17 thoughts on “Loving Lately, vol 2.

    1. Right?! I’m not a fan of the shea butter smell, but I have one in a vanilla scent that I adore. Soo rich! xo

  1. as soon as i read lip balm i had to get up and go put some on, but that looks a lot better than the dr. pepper lip smacker i just used.

    those books! i can’t add anymore books to my wish list (but i will), i am still getting through the goldfinch, i turned a corner and i am much closer to the end than the beginning now. it’s one of those books that i won’t be able to put down for a day and then i end on a slightly boring part and i don’t pick it up for two. but i still really love it. quite a lot really. xo

    1. Ha! That’s a really funny Pavlovian response ;) Now I need lip balm, too…hmm.

      I’m with you on The Goldfinch in that respect. Once I start reading and get into the groove, I can power through a big section. It’s once I put it down that it’s hard to rally to get back into it. If I lose the momentum it’s tough. It’s really beautifully written but…I don’t know. I wanted it to be something different, I think. More art-heist-y? xo

    1. Same, I’m much more a fan of buying real ones and then letting them dry. They look so elegant that way! xo

  2. My hands are in the worst shape this winter. More so than usual. I have all these tiny cuts all over my fingers and they’re so dry and sore. I feel like I’m putting lotion on constantly, but to no avail. So that’s me. Whine, whine, whine.

    You already know how I feel about the lip balm. My lips are fine.

    1. If they’re really bad, buy a big tub of Eucerin. It’s like paste, basically, and you can’t touch anything after you apply it because it’s just grease, but DAMN does it work. I put it on every night before bed. It’s a lifesaver. xo

    1. Moving money immediately to my savings account every payday severely limits how many unnecessary presents I can buy myself. So smart! ;)

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