France Property Magazine, Issue 4


Issue #4 of France Property Magazine is now live! This month we’re venturing off to the Cote d’Azur, the sunny south of France. The perfect location to daydream about in these single digit temperatures we’re experiencing, wouldn’t you say? I don’t even like the sun and heat (understatement of the year!), and yet even I had a hard time finding fault with this gorgeous estate in Cannes that I featured in this month’s issue:


The only identifiable downside? Its hefty $51 MILLION price tag. Yikes!

I know I’ve said this before, but I am just so grateful for the opportunity to be able to write about France and real estate, my two greatest loves! Someone pinch me. 

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit


I didn’t ask for much this Christmas, and the majority of my requests were practical: pajamas, an external hard drive, a new SD memory card, face lotion. As a kid, socks were the worst present you could find under the tree, but this year I was actually bummed when my mom didn’t give me a few pairs in my stocking. Ah, maturity! (Don’t worry, there were plenty of non-footwear related presents, too).

But I did ask Jamal for new perfume, which doesn’t exactly qualify as practical, I know. I’ve had my eye (nose?) on a scent by Hermes, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit after sampling it at Sephora on a whim. It smells almost spicy and lush, living up to it’s name of a rooftop garden, and has serious staying power; the notes change throughout the day and it’s just gorgeous. It’s pretty pricey ($130 for 3.3oz) but, ever convinced I can find a bargain, I found a less expensive option after some internet squirrelling. Bonus: the full-size bottle came with a smaller travel size spray and a lotion. Jamal done good, and it came just in time: my old standby, Chloé, had run out, and it isn’t the right season yet for this one.

Seriously, come sniff me. I smell great.

Happy Birthday, Fitz!




Happy birthday to my little dude, who turns three years old today! I’d buy him a special bag of treats but he got about 15 different kinds for Christmas from various family members, so he’s well stocked on that front. I will, however, treat him to extra cuddles and squeezes and belly rubs and let him eat as many ice cubes as he wants (he loves ice cubes). He’s brought so much joy to our lives since we adopted him almost two and a half years ago. He’s silly and adorable and full of personality. Sure, sometimes he pukes on everything for no reason, and he is smelly within a day of being bathed, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t believe you’re three, Fitz! I love you right down to your little white beard and socks.

The Present

“How can you live in the moment when the moment changes every second? I think we deserve at least different a option, a different scale of time that is a little bit more like life.”


If you’ve ever felt like things, life in general, move too quickly and you can’t seem to enjoy the present, you’re not alone. How many of us have said “This week/month/year went by so quickly!”? That was the problem Scott Thrift, the designer of The Present, the world’s first annual clock, wanted to solve. A new kind of technology that helps us slow down, instead of being completely up to speed every single second of every single day.


The hand on The Present clock takes one year to make one full revolution, keeping you fixed in, well, the present. On a day-to-day basis, it is impossible to see the hand of the clock move. The subtle shifts in color on the clock face represent the changing seasons, starting at what we identify as midnight, but what is now a pure white strip representing the winter solstice.


It’s a truly fascinating concept, and it throws into sharp relief the reality of a full year. Regardless of it worked and I felt truly more centered and relaxed about the passing of time, it would look beautiful hanging on the wall.

It’s a snow day today! I’m working from home and hoping to also get some writing done today. Stay safe out there and have a great weekend, kiddos!

A Luxe Apartment in Paris







At first glance, this apartment located in the 8eme arrondissement isn’t my type: color! patterns! more color! There is a lot going on in this tiny 475ft² studio visually. But something about all of the bright colors, polished floors, and mirrored surfaces works together so brilliantly and has totally captured my attention. I am in love with the mirrored coffee table, the mirrored dressing table and room divider in the bedroom, and those gorgeous, lush turquoise curtains in front of the open closets. The black and white tile floors are so elegant, and I love the contrast of patterns between the rooms. Everything is so shiny and luxe, even the ceilings in the kitchen are patterned. It feels like a grown up apartment. And if you have $1.4 million, it could be yours. Or mine. It’s all mine.

Hello, 2014

Happy New Year! Did you all have a fun time counting down to midnight? Hope you’re not too hungover this morning! The best way to start 2014 is with some delicious, entirely amazing eye-candy, thereby setting the tone for a delicious, entirely amazing year. That’s how it works, right? You put out in the world what you want to get back from it: positivity, love, etc. Thus: Gary Oldman. You’re welcome!