A Maison Atelier in Paris

If yesterday’s apartment was classic Parisian, today’s surely couldn’t be more different. This maison atelier might not have luxe details straight out of a Haussmann sketch, but it is unexpected and charmingly unique. Located in the 14eme arrondissement, south of the city center near Parc Montsouris, this home is over 5100ft² (!!) spread out over five bedrooms, a double-height living room, a private courtyard, and a workshop (fulfulling the ‘atelier’ aspect). Likely because this home is photographed furnished, I’m imagining it’s inhabited by artists or world travelers. Maybe a cultural anthropologist? Gallery owner?








Whoever the owners are, they have impeccable taste; the space is inviting and not stuffy. Can you imagine having dinner in that kitchen, the doors to the garden slightly ajar, a cool night breeze floating in? Honestly, it reminds me of my dad’s apartment/art studio (though this is roughly 10 times the size).

Not that you have to, but if could pick between this home and yesterday’s, which would you choose? If you need help deciding, this might sway you: this home is listed at $8.6 million. Zut alors!

11 thoughts on “A Maison Atelier in Paris

  1. you know i think i have to say yesterdays. there’s just something so pure about it i could never not want that, especially in paris. however, for practical reasons, this one would obviously suit me better. now if only this were really a choice i had to decide between. instead my big decisions today are going to be more along the lines of, ‘should we have pbj or grilled cheese for lunch today?’ xoxo

  2. Hands down, yesterday’s. I’d be stuck in the downstairs forever if I had to take the staircase with no railing…or, upstairs forever if I crawled up there on my hands and knees. BTW, I’d love to see you “walk” across the glass catwalk.

  3. The home you featured in your previous post was more my style than this one but if I had a choice. I’d pick this one. It just has a feeling of joy and warmth that the other one lacked. That courtyard. I’d probably live in there.

  4. Oh my LIFE I love the kitchen. If we do move back, and decide to stay there permanently, can YOU find us our next home? Obviously a little less dear please- 8 million is a bit steep. Although for all that space…in Paris…with a courtyard? I need to tell Ban to get onto winning the Nobel Prize. Er…8 times.

  5. This one, definitely this one, that courtyard mmmmm, the staircase double mmmmm, the kitchen…… Not sure about where they’ve positioned the bed though ;0)

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