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I could do this all day: find adorable, teeny apartments in Paris (and honestly, I mostly do, as evidenced by all these posts) and daydream about furnishing them and writing in them and swooning around pretending I’m French. Behold today’s find: this charming studio on the Rue Saint Gilles in the 3eme. People complain about the real estate market in Paris, and I can understand the financial side of their gripes (this apartment is 240ft² and is $400k!), but either I need to be a real estate agent because I have the magic touch when it comes to finding so many apartments, or there isn’t as dire a shortage of real estate as people make it out to seem. I love this one, even if I’m undecided when it comes to those ceiling beams. I love that they are historical and original to the space, but they make the room feel smaller somehow (an impossible feat, given that it’s a closet), don’t you think?

Unlike the last apartment I shared, this one is entirely unfurnished in the listing photos. A blank slate, if you will. I couldn’t resist mentally decorating it a bit. Small space decorating is infinitely more fun and challenging; everything has to be multi-use and thoughtfully arranged.


1. Daybed / 2. Chair / 3. Wardrobe / 4. Bench / 5. Painting / 6. Desk / 7. Chair / 8. Topiary

I’d stick a narrow wardrobe in the nook behind the bathroom, and keep things mostly neutral and bright, especially with that gorgeous Degas print. A desk in front of the window, and a comfy chair to mope in when writer’s block sets in, and we’re good to go. Now all I have to do is come up with $400k. Anyone feeling generous?

12 thoughts on “Tiny Paris Apartment

  1. OMG it’s perfect. I could totally imagine living there and I love what you picked out for it. I see a lot of whites and soft blushes and always fresh flowers from the market! :)

  2. I’m dying to get into a smaller space and I actually love apartment living. What I also love? Completely blank slates like that. What a canvass. You’ve made some good choices, starting with that Degas, for sure.

    Still, you can’t get around the fact that those prices are INSANE. Craztown. But I’d keep the beams. ;)

  3. that’s it. that’s is my paris dream apartment right there. of all the apartments, this is the ONE that i have always imagined, even the view outside is what i have always imagined. i have no confusion about about ceiling beams, especially parisian ones that are probably 300 hundred years old. i’d just stare at them and think about quisomodo ringing the church bells and such things.

    your picks are just perfect. i really love that blue lounge chair, the color is so gorgeous. and i also love the little bench – the legs. xoxo

  4. Yes it may be tiny but, but…but it is PARIS! Oh boy I would totally let you find me a place and then decorate it for me. Maybe you should start a show in HGTV!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Want to go halvsies? So much easier to come up with only $200,000. We can do every other month. or six months at a time, whatever works – I can totes be flexible.

  6. I think the best pro about having an empty apartment would be of course decorating it yourself and I would go to that fabulous Paris Flea Market and I would have old paintings everywhere with minimal furniture.

  7. ohhh the third arrondissement… my favorite only because we stayed there and it felt like home. but omg 240 square feet is nothing – i’m in a 2 bedroom thats close to 1000 square feet and sadly we’re maxing our capacity :( doesnt help that we bring home treasures from the antique shop on a regular basis…. like today…

  8. while I was living in Paris, there wasn’t a shortage of homes. and as far as I know and from what my friends tell me there still isn’t. what people are complaining about is how expensive it is. a lot of French people can’t afford living there anymore. it’s in my opinion one of the reason why the service in Paris is so bad (one, not the only reason) – people in low paying jobs have to travel hours to get to their work place. and I can’t really blame them. I love Paris and would move back there in a heartbeat, but I can’t afford it either…

    great find xo

  9. Love the tudoresque beams.
    If I had the money, you could have it… but only if you let me come stay.
    I must do the lottery ;) xx

  10. The light here is amazing and the beams are so charming. I could definitely see myself settling in there. I spent yesterday evening with some French girls from Paris gossiping and it was so fun. A Paris trip is much needed!

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