Five stem tulips were $1.99 at Trader Joe’s when I went for my bi-weekly flower stock-up on Saturday (my way of justifying the indulgence of always having fresh flowers in the house is to buy them from TJ’s, where every bouquet is under $5 or $6), and I couldn’t resist. Of course I bought a new bunch of Alstroemerias, too. I placed them in a small glass jug that was belonged to my dad (I think it was for creamer or milk, but I’ve never used it) and set them on the windowsill. I took the top photo Sunday morning and the second later in the afternoon. They opened so quickly!

7 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. i love tulips. they are my most favorite flower. i wish they smelled like stargazer lilies though. but i love how minimal and yet drapy and ooo i just love them. i happen to need to go to TJ’s today too, so i think i might need to get me some. xo

  2. i didn’t know that trader joes has such a good deal on flowers! i cannot wait for the trader joes to open up here. we have other options, not as inexpensive, but some great variety!

  3. Ha! So funny. Christine posted almost exactly what I was going to say. A)Tulips are my favorite. B) If they could smell like stargazers (Best name of a flower, maybe ever. I’m still taking nominations) they’d be perfect. And I love how tulips look still so pretty in decay. Very wabi sabi of them.

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