A Classic Apartment in Paris

What do you picture when you hear the words “classic Parisian apartment”? Herringbone wood floors, large casement windows, scrolling iron railings, intricate moldings, sun-drenched rooms, fireplaces with built-in mirrors above them, oui? What a dream, to own such an architecturally iconic space. This apartment checks every single one of those boxes:






I’ve left out photos of the updated bathrooms and kitchen, because while they are functional and modern, they clash with the rest of the gorgeous details of the apartment. I simply cannot get over how picture-perfect it is; as if someone drew from scratch what they thought a classic Haussmann apartment should look like. This is real! We could live there! Quick, who has $5.25 million??  I don’t think I would even furnish it (I couldn’t afford to!) but rather spend my time running back and forth between all the rooms squealing in delight like a child on Christmas.

25 thoughts on “A Classic Apartment in Paris

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the nicest space I have seen ANYWHERE!!! Notice that I used a ton of exclamation points, please!

    1. This apartment totally calls for it, it’s okay! I’ll allow it this time ;) It doesn’t even seem REAL it’s so perfect, right? I can’t even!! xo

    1. Ahaha, really?? I wouldn’t peg it as your style at all! Can you buy it and we can all live there? There are plenty of bedroom! xo

        1. Oh please, if you were worth as much as this apartment costs I would have hired a hit-man a long time ago for the pay out ;) xo

  2. Truly a dream! I can’t stop swooning over the second photos listed. I could stand for some natural light in the bathroom… but who cares, I’d just appreciate standing on the balcony alone. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Yeah, all I’d need really is a sleeping bag. I’d spend all my time on that little balcony. Weeping, obviously, because I was so happy :) xo

  3. my heart just exploded and then broke a little bit. that’s my dream right there. sometimes i worry about going to paris because i have it SO built up in my head, i have been thinking of it since i was a little girl. and i always picture myself in a haussmann, and well, that’s not very likely. but i will never stop dreaming of it. we seriously need to find someone who wants to donate 5.25 mil to us. xoxo

    1. Honestly, there is no way Paris could let you down. It’s not like only a few of these types of apartments exist (well, maybe in size, sure). Our last trip there, we spent only $120 a night to stay in an apartment with just many gorgeous, original details. Fireplace with mirror, original herringbone floors, moldings, glass pane doors between rooms…sigh. I love that place. So it’s doable! On every budget. If you ever need help, you just let me know ;) xo

  4. Everytime you do these, I seriously debate hopping on a plane and just moving there stat. We’re looking for a house here in Southern California, but not going to lie, Paris just sounds more appealing! ;)

    1. Haha, if you do decide to abandon the house hunt out there, pick me up on your way to France! I’m on the way :) How is the search going? xo

    1. Oof, yeah, we’d need to pool about 50 kidneys to even come close to a down payment! Or we could invent something? Marry a prince? What are our options?? xo

    1. All a part of the charm! …I say that but I know I’d be horrified having to live with it full-time ;) xo

    1. Yeah, but even a shoebox in Paris is better than nothing ;) And I love that even the teeniest apartments can still have all these charming details. xo

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