Friday Five

It’s been a really, really (really) long time since I did a Friday Five, and to bring it back I thought I’d change up the format a bit. Instead of a round-up of things I want to buy right now, here are five things that are making me happy this week:

1. This Barnes & Noble Classics collection:


Sure, the set costs $1,496, but for 199 paperback volumes of some of the world’s greatest works of literature, no price is too high (and it works out to just around $7 a book). I picked up a collection of T.S. Eliot poems over the weekend from this collection, and I’d forgotten what an incredible value and resource these are; introductions from other authors or literary scholars, end notes, bibliographies, discussion questions. I’ve also read Dracula and Frankenstein in this series.

2. This commercial from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion:

The CIDI delivered a 33 second (hilarious) rebuttal to Russia’s anti-gay stance. Well played, Canada, well played.

3. These art-inspired socks:


After realizing that 90% of my socks had holes in them, I went to Macy’s and did the most grown-up thing I’ve done in a while: I bought myself new socks. Seriously, for someone whose sock collection to date was furnished entirely by her mother via Christmas presents, this was monumental. Of course, now I have my eye on these adorable art-y socks. The Mona Lisa on your feet-sa! ($8)

4. House of Cards Season 2:


You guys. Are you watching House of Cards? Why aren’t you watching House of Cards? Stop what you’re doing and go binge-watch the entire first and second seasons of this unbelievably evil and amazing show. Go. Right now. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix released all 13 episodes at once, but we’ve been pacing ourselves and just watching one or two a night. I’m simultaneously in love with and terrified of Robin Wright Penn’s character (and her hair, mon dieu).

5. This photo, “Hotel de Sens, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville”, by Eugene Atget:


One of these days I will do a full post on Eugene Atget’s photography of Paris at the turn of the last century. He was (and remains to be) a huge inspiration, and there are countless photographs I could share, but this one in particular has been on my mind recently. For Christmas, Jamal bought me a beautiful book of Atget’s work that I’ve been pouring over and falling in love with; old Paris, just after the reconstruction under Haussmann, holds such an allure for me. Can you imagine walking along this street as it existed in this photo? (cue: “These people don’t have any antibiotics.”)

Have a wonderful weekend, kiddos. What are you up to?

18 thoughts on “Friday Five

    1. The first episode of this season almost gave me a heart attack! And it only got more intense from there. We finished it Friday night (four episodes in one sitting) and I just CANNOT. I need everyone to finish it so I can talk about it with someone!! xo

  1. Either I have failed you or you need a pedicure. I always buy both of us the exact same socks. I still have mine. Just sayin’……
    Pedicure! What an excellent idea. Let’s!

    1. All of my socks ripped at the heel! I think it must have been from an old pair of snow boots or something, they just got worn down. I do need a pedicure though! xo

  2. We’re still working our way through season 1 of House of Cards… we watch about one episode every 2 or 3 weeks. Right now I’m obsessed with Dexter. Netflix recently put up season 3, so I’ve been watching season 2 to catch up, and I’m watching about three or four episodes a day….

    1. That is some serious restraint! I’m impressed. I tried to pace myself with this season, but we ended up finishing it at midnight on Friday. Now I don’t know what to do with myself! Dexter is too scary for me, haha. xo

  3. haha that commercial is awesome(!!!).

    i think i remember when you said that your mom didn’t get you socks for christmas and you were a little disappointed. those are the things that make me feel grown up too. like when i got my towels for christmas and i finally got rid of all my miscellanea towels (except for my ones from hawaii because m+l like those). paying bills, making decisions, having children – not so much. buying my own socks, yep – i’m grown up.

    HoC, i watched the first episode and i liked it right away! but then fisher wanted to not watch it, but he wanted me to wait for him because he wanted to watch it with me . . . that was months ago. this happens a lot. but i am just going to start watching it again with or without him! xoxo

    1. My French teacher showed it to us in class last week (as well as a ten minute montage of bad Russian drivers/accidents. We had finished a bottle of champagne and white wine, so. you know) and I just thought it was too amazing not to share.

      I definitely mentioned the sock-sadness before! I was just going to hold out and avoid being an “adult” but the sorry state of my socks finally made me crack. And now I love my new ones! Who knew you could just go buy nice socks for yourself? What a marvel. I know what you mean about paying bills and such…still freaks me out! In my head I’m permanently 16. Filing taxes?? I shouldn’t have to do that! xo

  4. Just what I needed! Brilliant post, Erin. I’m gonna start watching House Of Cards now. I’m jealous of the book sale in Barnes and Nobles though, there isn’t a single store of BAN in the current country I am residing. Have fun hanging out with T.S. Eliot! So much love for that man. x

    1. Oh good! The more people I make watch this show the more I can gab about it with :) Does Barnes and Noble not ship internationally? Bummer! There’s always Amazon, but I would definitely miss browsing a proper bookstore. xo

    1. Oooh, need to check that out. My friend Lyndsey has always had a crush on him, and I’m totally seeing why now after House of Cards! xo

    1. Haha, right? My French teacher showed it to us in class (we were discussing les Jeux Olympics, naturellement) and I just thought it was perfect. xo

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