mais je sais qu’elle est belle. La prochaine fois! Et ce caramel au beurre salé est délicieux (j’ai un pot!) xo

    1. Hey Santa!! How have you been? Clearly pining for summer, I see ;) I love winter and even I’m ready for it to be over. xo

    1. Oh good to know, thanks Erika! Are there illustrations? I’d imagine there would be, but surprisingly I’ve never flipped through it! The stripey cover always piqued my interest. xo

  4. Thanks to you, anything I see that has a) French writing on it b) vaguely Parisian overtones instantly make me think of you!

    Great roundup- but one friendly word of warning on that Oui ring- it hurts like a *mother* if you catch it the wrong angle on something- that tip where the O becomes the U? Yeah, that becomes a sharpened death dagger from hell into your knuckle if, say, you’re carrying something and ram your hand into a door frame. Which happens a lot for me. But seriously it’s worth it, because it’s cute. (Also, sad, it’s the only ring the break-in thieves in Paris didn’t steal. Because I had it on. SNEEF.)

    1. Yessss, my plan is working! Also that’s super flattering, haha. And I’d forgotten you have that ring! I remember being painfully envious when you got it. Good to know about the death-points, though! I have oddly sensitive fingers, or I lay on my hands weirdly when I’m on the sofa, because inevitably any ring I wear ends up digging into me. Oy. Does it come in different sizes or is it a one-size deal?

      What ever happened with the follow-up post-break-in? Did you guys file a police report? Have you heard anything? I can’t imagine how traumatic that must have been for you both! xo

  5. nice collection. I started reading Simenon in French the other day for some double French kick. I so know where you are coming from :)

    1. Wowza, that’s quite an undertaking! I’m impressed! The closest I’ve gotten to reading in French was when we read Le Petit Prince in high school, though I do have a book of stories in dual English/French (one page is in English, the opposite is in French) from my dad that I’ve been meaning to read. Thank you for the reminder! xo

  6. I can definitely see why you *need* these :) Incidentally Paris is all over the shops in Malmö. It seems you’re not hip unless you’re wearing the words Paris across your chest. You’re time is now Erin!! Have a lovely weekend. /Niki

    1. Ha! I’ve never been ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s cool! This is thrilling :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too, Niki! xo

  7. I’m so glad you posted that Paris Street Style book. Annie recommended it to me ages ago and I never got it. I’m feeling like I need a little treat for myself and this might be just the ticket!

    1. If nothing else it will look fab and stripey on your bookshelf! I hope it has illustrations. If you pick it up, give me a review, will ya? xo

  8. I love the shirt! That happens to me every time I spend more than a week with my family… my brain hurts for a few days. And I like/want/need that ring, oui!

    1. Haha, I’m jealous you have French family! I have family in England, and whenever I visit them I come home speaking with their inflections. “Are we going then?” etc etc, haha. I can’t imagine if I had to switch languages entirely! xo

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